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Thomas Lifson, American Thinker: ‘President Trump has been subject of unprecedented levels of media vilification ever since he announced his candidacy. Gaining new voters requires non-supporters to actively reject that coverage and see it as a reason to support Trump. Making the case that it was not just false, but malicious and harmful to the country, is necessary. Indictments and maybe even trials before the votes are cast would go a long way toward bringing home that realization to those who aren’t already his fans.'[end]

As much as I was on his case the other day, Hannity is one of the very few news opinion-types that have access to the president. Rush is another. Laura Ingraham. Lately Steve Hilton. I did catch Judge Jeannine one Saturday night. Beyond that, maybe some of you out there can add to the list.

I’ve often thought that Media types the likes of Hannity and the rest function almost as pressure valves; constant drum beats timed to release just enough steam to relieve the building pressure. Pressure builds up, a valve cracks open, rinse and repeat. Russia. Russia. Russia.

Russia roulette? Try 3-dimensional chess! …

Thus far since his appointment, We the People have seen very few tangible signs that there will be justice served by AG William (Bill) Barr, other than a few pressure valves cracked open. Like fire hydrants on a hot summer evening, or a few red herrings tossed up for public consumption, the larger predators move to deeper waters. We wish it were different, but we think not.

As Roger L. Simon, PJMedia expressed it in the piece I linked above: ‘Only via a thorough and complete airing will the organization ever get its reputation back (or get a good one in the first place – the recent MLK revelations are not flattering to King or the FBI). Too much water is already under the proverbial bridge.'[end]

The one thing giving We the People hope, however, is the broad dimension and deep commitment president Trump has towards fulfilling his promise to MAGA. No way would he expose himself and those around him to the Deep State’s trillion dollar WRATH, without a fail-safe plan of action. Just try playing three-dimensional chess for starters and you’ll know exactly what I mean. The man is a genius.

More Thomas Lifson and ‘Russia Hoax major Focus of Trump Campaign’…

President Trump [last night] clearly signaled that his re-election campaign is going to be built on not just his track record of accomplishments – standard stuff for any re-election campaign – but something quite unusual – an attack on the conspiracy against his presidency that generated the Russia Hoax.  Politicians (the Hillary campaign, and probably President Obama), conspired with unelected bureaucrats from the FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies and members of the media (Comey’s leak to CNN of his White House conversation with Trump over the Steele Dossier) to perpetrate the [Russia] hoax intended at removing an elected president from power.

Normally, a politician suggesting a conspiracy against him is considered a bad idea, a sign of paranoia. And, no doubt such charges will be made against Trump with all the vehemence his antagonists can summon. But the POTUS has a Trump card (forgive me the pun): the forthcoming Inspector General’s report and the indictments that may be forthcoming from US Attorney Durham. In fact, because Trump talks to AG Barr who is supervising Durham’s probe, it is highly probable that he knows something about what lies ahead courtesy of a grand jury sitting in Hartford, Connecticut, and maybe even another one in Salt Lake City, where US Attorney John Huber is investigating Uranium One and related matters.

It ain’t paranoia if your enemies are exposed in official, nonpartisan reports and can be proven in court to have conspired against you.

Check both links down at the bottom for compelling reading…

Speaks for itself…

Our fearless president has previously stated he feels it unwise and counterproductive to broadcast and let loose his strategic plan, much preferring the stealth approach to blindside his enemies. We the People therefore, trust that he will somehow deliver, while having absolutely no idea how he plans to get there.

For the time being for instance, he has already decided how declassification will be handled. We’re just gonna have to be patient and wait it out.

And that’s not a bad thing. If We the People can’t detect the strategic moves of VSGPDJT ahead of time, then for sure the enemies of our Constitutional Republic and the free world writ large, won’t ever know what hit them when they find themselves completely and utterly destroyed.

On that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill, and thank GOD for a warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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