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Anyone with half a brain that functioned like ‘sundance’ over at Conservative Treehouse knew that ‘bhso’ should never have been nominated let alone certified and installed as the Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros government puppet on a string. How many of the other #43 presidents had known ties to full-blown insurgent hit-men, domestic terrorists / communists / infiltrators, and besides which, admitted doing things like the following? …


‘To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist Professors and the structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets. We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets.

There’s gotta be something here on Russia .. Putin promised me

At night, in the dorms, we discussed neocolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy.

When we ground out our cigarettes in the hallway carpet or set our stereos so loud that the walls began to shake, we were resisting bourgeois society’s stifling constraints.

We weren’t indifferent or careless or insecure. We were alienated.’ ~ Dreams from my Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. ‘bhso’.


As for the answer to the question, I would think it’s safe to say ‘none’. He was a trouble making, anti-American from the get-go and the DNC, RNC, FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ and the D.C. insiders all knew it. Every single one. Hillary Rob’em included.

Quoting the same source from ‘sundance’ at Conservative Treehouse, Thomas Lifson in his American Thinker opens up:

As the Russia Hoax is being unwound, we are learning some deeply disturbing lessons about the level of corruption at the top levels of the agencies charged with protecting us from external threats. One jaw-dropping example has just been exposed by the legal team defending Roger Stone.

Foundational to the entire narrative that Russia “interfered” with our election and that President Trump “colluded” with this interference is the conclusion issued by the “intelligence community” that the DNC emails were hacked by Russia. According to this assertion, the exposure of those emails affected the election, and therefore Trump benefited from Russian interference, and colluded by joking that Russia should locate the 30,000 emails Hillary Clinton deleted and BleachBitted, making recovery impossible.

There has already been ample reason to dismiss this collective judgment from the Intelligence Community, primarily focusing on the fact that the download speed of the emails could only have been achieved by loading it on a device attached to the server itself.  It was too fast to have been sent via the internet to a hacker.  But now, the Department of Justice had made an admission in response to a filing by Manafort’s defense team that reveals they did not carry out their basic responsibilities.

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Sundance uncovers Obama deep state up to their eyeballs in collusion / obstruction / malfeasance ..

As a fully educated ‘sundance’ student, allow me to intercede and explain in simple terms.

Destroy the Dems’ recurring narrative that ‘Russians hacked the DNC’, and it all blows up. If Flynn is exonerated, it all blows up. If anyone is indicted, and flips, it all blows up. Fireworks time – Hey, buddy! Got a light?

Put it this way …

Everyone pushing the Russia narrative has rested on the ‘Crowdstrike’ findings. There is enough in the Mueller indictment of the 12 Russian names to overturn the thing.

Which doesn’t prove Seth Rich did it for example, but it sure punches holes in the Russia narrative and also proves Comey and his cabal a liar / perjurer again, since the FBI relied on a report they never read.

Then there’s this from the Daily Caller June 24 2017: ‘Obama Appoints CrowdStrike Officer To Admin Post Two Months Before June 2016 Report On Russia Hacking DNC.’

‘In April 2016, two months before the June report that alleged a Russian conspiracy, former President Barack Obama appointed Steven Chabinsky, the general counsel and chief risk officer for CrowdStrike, to the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity.'[end]

When you begin to think of D.C. as a huge corrupt sewer conglomerate you eventually get to the fork in the road where it becomes all about power / influence / prestige / money, with an endgame of destroying those with differing points of view.

The entire buzzards nest needs to be decentralized. All of it.

As ‘sundance’ wraps it in Conservative Treehouse:


This means the FBI and DOJ, and all of the downstream claims by the intelligence apparatus; including the December 2016 Joint Analysis Report and January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment, all the way to the Weissmann/Mueller report and the continued claims therein; were based on the official intelligence agencies of the U.S. government and the U.S. Department of Justice taking the word of a hired contractor for the Democrat party….. despite their inability to examine the server and/or actually see an unredacted technical forensic report from the investigating contractor.

The entire apparatus of the U.S. government just took their word for it…

…and used the claim therein as an official position….

…which led to a subsequent government claim, in court, of absolute certainty that Russia hacked the DNC.

Think about that for a few minutes.

The full intelligence apparatus of the United States government is relying on a report they have never even been allowed to see or confirm; that was created by a paid contractor for a political victim that would not allow the FBI to investigate their claim.

The DNC server issue is foundation, and cornerstone, of the U.S. government’s position on “Russia hacking” and the election interference narrative; and that narrative is based on zero factual evidence to affirm the U.S. government’s position.

…”the government does not need to prove at the defendant’s trial that the Russians hacked the DNC”… (pg 3)


Ridiculous. You couldn’t make this nonsense up if you tried…

Be sure and read more in links down below…

The narrative around the DNC hack claim was always sketchy; many people believe the DNC email data was downloaded onto a flash drive and leaked.  In a court filing (full pdf below) the scale of sketchy has increased exponentially.

What if ‘Crowdstrike’ was actually being managed and run by Russian FSB intelligence agents? How would anyone know, since the FBI and Justice Department aren’t even vetting the report, or the company/agency itself?

As ‘sundance’ might express it – How about THAT for ‘collusion?’

Again, there’s a stronger case that the Clinton campaign ‘colluded with the Russians’ and other Foreign Nationals to take down an opposition Presidential candidate, than there is that Trump’s campaign did anything of the sort. A candidate by the way, who first became President elect by the will of We the People, and finally the sitting President of the Constitutional Republic of the United States.

Suspecting they could prove the Russian hacking claim was false, lawyers representing Roger Stone requested the full Crowdstrike report on the DNC hack. When the DOJ responded to the Stone motion they made a rather significant admission. Not only did the FBI not review the DNC server, the FBI / DOJ never even saw the Crowdstrike report.

Section One THAT for alphabet agents and compliant incompetence. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot indeed!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump doing his darnedest to MAGA!


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