Trump Rush(ian) collusion is real…

Go ahead, make my…

Yes folks – The Trump Rush(ian) collusion is real. Believe me.

Yours truly became acquainted with Rush Limbaugh one day in the Summer of 1988 while visiting with a dearly-departed father-in-law at the time who was big in the Long Island, New York, real estate market.

He had a newsletter sitting on a coffee table that appeared like it had been printed on a Mimeograph machine, with a heading of ‘The Limbaugh Letter’. Curiosity took over, and I read it cover to cover (it was a quick read in those days) and after being told that he also had a daily radio talk show, I was hooked, line and sinker.

Like millions of others I became intrigued with a guy who could spend three hours of every day opining on the news of the day, and not only making sense of it, but at the same time lambasting it, and making fun of it, as much as he could.

As of August 1, 2018, it is now thirty years on, and the man has become a true legend, whether you like him or lump him. Personally, yours truly is of the former, and has been since day one.

Trump Rush(ian) collusion is real…

Well, lo and behold, just yesterday We the People found out what the true Trump Rush(ian) collusion has been all about, when (Gulp!) Mr. Limbaugh took a call from the president of the United States congratulating him on the 30th anniversary of his show going into national syndication on August 1, 1988.

Talk about Mueller, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Obama, Clinton, Soros and the rest of the criminal ‘schadenfreude’ bunch barking up the wrong tree![sarc]

Courtesy of ‘sundance’ and the crew over at Conservative Treehouse, take a look / listen on a truly historic occasion with two pillars of conservative persuasion as they reminisce about the good times returning to the Constitutional Republic of the United States through President Trump, Rush(ian) collusion, and MAGA! … As ‘sundance’ put it:

President Donald Trump surprised radio host Rush Limbaugh by calling in to congratulate him on his 30 year anniversary in broadcasting.

After a few moments of expressing congratulations President Trump and Mr. Limbaugh began discussing ongoing events and the politics of Washington DC.

** YOU TUBE DEBASE ALERT ** … YouTube had a hissy-fit with the original live-screen interview showing an animated Rush in front of his cameras and pulled it from their list … That’s OK, we have the full audio … YouTube the fiasco network running away from reality … Strewth!

As commenter with the hashtag ‘Deplorable-Infidel’ puts it on one of the threads: President Trump and Mr. Limbaugh began discussing ongoing events and the politics of Washington D.C. many years ago. In a way this was like ‘preaching to the choir’, but our President has a keen sense of how to get his message out despite the increasingly frantic attempts of the fake news MSM to keep the ‘sheeple’ in the dark. [me – a fine example of the Trump Rush(ian) collusion!]

It has taken some time, but even those ‘sheeple in the dark’ are beginning to see that what fake news MSM is saying and writing about does not correlate to their own personal experiences on what is going on in their little piece of the nation.

Preaching to the choir or not, it was a fitting gift for Mr. Limbaugh’s achievement of his program’s success using ‘talent on loan from God.’ Proverbs 3:6 comes to mind: “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

While we’re at it, I (like millions of others) have always been intrigued by the story of how Rush colluded with the group ‘The Pretenders’ on obtaining his sign-in signature tune. The full story is told in the link at the bottom, but in the meantime here is the theme song in its entirety. Yet another little gem in the saga of the Trump Rush(ian) collusion.

Take a look , listen, and shuffle…

In closing this little tribute, I must opine that most people forget that (now president) Trump walks among his venues glad handing his patrons at every opportunity. Genius that he is, he is constantly in touch with every cross-stream of America and so he got it; not just ‘got it’, but got it PLUS!

Secondly, he’d been raised with 1) a devout Christian mother; 2) a self-made successful father who knew the value of a dollar and hard work; 3) lost his idol, his brother, to an early death from drink and drugs, which caused him to steer away from both.

For this reason alone, many people I know had been on board with him (don’t forget the flashback to Oprah cheering him on to be president) with an open mind from the start and when I listened to Rush he would slip in mentions of the same things so that an astute listener (and Trump was and is one) could catch that Rush was coaching both us and Trump. Two stalwarts of conservative republicanism pounding the beat for what’s great about America!

No doubt about it whatsoever folks – the ‘Trump Rush(ian) collusion is real’. – Congratulations to all and MAGA!


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