Trumping the Brits freeing the hero

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Yes indeed – Trumping the Brits and freeing the hero. As in backroom deals protecting the innocents from the injustice around them! And we begin with:

Ezra Levant 🇨🇦 @ezralevant

So we now know, irrefutably, from the Lord Chief Justice himself, that Tommy Robinson was improperly tried, improperly convicted, improperly sentenced and improperly treated in prison. Every single element of his treatment was illegal. Everything. He was a political prisoner. ~ 4:29 AM – 1 Aug 2018 [end]


Throwing people in jail for exposing grooming gangs is not censorship; it is pure political persecution. But we already know this is standard procedure from the Orwellian ‘Animal Farm’ that currently passes for the United Kingdom. Tommy Robinson is a reasonably well known individual but there are others that have been thrown in jail for tweeting Pepe the Frog memes and handing out flyers.

For the sake of appearances, the craven U.K. leadership had to wait a bit so the ‘Trumping the Brits’ connection wouldn’t be so obvious. Nevertheless code-name ‘Trumping’ told them what the American people wanted to see happen. And he told them it needed to be – well, SOON…

It goes to show just how fragile the existing globalist elite establishment order truly is. There’s a slim chance that Tommy’s case might be reheard at Leeds crown court, but the fact that he won his appeal in front of three senior judges, makes trying him yet again for the same crime very difficult.

‘Trumping’ is not impossible, just very difficult. Sometimes.

The double jeopardy laws were got rid of under Tony Blair way back when. Nevertheless, there is a reluctance to try Tommy Robinson for the same crime twice, without new evidence or a significant change of circumstances.

Here’s a mix from Cassandra Fairbanks in Gateway Pundit and the BBC: ‘Tommy Robinson freed from UK Prison on appeal’…

Tommy Robinson has been freed on bail after appealing his imprisonment for contempt of court.

Immediately following the independent journalist’s arrest and rapid imprisonment, articles about the incident were quickly scrubbed from the internet due to the British government putting a gag order in place banning any reporting on the matter. The gag was ultimately lifted after being challenged by media in the U.K.

Robinson’s reporting is heavily focused on Islamic extremism and he has had several run-ins with law enforcement over his live streaming. His imprisonment stemmed from an arrest last year, also for contempt of court, after trying to film Muslims who had been accused of pedophilia outside a court in Canterbury.

At the Court of Appeal, Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett ruled the case be reheard as there had been technical flaws by the judge who jailed him.

Robinson’s solicitors said everyone has the “right to a fair hearing”.

The far-right activist, from Luton, was not present for the ruling in London and is expected to be released from his 13-month sentence being served at Onley Prison, near Rugby, later.

In his written judgement, Lord Burnett said: “We are satisfied that the finding of contempt made in Leeds following a fundamentally flawed process, in what we recognize were difficult and unusual circumstances, cannot stand.

Ezra Levant and a short commentary on the mood following Tommy Robinson’s release. Trumping the Brits freeing the hero…

Kudos to Gateway Pundit for using the British made up jargon phrase of ‘GROOMING’ which the Muslim rapists were charged with. These demonic Muslim rape goons have been abusing little girls and boys for centuries, so there’s nothing new about it, just a name change. The Brits made up this Horses-ass phrase of GROOMING, to have at least a definition with which to charge the Pedophile Degenerates. Trumping the Brits freeing the hero.

Trump supporters in Britain for Tommy Robinson…

I remember – it seems like eons ago now – a dearly-departed close friend of mine asking one of his reps if they were all pedophiles, and getting his answer years later, when Hillary’s (ahem – ‘friend’) Laura Silsby got busted smuggling 33 children out of Haiti. No need to go into details, but it’s still happening.

Global elitist Governments (throw the disUnited Nations and the EU into the toxic mix) are run by the North American Man Boy Love Association, otherwise known as NAMBLA, which you might as well describe as the new age of Caligula.

GROOMING. Yeah right.

President Donald J. Trump and his cadre around him constantly fighting for justice, freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. wherever it takes them. Trumping the Brits freeing the hero.

The American way and MAGA – Doesn’t get any better than that!


H/T The Gateway Pundit

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