Muslim takeover of Britain assured

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Safely ensconced back in the great State of Texas following my 2 1/2 year sojourn in my native Britain, two things continue to haunt, with absolutely no reason to believe they will ever change anytime soon.

One, it’s extremely difficult to envision how Britain will not eventually become a Muslim nation. Two, Muslim culture, such as it is, will continue to out-breed (can’t think of any other expletive as ‘breeding like rabbits’ to describe it with) their native British counterparts by multiples of difference within the zeroes to 20 per family. Strolling around any major British supermarket like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer and others, one becomes literally outnumbered by the presence of one Muslim man, four Muslim women, and 12 to 16 children.

And that’s on the low end of the scale.

There are literally scores, if not hundreds of English cities, towns, and villages which even now, have been rapidly (should that be ‘rabidly?’) over-run by hordes of the Muslim intifada. By continuing to outbreed the normal British family, it’s difficult to see how it will end any differently than what is currently transpiring.

As I posted the other day, Tommy Robinson has been a one man wrecking machine who has been battling this British Muslim infiltration for years, particularly the ‘Grooming’ of young girls and boys by Muslim gangs. As I mentioned in my Wednesday post:

“Throwing people in jail for exposing grooming gangs is not censorship; it is pure political persecution. But we already know this is standard procedure from the Orwellian ‘Animal Farm’ that currently passes for the United Kingdom. Tommy Robinson is a reasonably well known individual but there are others that have been thrown in jail for tweeting Pepe the Frog memes and handing out flyers.”

Tucker Carlson got a hold of him last night, and here’s the result…

The sort of sick thinking that has overtaken the decision makers in England will not help and assist the Islamic newcomers. This is not noblesse oblige even if they consider it such. Instead, Britain is being dragged down to the level of these horrendously backward countries.

Western civilization does not mix and blend with those who have a tribal mentality and decidedly anti-western ways without losing what it is. Consequently, the struggle for dominance is underway. Since the Brits have basically decided to roll over, the end is edging closer, and closer. It’s only a matter of how long it will take.

They are already here and waging war on the Constitution…

The UK is ruled by globalists, appeasers and sycophants, and most of its native population is more concerned about who will win the Premier League than they are with preserving their own freedoms and way of life. They sit on their hands while their children are taught to recite the Shahada and are fed halal food in public schools.

Consider also that it took a grassroots uprising to protest the illegal imprisonment of Tommy Robinson, with some backroom persuasions from President Trump and Sam Brownback, the U.S. Ambassador for International Religious Freedom,  to get justice for the beleaguered Robinson and his supporters.

It almost breaks my heart to say it, but sadly, it is looking more and more like the country that gave birth to the freedom of the western world is becoming (if it not already has) a lost cause.

It doesn’t give me any satisfaction to state that I give them 10-20 years tops.


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H/T: Conservative Treehouse

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