Trump action & why he’s hounded

Go ahead, make my..

Heads UP students and pay attention. PAY ATTENTION !! … Brrrr, those far-off days when we would all be goofing off in class when we should’ve been, well, paying attention. Thank God some of us did and actually graduated and made something of ourselves. Albeit not without its ups and downs.

Which is all by way of bringing you a brilliant investigative essay on the Trump effect – heck, ‘essay’? – how ’bout a brilliant in-depth expose` from the lead professor over at Conservative Treehouse by the handle ‘sundance’ that I guarantee – guaran-DAMN-tee that you’ll never, ever see from anywhere else. And especially from the apoplectic deep state big fake lamestream news media and government bureaucratic death cells who spend their entire 24-hour-days plotting and scheming to get rid of one, Donald J Trump and his ensuing Trump effect.

Who happens to be the duly-elected president #45 atop the totem-pole of accomplishments, with (as I write this) just 38 days shy of two years following his inauguration. Hogging the #1 position rather handily over the previous 44 is entirely due to his Trump effect.

Washington D.C. protector of the proverbial rat’s nest .. Pres DJT is in the process of draining the swamp…

All you really need to get revved-up, is the header from ‘sundance’ which runs: ‘It’s happening – This is THE Fight, There are Trillions at Stake’, but before heading over there, a couple of points or two from yours truly.

There is way too much information in the piece to comprehend in a single reading. You’d be better, like me, to archive it in your own way and go back to it often. Believe me, it will begin to make sense.

For instance the example of ‘lemons’ to explain multi-national companies and globalism becomes an easy absorption. Then you can add to it using contemporary events and also include his original post about the ‘lemons’ to recall what was explained.

Start by first clicking on the links where ‘sundance’ mentions ‘as CTH predicted’ – read those first and then come back to the body of the article. In other words, to really experience the Trump effect – eat the elephant one bite at a time !!

And with that, let’s go to ‘sundance’ and his opener…

CTH has pointed, repeatedly, toward a very specific economic and financial dynamic  because President Trump is uniquely focused on Main Street’s “real economy“.

Everything happening in/around the financial markets is very predictable when you focus on understanding the principles of Main Street MAGAnomics and how those basic principles diverge from Wall Street’s “paper economy”.

President Trump is clawing back American wealth; inch by inch… bit by bit.  This is the full monty.  This is economic nationalism. This is for all the marbles.

This is it.

Everything is happening in a very predictable sequence. Few understand the MAGAnomic reset, and what was predicted to happen in the space between disconnecting a Wall Street economic engine (globalism and multinationals) and restarting a Main Street economic engine (nationalism/America-First).  In 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 CTH explained where we would be today. With current Wall Street events, perhaps it is worthwhile remembering the dynamic.

Originally outlined far more than a year ago. Reposted by request frequently..

President Trump’s MAGAnomic trade and foreign policy agenda is jaw-dropping in scale, scope and consequence. There are multiple simultaneous aspects to each policy objective; however, many have been visible for a long time – some even before the election victory in November ’16.  What is happening within the financial markets should not be a surprise.

If we get too far in the weeds the larger picture is lost. Our CTH objective is to continue pointing focus toward the larger horizon, and then at specific inflection points to dive into the topic and explain how each moment is connected to the larger strategy.

Today, as a specific result of a very predictable stock market reaction, we repost an earlier dive into how MAGAnomic policy interacts with multinational Wall Street, the stock market, the U.S. financial system and perhaps your personal financial value.  Additionally, we outline the global market forces and how they are aligned.  Again, reference and source material is included throughout the outline.

Read to completion from link provided at bottom…

Adding to the Trump effect, and going back a little in history, one of America’s most astute thinkers over the past 100 years or so, Reinhold Niebuhr, was never afraid in recalling to our consciousness a fact which liberal-leftist DemoMarxists have ignored with almost fatal consequences to our existing civilization, particularly in this time and hour with Schumer and Pelosi as unhinged as a swinging barn door.

‘Evil’, he pointed out, ‘is something real, not an appearance only, and the existential name for it is sin. Its locus is not in institutions, which are but a reflection of human purposes, but in human nature itself.’

‘It is pride, self-righteousness, greed, envy, hatred and sloth (or in a former life, in the vernacular of yours truly it was pride, self, ego, unforgiveness, and a judgmental frame of mind) that are the real evils and the ones from which social evils spring. When man is thwarted in his attempts to realize justice it is because he is thwarted by his own sinful predisposition. The recognition of this inherent predisposition to sin helps to explain why the best laid plans of men never quite succeed.'[end]

This issue is not about corrupt and criminal action of rich globalists; it’s all about personal, individual sin. And especially when someone shows up with the Trump effect to upset the entire apple cart.

P.S., the good news is ‘For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.’ ~ Isaiah 9: 1-6

He came to earth, for you. Merry Christmas !!

Time to take today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


Full article to conclusion: This is The Fight, there are Trillions at Stake

And ’tis the reason for the Season: Journey of the Magi eternal glory: 3


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