Trump & blazing saddles shutdown

En Garde in the bunker…

Hardly a case of ‘shudder, shudder, shudder’ from the squeaky rusty wheels of Nancy Chuck and company with their threat – THREAT, they say – of (gulp) closing down the gruberment rather than getting on board for the Great Wall of China – er Trump.

I do believe it was Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) who floated the sensible idea that the Federal Govt departments must be prioritized. Thus, when situations like this occur, the ‘non essentials’ are shut down (?) and only the essentials remain open.

Barely was the suggestion out of his mouth before this was shot down by the DemoMarxists because ‘non essential’ would target and identify the ‘unnecessary’, and that would be a foot in the door to shrinking government. Oh, deary me…

So, to put it into context of regular working folks – when a situation like this arises, the ‘hub cap’ department would shut down, but the ‘spark plug’ department would stay open. Why not?

Deliver our mail. Defend our shores. And otherwise stay the hell out of our business. Government employees have to be the only people who get paid NOT to work, that is the real disaster right there.

In the meantime, continuing on from last week’s saga in highlighting the instances where the most accomplished president in the entire history of the United States goes on about the business for which We the People elected him (despite all the aggravating nonsense emanating from the DemoMarxists and the deep state big fake news media) I give you Steve Hilton from last night’s The Next Revolution, where he unabashedly outlines in a fast-paced 7 minutes, the remarkable turn-around from the eight years of rotten eggs dished up by Obama and his corrupted cabal.

Excellent viewing…

Gotta love Thomas Lifson’s quick blog from today’s American Thinker: ‘Chuck Schumer clearly thinks he’s got a winning issue with blaming President Trump for a prospective “government shutdown” Friday, if no budget bill is passed that includes $5 billion for border wall improvements. Since he promises that no such money will be forthcoming from the Senate, he obviously anticipates the public reacting in horror over the Christmas holidays as federal employees labeled “non-essential” stay home.

But Rep. Thomas Massie, a libertarian-leaning GOP House member from Kentucky, has published an amazing graph that shows how meaningless this “disaster” really is for almost everybody:

Schumer Pelosi and his / her temerity in threatening disaster if the ‘shutdown’ occurs reminds of a classic scene in Blazing Saddles (a movie that arguably couldn’t be made today, because we have lost so much of our freedom of speech), in which Sheriff Bart takes himself hostage.  (Snowflake warning: the N-word is used.)

Those were the days! Talking about which, time to take today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


H/T Thomas Lifson, American Thinker: Do Americans really worry about non-shutdown government shutdown?

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