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It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that since the election of 2016 and subsequent elevation of Donald J Trump to the highest office on the planet, a whole slew of very powerful and rich people have been exposed for their numerous crimes and corruption, while thus far remaining immune to accountability.

Frustratingly for millions of We the People, until such time that someone (really many ‘someones’) from the top of the heap all the way down to the very roots of sedition gets arrested, the corruption and criminality will only intensify.

Enter into the fray, Catherine Herridge – a throwback hard-hitting Gumshoe journalist, with nary a wishy-washy attribute about her. Had a real Sgt Joe Friday ever walked the trail to truth-revelation, she would undoubtedly have lived up to his iconic ‘the facts ma’am, just the facts.’

If they were all like her (and while I think of it, let me throw in Sharyl Attkisson here) America would be in a far better place right now.

Fact is, we are at a very critical moment in history and we need all the Herridges and Attkissons we can muster for duty.

Let me take you to Thomas Lifson and his piece from yesterday’s American Thinker, ‘Comey ducks question about leaking classified info’…

Following his closed-door testimony yesterday, James Comey held an impromptu eight-minute news conference to spin the media with his attacks on Trump, Republicans, and even Fox News. I found his smug self-righteousness nauseating, to be blunt. If you want to watch the whole thing, I have embedded MSNBC’s video at the bottom of this blog post.

But first, take a look at how he handled the one probing question that (of course) came from Catherine Herridge.  She asked if there was any “spill” of classified information from his leak.

Comey’s response: “I’m not gonna talk about something like that.”

Then he turned away from Herridge with a grim smile; closed his eyes briefly; and moved on, asking for another question.  Nobody in the press corps tried to follow up.

Check out just a few of Comey’s corruption and anti-American antics, then go to the link National Sentinel for complete list:

  • On the FBI’s Hillary probe, Comey claimed there was no coordination between the DoJ and FBI, but texts and emails later showed that to be untrue / 04/19/2018 – The Washington Examiner
  • During his book tour, Comey claimed he didn’t know the FBI thought Michael Flynn believed he was telling the truth / 05/14/2018 – Townhall
  • During the Hillary probe, the FBI lost track of Hillary’s server for months / 05/05/2018 – Jack Posobiec
  • Under Comey, the FBI’s case against Cliven Bundy was destroyed after the feds were caught deliberately withholding evidence / 12/21/2017 – The Oregonian
  • Comey promised transparency into the investigation into the Pulse Night Club terrorist, but almost immediately redacted from transcript the killer’s reference to Islam / 06/12/2016 – The Federalist
  • Under Comey, the FBI blew its highest profile corruption investigations (into Sen. Ted Stevens); a federal judge blamed the “worst prosecutorial misconduct” he’d ever seen / 07/01/2016 – The Federalist

Catherine Herridge (plus Sharyl Attkisson, etal) is a national treasure.

James Comey is a national disgrace and needs to be put away somewhere safe and tranquil.

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J Trump – MAGA!


See full ‘question & answer’ presser right here

And National Sentinel: James Comey – The Biggest Scandals and Controversies in His Career

See also The Federalist: James Comey – The FBIs Garbage Reputation Everybody’s Fault but Mine

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