Trudeau-Trump style stark contrast

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The Trudeau/Trump style is a very stark contrast indeed, as you will see. Coming up, one of the very best essays on ‘Trump versus the rest’ that you are likely to read. As Scott Freitas expresses it on one of the threads: “I too am happy to once again see a normal, masculine man inside the White House. It’s been too long. Waaaay too long.

Like, since Ronald Reagan way too long. Consider for instance, what We the People have put up with since the Gipper (God rest his soul) retired to his California ranch.

1) Bush Senior: milquetoast blue-blooded country club type. Can easily see him sniffing disdainfully at his butler, “Jeeves? Where’s my tea? I requested it five minutes ago!”

2) Draft-dodging Clinton?; skirt-chasing hick who proudly carpeted the back of his rustbucket El Camino with astro-turf for use on dates. Totally whipped by Shrillary, too.

3) Bush Junior? “Compassionate conservative.” Aka “a nice boy. Very polite.” And totally hen-pecked by his mother (if not his wife, as well).

4) Hussein Osama? Please. Mom jeans, girls bikes, underhanded pitches on the baseball field, and missed basketball-shots galore. Also, he cheats at golf (and may be married to a tranny for all we know). And where did those kids come from – no photo/pics existing anywhere?

5) Trump, meanwhile, is all about MAMA! (Make America Masculine Again!)

“Cuz actually, masculinity is pretty great.”[end]

Couldn’t have expressed it any better myself … J. Robert Smith and his piece in American Thinker, “A Tale of Two Leaders: Trudeau versus Trump” …

The contrast couldn’t be more telling. Last November, voters elected a Hemingway man as president. Hemingway, as in Ernest. You know, the great 20th Century writer who glorified masculinity: big game hunting, deep-sea fishing, bullfighting, war. Testosterone comes standard with males, and Hemingway never apologized for it. Why should he have? That’s like saying sorry for having two feet.

Up north, Canadians elected a party to govern – the Liberals – led by a Trump antithesis. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is everything that Trump isn’t – oh, and proud of it. He declares himself a feminist. Says he’s raising his boys to be feminists.

In an October 11 essay for Marie Claire, a fretting Justin Trudeau wrote:

“I want my sons to escape the pressure to be a particular kind of masculine that is so damaging to men and to the people around them. I want them to be comfortable being themselves, and being feminists — who stand up for what’s right, and who can look themselves in the eye with pride”.

In other words, Trudeau wants his sons neutered like all hardcore feminists want boys and men to be. Trudeau fits that bill. He seems hatched from a PC incubator. He’s got Abercrombie & Fitch model good looks — you know, in that impish, teenage sort of way. Fey boys and men are en vogue in Western popular culture.

Trudeau’s a lightweight in a heavyweight world. China, Russia, and India aren’t ruled by wussies. Nor is the U.S. led by one. Western Europe – sissified turf – holds Trudeau’s longing gaze.

Trudeau tiptoes, embraces, and snuggles. He declares the Canadian house open to all those refugees and lost souls spurned by big, bad America. Hot chocolates on the stove, and wait till ragged Somalians and Syrians get a taste of Justin’s yummy cookies.

From an October 5 Fox News report:

Advocates say it’s the contrast between the Trump administration’s hardline stance on immigration vs. the welcoming image projected by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that drives many migrants to Canada – though the country does warn there is no guarantee that status will be granted.

Continue to completion A Tale of Two Leaders

When all the shrieking and grandstanding is said and done Feminism is a lie. It says to men “be like us”: soft and sensitive and compassionate. Oddly those who push it do not demonstrate those characteristics themselves. They are not soft in approach but confrontational. They are not sensitive to the differences of biology. They have no compassion for truly oppressed women around the world. In short, they are selfish and manipulative and achieve through coercion and by sowing confusion.

Justin Trudeau, Canada snowflake PM…

Historically, women have relied on men for survival. The ultra convenient world that men built fools them into thinking that they are no different; a silly conceit at best. Feminism denies reality, as does Leftism. They go together like hand-in-glove.

Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, any Muslim male = toxic masculinity. Justin Bieber, Justin Trudeau, metrosexuals, divorce lawyers and family court commissioners, white guilty idiots, pipeline-blocking climate-hoax believers, etc. = no masculinity.

Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill, Field Marshal Montgomery, President Roosevelt, General Eisenhower, Admiral Nimitz and all of his sailor men including those who held off the Japanese battleships in Leyte Gulf while using mere destroyers and motor torpedo boats, plus all of the military who were decisively victorious in WWII, and so on and so forth = masculinity as it should be.

Steelworkers, road builders, get-it-done engineers not sidetracked into chicken dropping jobs and allowed to use inches and not millimeters; to build cars, aircraft, rockets to the Moon and to deter nuclear aggression; design and build Interstate freeways, oil drillers, coal miners, farmers, and many more = masculinity as it should be.

Some man will have to clean up after Trudeau just like we needed Trump after Barry.