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The way Hillary Rob’em Clinton is dancing and tiptoeing around this Harvey Weinstein rapist revelation is something to behold. It actually makes you wonder whether anyone in the United States, regardless of political affiliation, can read her comments about sexual assault and actually take her seriously.

Her latest round of lies, lies, obfuscation and denial surfaced the other day during her global apology tour of her flailing book “What Happened” when she was interviewed by the BBCs Andrew Marr. She was ‘shocked’, she said, by the sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, and says more should be done to stop sexist and misogynistic behavior.

This, mind you, coming from a woman who herself was subjected to these same allegations. Over the past two weeks, a growing scandal has surrounded the film producer (ie Harvey Weinstein), with close to three dozen women alleging sexual harassment after a New York Times report detailed eight settlements Weinstein had made with accusers. So Hillary was shocked and appalled – but only because he was finally caught.

For instance, she “commends the women who have come forward”. But how about the ones who came forward against her husband while they were both still in the White House and she tried to destroy them? The only Sexual Assaulter in The Oval Office at the time was her husband! And (gulp!) Hillary Rob’em Clinton was his enabler. (The “vast right wing conspiracy” ring a bell or two with anyone?)

What we can take away from this is if Bubba’s transgressive behavior has “been litigated” then I guess it’s OK. But can we at least get a follow-up clarification as to whether we are talking about the rapes of the intern predation? Then there’s the question of the tape that can’t be hidden nor destroyed which reveals her true nature towards the protection of women and her claim that (as repeated above) “more should be done to stop sexist and misogynistic behavior”. This from a woman who laughs and giggles her way through a description of the rape of a 12-year-old innocent country girl, and how she (Rob’em Clinton) got the predator off the hook.

Final question, hey Hill, been to any good seances lately?

Listen to her as she laughs (cackles, really) about the accuracy of the polygraph test. She also bursts out laughing about how she went to the opposing attorney and pitched the whole thing to him as a “miscarriage of justice”. This folks, together with the Obama cabal, is the current face of the Gyorgy Schwartz Soros-led attempted take-down of the greatest Constitutional Republic ever placed on planet earth.

If Rob’em Clinton and her spurious ‘husband’ were Republicans they both would’ve been mobbed by ten thousand BLMs and Antifas for this, but because they are presently the holy grail of Leftism (despite not even being actual liberals – they’re more of a type of Leftwing Establishment-Globalist-Statists), nobody on the Socialist DemoMarxist side complains. Or at least, they haven’t until now.

It’s hard to know just what color the sky is in Bubba and Hillary Clinton’s world.

But, steady as it comes, Judgment Day approaches.


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