Truck Trudeau lights northern skies

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Checking the comments thread and came upon a comment from the great Mark Steyn: ”Trudeau is another out of touch western elite”, yet another woke Leftist like that female idiot in NZ who is bankrupting her country. These Leftist creeps have wormed their way into power and have opportunistically used the ”Covid Panic” to move their countries way across to the Left. But it’s far worse than that, insomuch as China is looming large as a true menace to the entire free world and these creeps like Ardern (NZ), Trudeau, Macron, and Chairman Dan in Victoria, are obvious Quislings just waiting for an opportunity to move into China’s orbit and become a client state.” OUCH!

But he’s absolutely right of course, since in a broader historical sense of perspective, what is really happening right now is a reverse 1848, but instead of populist multi-state uprisings against an aristocratic elite, We the (80 million+) People have a global elite conspiring to a worldwide coup d’etat against democracy and we the masses, by using an engineered Covid panic and a soon to be ”Climate Change Emergency” to create a Leftist Nanny State.

Truck Trudeau lights northern skies … blackface or not.

While it’s true that the West was already moving in this direction, this so called ”emergency” is a catalyst that is speeding this process up radically!

Thankfully – (and don’t forget to give thanks whenever you can!) – there’s hope as the Ottawa truckers are the Canadian version of the ship-workers of Gdansk, Poland 1980, insomuch as they’re a tough fight back against the ”soft tyranny” of the Leftist Nanny State which is a mild, more humane version of the Soviet Bloc during the Cold War. In fact, this ought to be the beginnings of a national strike that brings these embryonic tyrants to their knees; but the problem is that there’s no respectable government-in-waiting, merely two sides to the same coin like Pepsi is to Coke.

To wax (not “vax”) historically, it would appear that we’re in a zero-sum game at this point. Win, and there likely could be the equivalency of Nuremberg trials and “they” know it. They’ve crossed the Rubicon with their antics, having approached the point of no return.

People need to wake up and realize things could definitely get worse. The dictators aren’t going to give up their power, while continuing to cheat the midterm elections, more likely, not ever allowing fair elections ever again. Remember Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the mob are already talking about shredding the First Amendment because of “Misinformation.” Anything other than the official narrative will be criminalized if they get their way, yet no one seems to be stopping these power-hungry lunatics. Time will definitely tell! Truck Trudeau lights northern skies.

Lloyd Billingsley, FrontPageMag: ‘Truck Trudeau’ …

Hereditary rule is the most risible – and the most loathsome.

In the dead of winter, thousands of Canadians have been streaming into Ottawa, led by a massive convoy of truckers protesting draconian Covid mandates that have harmed their ability to earn a living. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to meet with the protesters and slammed the freedom convoy as “an insult to memory and truth.” Fils Justin thus invites memories of himself and Trudeau père. 

As Edward Gibbon noted, hereditary rule is always the most risible, and apart from the connection with his father, Canadians would be hard pressed to find any merit in Justin Trudeau his own self. He has no scholarly achievement, no record of publication, and no experience running business. To adapt a phrase from Ray Bradbury’s afterword to Fahrenheit 451,  Justin Trudeau has never said anything that would make a sub-moron’s mouth twitch. On the other hand, he does have a comic side.

Earlier in his brilliant career, Justin was fond of performing in blackface, singing “The Banana Boat Song,” a hit for Harry Belafonte. Trudeau now considers this racist but the revelation prompted no resignation. So no surprise that Justin Trudeau criticized “racist flags” in the convoy and spoke out over a perceived slight to a war memorial. [-]

[+] … Prime Minister [Pierre] Trudeau, [Justine’s Father] “tried to reorient Canada away from the great democratic alliance.” As Frum also notes, hours after the Communist Coup against Solidarity in Poland, Pierre Trudeau said: “If martial law is a way to avoid civil war and Soviet intervention, then I cannot say it is all bad,” adding, “Hopefully the military regime will be able to keep Solidarity from excessive demands.”

Pierre Trudeau inherited a strong and growing economy but as Frum charges, “the two recessions 1981-82 and 1992-93 can both fairly be laid at Trudeau’s door.” He was also a “spending fool” who “believed in a state-led economy,” and “as a political wrecker, he was truly world class.” Frum’s piece came headlined, “The Disastrous Legacy of Pierre Trudeau,” now continued by his son. [-]

[+] … Pierre Trudeau was not a fan of Poland’s Solidarity movement, but he did support the martial law imposed by Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski, correctly identified by Caspar Weinberger as a Soviet general in a Polish uniform. This is what happens when a crypto-Communist zombie becomes prime minister of Canada.

When embattled Canadians take to the streets in a peaceful protest, Justin Trudeau smears them with lies. Ottawa police are now threatening to arrest those bringing fuel and other supplies to the protesting truckers, which is not a crime. This is what happens when Pierre Trudeau’s son becomes prime minister of Canada.

“Truck Trudeau,” said one protester’s sign. Truck them both. [end]

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Truck Trudeau lights northern skies … hand hearts or not.

A little pain for FREEDOM. Think of all the sacrifices our fathers and grandfathers made in WW1 and WW2. God Bless the Canadian truckers, farmers, freedom convoy. Imagine the gut feel of those Colonists hiding under the bridge at Concord! How those troops felt that volunteered to cross the icy river with Gen. Washington; jump out of a landing craft at Omaha Beach; chopper into Khe Sanh; walk the alleys of Fallujah; guard the gates in Kabul; etc. Truck Trudeau lights northern skies.

We didn’t build, defend and conserve these United States of America WITH political “leadership”, but IN SPITE of political “leadership”. It appears the politicians of Canada are no better than anybody else’s. Even a blind person can feel there is a well-planned conspiracy afoot. Tens of thousands (or more) of trucks around the world are protesting, or parked somewhere. Unless you believe that these trucks were also sitting empty before the protests started, then obviously it’s having an effect. City centers are not known for lots of grocery stores. But every restaurant or cafe gets deliveries almost on a daily basis. That’s not happening now.

And from that perspective note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Always figuring-out-what’s best for America-President Donald John Trump doing his absolute darnedest to protect and defend the Constitutional Republic of the United States – MAGA! KAG!