Two western provinces end COV-19

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It has become painfully obvious that the left side of the Constitutional Republic of the United States simply have no intention of stopping their foul malevolence against We the (80 million+) People. They aren’t interested in comity, collegiality, or getting along. They’re interested in power, absolute power, and they will use anything within their means to grab it and hang onto it. These are the same people, for goodness’ sake that have been talking about re-education camps and detention facilities. And they have absolutely no inclination whatsoever to go off quietly into the night.

Heck, these people have no problem setting cities on fire, normalizing pedophilia, destroying entire sectors of the economy, or murdering people in the streets. The people who supported a coup are going to start playing ball with us? Heck No! – this is the transactional ethics phase of society, and they must be either destroyed politically, financially, and socially, or made to fear running their mouths again, because that’s becoming darned clear and obvious to anybody / everybody within distance that that’s damn sure what they’ve planned to do to us.

Two western provinces end COV-19. Republicon-demoMarxocrat cabal. The enemies at the gate…

Carve your way through the entirety of the current mess and let’s begin with Hillary Clinton and her 2016 ground zero delusion for the Russian collusion hoax. Let’s start there. The FBI and DOJ under OBO#44, as well as Special Counsel Mueller and his Dream Team of demoMarxocrat prosecutors, were willing participants even though they knew it all to be a hoax from day numero-uno. They should pay, and dearly too.

And while we’re on the topic, let’s not forget the demented village idiot family and their grafting, grifting and influence-peddling with foreign governments the likes of China, Ukraine, and God alone knows how many others. “Job One” of the 2023 Congress is to impeach and try the entire bunch of them. Aside from demented village idiot’s financial crimes, he’s failed to enforce immigration laws at the southern border, which charge alone is well enough to get him (and others for that matter!) impeached.

Next in order would be to expel all the hoaxsters from Congress, beginning with Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Swalwell, and literally scores and scores of others. Too many Republicans in office need to be replaced, but replace them we must, beginning right at the top. The Punch and Judy antics with demoMarxocrats is merely cable news “infotainment theatre”. Their ineptitude at improving people’s lives and play-fighting with the loony, demoMarxocrat left is not a bug, it’s a feature—one they all laugh about together at cocktail parties. So many things to do; so little time to get it done. Enough!

Debra Heine, American Greatness: ‘Alberta, Saskatchewan end Covid-19 Passports; call Trudeau to Ditch travel’ …

Amid multiple massive Freedom Convoys throughout Canada, the Western provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan have become first provinces to end COVID-19 vaccine passports. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney on Tuesday announced an end to the vaccine passport system in Alberta, effective midnight last night.

At an evening news conference, Kenney said the restriction exemption program has served its purpose, but is no longer needed since Alberta passed peak of Omicron infections about three weeks ago. “The threat of COVID-19 to public health no longer outweighs the hugely damaging impact of health restrictions on our society,” said Kenney, adding his government would only move forward if it does not threaten the capacity of the health-care system.

Capacity limits were also nixed Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. for venues with capacity limits under 500, including libraries and places of worship. Starting next week, Alberta will also no longer require youth to be masked in schools, and children aged 12 and under will not be required to be masked in any setting. Not to be outdone, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced on Tuesday that the province will begin scrapping COVID-19 restrictions—starting with vaccine mandate—effective at 12:01 a.m. on February 14.

During a news conference on February 8, Moe said, “Today, with Omicron, the benefits of the proof of vaccination policy no longer outweigh the costs.” The premier noted that COVID-19 vaccine mandates have caused divisions in families and communities in Saskatchewan, as well as across the wider country.

“This policy most certainly has run its course,” he continued, adding that it’s “time to heal the divisions in our communities over vaccination.”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney on Wednesday called on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to end federal travel restrictions, including 72 hour Pre-departure PCR testing for Canadians, arrivals testing and isolation, quarantining for children under five years old, and the global travel advisory.

Kenney said the mandates are “ineffective, and “have to go.”

In the United States, as we approach the midterm elections, even Democrat politicians are pivoting away from draconian COVID restrictions, sensing that the public has grown weary of the assaults on their freedom. Public health officials however appear to be going in the opposite direction, still recommending that children remain masked at school, and recommending “proof of vaccination” for public settings.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Rochelle Walensky said Wednesday that because COVID is still causing hospitalizations and deaths, it has not amended its guidance on masking schoolchildren. When asked about proof-of-vaccination requirements for public settings on Wednesday, NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci said: “Is one of the important ways to keep the indoor environment safe.” “I Support It.” [end]

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Two western provinces end COV-19

They took away our voices and replaced them with masks. They took away our livelihoods and replaced them with patronizing handouts. They took away our children’s futures and replaced them with woke nightmares. They took away our places of faith and replaced them with idol worship of a dead thief. Then they took away our trusted leaders to replace them with incompetent, racist corporate stooges. They took away our country and didn’t even bother to replace it. But now…

Two western provinces end COV-19

It’s about time people came to their senses. As PM Moe says, the vaccine mandate has divided families and communities and it is time to try to heal the division. Too bad it has taken so long. The John Hopkins study was really bad about all these lockdowns and restrictions which basically had no effect. Quoth Bob Dylan, “The times they are a changing….” Hopefully Fauci gets thrown out on his backside, alongside the whole Branch-Covidian Regime. FJB/LGB; let freedom ring across this great land once again. Time for us to take everything back with interest…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still our President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to keep America on the straight and narrow – MAGA! KAG!