Chinese BS & village idiot converge

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Perhaps we’re all too far gone to ever see the simple solution. There are many entities feeding and encouraging hate. Those who denigrate and discriminate against little white children for the sins of long dead people in the past are one. Village idiot casting blame and derision on those refusing Covid vaxxes, refusing to recognize natural immunity, or personal health status, is another. Merrick Garland calling parents of school children opposed to CRT, “domestic terrorists” is yet another. They’re the entities spinning up hate and division with absolutely no attempt to understand, discuss, or compromise. It’s just attack, attack, attack.

One with half a brain shouldn’t really care about what the press says about the press, or if they’re disappointed in Dear Leader. They’ve also turned their backs on We the (80 million+) American People. They fight for their own team, which is falsely called ‘Progressive’ and is ultimately why America is presently in such steep decline. There are two “teams” fighting against each other, rather than fighting the outside forces inciting the divisions, and the globalists and China who control the country.

Yours truly can’t express current ‘happenings’ much better than ‘Lokiscout’ from deep inside the booming comments thread:

Stay frosty, Folks, and stay alert. Remember Sundance’s point over the past several years, “There are trillions at stake!” The stakes haven’t changed nor the desire for power and control by the Progressive Left and their Fellow Traveler RINO’s (call them Marxists, Communists, Socialists, Fascists, Globalists or what have you). The goal remains the “Total Transformation of the United States” and it won’t stop here. Perhaps, with God’s grace, the Covid nightmare may be crumbling but pay attention to what the other hand is doing.

Even if Ottawa and DC capitulate tomorrow on mandates don’t look at it as a victory but as a repositioning of forces by those who would destroy our great countries to a more favorable time and conditions. Take your cold anger, frustration and angst with you into the voting booth every two years beginning this year and for the long distant future. Stay alert and communicate, talk, discuss and argue if you must.

We must take back our local Governments. We must take back our State Governments. We must take back our schools from K through PhD. Our schools can no longer be allowed to continue to be indoctrination and propaganda institutions for those who would destroy our two Great Nations. [end] … when Chinese BS & village idiot converge.

First up, Nicholas L. Waddy, American Greatness: ‘Joe Biden: No Longer the Greatest Thing since Sliced Bread’ …

The denigration of Joe Biden will escalate steadily.

Every conservative ought to read a recent article in the left-wing rag Salon, entitled “The whisper campaign against Joe Biden won’t stop—unless he can change the narrative.” It’s by Brian Karem, formerly Playboy‘s Senior White House correspondent—so you know he carries a lot of weight, morally and intellectually speaking, among Democrats and progressives. It’s what’s being said in the article that counts, though, not who’s saying it.

Karem argues that, by naming Joseph R. Biden as Generalissimo of the Left, progressives may have . . . erred! Can you imagine? That almost sounds like . . . well, criticism! I mean, you can’t bad-mouth Joe Biden, right? He’s fighting a noble battle to “restore the soul of America” and save us all from Trumpian fascism. Heck, he’s the anti-Trump! So what would motivate a leftist to call him out? Politics, especially in a two-party system, is a zero-sum game. Any harm done to Biden and the Democrats is, almost by definition, helpful to Trump and Republicans. What gives?

The answer is that Brian Karem is this thing called a “journalist.” Journalists are supposed to tell it like it is. They’re supposed to investigate, ask questions, look under rocks and see what scurries out.

For two years, mainstream journalists have resolutely refused to do their jobs, as we all know, when it comes to Joe Biden, the Biden family, Kamala Harris, and the Democratic Party. They’ve given all Democrats and progressives a pass when it comes to scrutiny and criticism. In fact, they’ve even joined in the mammoth effort to suppress, censor, demean, and intimidate anyone who does scrutinize or criticize the Left. They’ve done so, as Karem more or less admits, with one overriding goal in mind: the defeat of Donald Trump and the GOP. [-]

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Sundance, over at Conservative Treehouse and: ‘When Absolute Chinese B******p Lectures It’s time to Drop Mask Mandate’ …

Something has changed in the past several days. Likely the private COVID fear polling continued to show an overwhelming number of Americans are just done with the constant COVID-19 fear porn and mandates. Today, several states including New Jersey and California announced they were dropping their mask mandates and many COVID-19 regulations.

In the past week there appears to have been a big shift in the narrative. To highlight that point, the biggest fear porn and mandate seller on CNN, Dr. Leana Wen, completely reversed her position, and said it’s time to let people make their own choices. Watch:

Notice also how there’s been virtual silence on any further White House efforts to push the booster or vaccination program. Last we saw the booster compliance effort, it was less than 50% of those who were previously vaccinated. There’s definitely been a change in narrative engineer pressure for more COVID pushing overall – vaccinations, regulations and/or masks.

Last point, Zach on Twitter had been searching for a video for quite some time that he just recently found again and shared. It’s a video of Dr. Leana Wen from several years ago. It really makes you stand back and think. The video is very weird.

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Chinese BS & village idiot converge…Ballot count jitters not going away …

Stay Frosty my Friends! The old Lokiscout hasn’t ranted here for quite a while. Thanks for listening for those of you who did.

When the Truckers and Farmers and now Miners of Canada force this craziness to a head, none of us will ever again look at our Canadian Brethren as Pacifist. Slow to anger maybe but when pushed too far they respond peacefully and with great fortitude. Unlike us they’re oft times more hot-headed Southern neighbors than even yours truly. The desire for Liberty definitely runs deep on this continent.

As to the video, that’s the same Dr. Leana Wen, back in 2013, who just happened to be the CNN voice for the Boston Marathon bombing. Dr. Wen went on to become the CEO of Planned Parenthood, and then arrived at CNN again as the public health expert for all things COVID. Weird how that happened, huh? China operative? Chinese BS & village idiot converge.

Mmmmmm …. and on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – True President Donald John Trump exercising all authority to keep our Constitutional Republic very much up and running as the Founding Fathers designed it … MAGA! – KAG!