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There are two political institutions that are at risk today, the Democrat Party and Mainstream Big News, and Daniel Greenfield takes both to task in another brilliant piece in FrontPageMagazine titled “Kick the Press Corps out of the White House.”

Not only does Mainstream Big News fail to understand what happened in the election, and what the majority of voters achieved on November 8, 2016, but they consistently refuse to come to grips with it. They float along in the Press Corps with their identity politics, fake news and deception as if the election never happened, while supporting the most radical elements in American society and – most importantly – continuing to attack the majority of United States citizens who gave President Trump his electoral dominance.

Greenfield intro:

Last week the media lost its mind over reports that press briefings might be moved from the White House back to the Eisenhower Office Building next door where President Eisenhower held the first ever televised press conference.

Media outlets issued panicked reports of being “evicted,” “kicked out” or “exiled” from the cramped theater that used to be the White House’s indoor swimming pool. There was outrage at the thought that they might have to take an equally short walk to the White House Conference Center where they had already worked while the Bush White House spent millions in taxpayer money renovating the room.

The press went crazy, so I said, ‘Let’s not move it.'” President Trump finally reassured them.

He got as much gratitude for it as President Nixon did for ruining a perfectly good indoor pool and as President Bush did for spending a fortune renovating it. Instead the media began spreading the same conspiracy theories accusing Bush of plotting to permanently banish them from the White House.

And that’s exactly what President Trump should do.”[end]

The Big Media trolls use their Press Corps occupation for daily love fests of Democrat Presidents, while flinging smear barbs towards Republican Presidents when they occupy the office. Status and the power of a unified Leftwing narrative is exactly what they’re trying to preserve. Already apoplectic over Fox News being allowed into their exclusive Press Corps clubhouse, imagine if a diverse group of citizen journalist news agencies are allowed in from around the world. Imagine if they had to deal with facts and opinions that don’t conform to their group-think narrative of lies. Their heads would explode because the world would be far better informed than it is now.

Another Greenfield gem: “The media’s tantrums over being moved from the little theater, no matter how moldy and crumbling it might be, isn’t sentiment; it’s status. Keeping the space small allows them to limit who gets in.”

Sean Spicer Press Secretary to President Donald J. Trump on his first official press briefing .. A vanishing breed?

In response to which, one could suggest of course, why not go a step further and eliminate the Press Corps briefings altogether? While Twitter is fine for President Trump to make quick announcements or comments, maybe he could issue press releases for important messages and have them emailed to each reporter or to the networks’ editorial departments for reprint or broadcast. Any news source continuing to air or print lies and fake news, will be struck from the list without notice.

In closing – Perhaps the MSM fails to understand, because they can’t due to their ideology, which is extreme leftism. Leftist ideology is like a powerful hallucinogen which deprives its followers of their normal faculties. Look how the MSM didn’t just flatter those crazed protesters of the women’s march on Saturday – they honored them!. They – the whole lot of them – really are sick. Including those in the White House Press Corps.

As I expressed it in last Friday’s column: This is war, and we have a long way to go before we can say we’re winning. This is no time to take prisoners, feel benevolent, or bi-partisan. Fight like it is our last chance, because it may well be. The foot of the free Republic needs to remain on the throat of the Left until it expires from lack of oxygen.

As Captain Picard would say, “Make it so …”

On now to Daniel Greenfield’s complete piece…

Daniel Greenfield…

“There’s no way the people are being served if they kick the people’s representatives out of the People’s House,” Ron Fournier absurdly postured.

The people elected President Donald J. Trump. Nobody elected Ron Fournier. The National Journal he works for, like most of the Atlantic media properties, specializes in inside baseball for insiders.

Trust ratings and approval levels for the media are so far down in the toilet that it would take a plumber to find them. If the media are the people’s representatives, then the people want to elect different ones. Those are some of the same representatives that the media is trying to ban from social media with a fake “Fake News Crusade” and by resisting any expansion of press briefings with threats and warnings.

“We’ll have to consider doing things other than protesting and whining,” Fournier threatened. “We’ll have to think about what we can do to bring some pain to make our point.”

Do what?

Continues in FrontPageMagazine…


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