‘Can do’ meme beats ‘cult of can’t’…

Go ahead, make my…

“For the past eight years and more, a spell of gloom has been cast over the nation. The cult of can’t rather than ‘can do’ has fostered this demoralization. The Progressive left, for years in control of our institutions, has deliberately bound us in ever tightening chains of regulations and taxes and economic depression.  These people may call themselves liberal, but in truth they are the opposite. They mean to control us, to inhibit us, to make us submit to their bullying – to their political correctness.” [end]

That quote above from Chet Richards in today’s American Thinker, sets the tone for his piece coming up titled “America, at Last the Land of Can Do.” To put it in context, let me flashback to the heady days of 1991 and the Iraq/Kuwait war known as Desert Storm…

In other words the ‘cult of can’t’ needs to be replaced with ‘can do’.

In 1991, after we routed Saddam Hussein’s troops in Iraq in four days, the retreating Iraqis set all their oil wells on fire. I well remember scientist Carl Sagan clutching his pearls and moaning that the dense smoke would affect climates around the world, and that it would take a decade to put out the fires. Red Adair, then 76 years old and two years away from retiring, was called in and asked for his assessment. He spat between his boots and opined “Bout a year.”

Remember that these were not just oil well fires, but oil well fires with land mines spread around them by the retreating Iraqis. Turns out Red was wrong on his estimate – with his ‘can do’ attitude, his men got them all capped in eight months.

So now in 2017 we have another retreating coward who has sown a bunch of land mines to bedevil the victor, and another ‘can do’ guy spitting on his hands and getting down to the job at hand, and it is glorious to behold. It wasn’t just Obama who said the wall couldn’t and shouldn’t be built – GWB was against it as well.

When the ‘Minutemen’ movement sprang up during his term to help secure the border, Bush 2.0 and his chief henchman Karl ‘Architect of Disaster’ Rove called them ‘vigilantes.’  It’s been so long since we were a ‘can-do’ nation, it seems like it was a legend out of the Dark Ages. Some people are going to be really surprised what happens when Americans really get down to it. Remember, the current bunch of Millennials were mere infants when Desert Storm was being won.

Yes, affirmative. We can build walls or fences of any size and nature which work to keep some things in and other things out. Just ask Obama, or Paul Ryan, or Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or any Hollywood or other elitist establishment celeb why they have walls around their places of residence, plus armed guards as well.

Now that we have a Commander-in-Chief who actually desires to win, who doesn’t play for the other side or see it as an exercise in patronage, those Millennials will be in disbelief as to how hard the American military can hit and subdue the enemy in short order.

“Can’t” is not part of President Trump’s vocabulary. So get used to winning America. Again.

On now, to Chet Richards…

Hordes poured in over the border – men mostly, but women and children as well.  Rape and pillaging and murder followed wherever they went, though most of the invaders were peaceable. The nation’s prosperity rapidly diminished. The commander-in-chief ordered a wall built to stop the invasion. And so it was done. Across an entire continent, from the Black Sea to the Irish Sea, Emperor Hadrian’s Limes was constructed.  The Roman Empire once more regained its peace and prosperity.

Hordes poured in over the border, rape and pillaging and murder, the nation’s prosperity rapidly diminished. And so, from the China Sea to the Mongolian steppes, a Great Wall was constructed. China once more regained its peace and prosperity.

Hordes poured in over the border, and the senatorial class ordered a wall to be built to stop the invasion. It can’t be done, said the critics. It’s not feasible. It is beyond our capacity. It would take too long and cost too much. A cynical commander-in-chief saw political advantage in the invasion and canceled the wall.

A new commander-in-chief now proclaims that the wall will be built – a long wall. This time it will be done.  Why?  Because the nation’s survival depends on it. And because building it is such a trivial effort for this great nation. It is simply a matter of having the will to do it.

To understand why it is such a small thing you must consider the enormous scale of our civilization.

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