Time for Joe to get back to hospice

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Like many more before me, yours truly has at times, marveled at Joe Biden’s capacity for plagiarism and outright lies over the many years since his cavorting with Ted Kennedy and others etal, the fledgling OBO#44 who picked him out for VP while not supposing at the same time that it would ruin his chances in ’08; and many more real “Gotchya” moments that was Joe in a kinda charming, folksy used car salesman sort of way.

You might even assume that he succeeded in politics for the very same reason our politics still exist today – he’s always been in it for the betterment of himself and his family, throw in his neighbors and such and you soon get more than anything else, a guy in it purely for the money, no matter from where, or when, or how it all comes through.

Lacking any sort of moral equivalency, Joe managed to grift his way into wealth by being the political equivalent of tofu, delivering the goods to the banking interests in Delaware, one of the most corrupt states in the union. And doing so with a winning smile, a song in his heart and not a concern about his mortal soul anywhere in the world. That smile, man!.

Time for Joe to get back to hospice. When you think it can’t get worse. Joe’s befuddled head.

His “career” however – if you can call it that – has always shown his dark side as a dishonest, corrupt serial plagiarist, liar, grifter, fraud, and many other objective disinterests emanating from his torrid temper. Yes, that!  And this THING is now President of the United States.Well, for now that is.

As demoMarxocrats like to proclaim of late, the real issue isn’t Joe’s age – many of us after all know people much older who are sharp as a tack and physically fit. Sure, Joe is an “old 79” compared to others of similar age, but let’s talk about the real elephant in the room. It’s not just that Joe is too old to be president, it’s that he’s too STUPID to be President. He is now, he was then, and he will be tomorrow.

Faced with a task full of reality, Joe Biden is a moronic, corrupt, dishonest, serial plagiarist, grifter and fraud. To some he’s the very worst President in the history of The Land of Make Believe, with a will to sell out America to the highest bidder he can. The worst of the very worst – “C’mon, Man” !

Josh Hammer, FrontPageMag: ‘Resign, Joe’ …

A James Buchanan comparison — historians’ pick for worst president ever.

It is difficult, perhaps impossible, to describe just how bad President Joe Biden is at his job. Comparisons to Jimmy Carter are pervasive, but trite — and too flattering to Carter. Perhaps a more apt (and dark) analogy, given how civic strife has reached a fever pitch, is to James Buchanan, historians’ typical consensus pick for worst president ever.

Indeed, to fully capture the absolute horror that is this senile near-octogenarian’s presidential swan song would be a Herculean task, better suited for a David McCullough-style biography than a column. But for present purposes, and despite the difficulty of narrowing down from such a vast sample size, consider a few examples from recent months.

In late March, in a combative speech in Warsaw, Biden veered off-script and announced that Russian kingpin Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.” There is a sordid history of such meddlesome talk when it comes to U.S. foreign policy, encapsulated by John Bolton’s shockingly candid on-air admission to Jake Tapper this week that he has “helped plan coups d’etat.” Biden, in Poland, thus explicitly called for regime change against the long-standing leader of a nuclear-armed hegemon. As the writer David P. Goldman immediately pointed out, multiple generations of Cold War-era U.S. presidents knew to never so explicitly provoke the Kremlin. The White House immediately — and implausibly — attempted to walk back, and downplay, Biden’s clarion utterance. [-]

[+] … This week, Biden touched down in Israel for the first Middle East trip of his presidency. Upon landing at Ben Gurion Airport, Biden stepped off Air Force One and quickly asked his aides, “What am I doing now?” Shortly thereafter, Biden stumbled his way to a microphone and pronounced his desire to “keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust.” The following day, during a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, Biden alluded to a “list” of preapproved — and presumably friendly — reporters that his team had prepared for him beforehand. This was less than a week after an embarrassing flub back in Washington, when Biden read off a teleprompter, Ron Burgundy-style: “end of quote, repeat the line.” And that was just a few weeks after the president fell off a stationary bicycle.

These are not mere frivolous “gaffes,” the sort of thing one can laugh off. These are horrific misstatements with harrowing diplomatic and geopolitical implications, at best, and indications of a palpable senility, at worst. There is something very, very clearly wrong with the president of the United States. Even the New York Times, which for former Biden boss Barack Obama functioned as Democratic Party Pravda, ran a recent piece entitled, “At 79, Biden Is Testing the Boundaries of Age and the Presidency.” A mere three days later, Michelle Goldberg, a reliably progressive columnist for The Gray Lady, entitled her own column, “Joe Biden Is Too Old to Be President Again.”

The fix is clearly in. [end]

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Time for Joe to get back to hospice. So don’t ask for whom the bell tolls

Hands up or down, he is the worst. And he’s going around, spreading the impression of a feeble (physically and mentally), stumbling American “leader”. None of the foreign leaders he is meeting, are taking him seriously. The fake Palestinians of course were hoping to extract more benefits from him. Not only is he the worst president, he’s also unrepresentative of the American character, of creative and productive exuberance. Unfortunately America has to somehow make it through another two years of this monumental disgrace. Trust me – it’ll never happen. Something’s about to take place.

The one and only good and valid reason for Joe Biden not resigning from Office is because – as things stand now – he would then be replaced in Office by that subversive un-American Communist, one Kamala Harris. Were that abrasive, obnoxious, and selfish conceited VP obtain the Presidency, the United States would be finished forever as a great world power. So much so that the damage done would be completely and totally irreversible .

As President  Abraham Lincoln one time wisely said: “You can’t unscramble eggs.”

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!