Flat as a pancake Biden limps home

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To put substance into today’s header “Flat as a pancake Biden limps home”, I like how La Rochefoucauld expresses it on the comments thread – to whit: Joseph Biden was never a moderate – Joseph Biden isn’t even a liberal. Joseph Biden was never anything – Joseph Biden is an illusion – a chameleon whose positions shift with the wind. In Hitler’s Germany, Biden would have been a Nazi, in communist Russia, Biden would have been a Stalinist. In China, he would have been a smiling Maoist. None of it would ever be real, as Biden would simply shift positions as the situation warranted.

If anything, limp-along-Biden is an actor, who feigns Catholicism as a cynical ruse to dupe Catholics into thinking he is one of them. In reality, he is an atheist, who shrugs and laughs at those who are religious. Joseph Biden would worship a bronze statue of Satan, with flames pouring out of its nostrils, if he thought that pandering to Satanists would gain him an advantage, between molestation of young girls, like a modern day Lavrentiy Beria. [end]

Hence his limping home from the Saudi Arabia disaster, licking his wounds from his fist-bumps and leaving his guests raging in laughter.

Flat as a pancake Biden limps home stares vacantly while picking his teeth…

Getting back to reality while changing the topic, President Donald John Trump has been widely respected in the world for his strength, leadership and willingness to broker a straight deal to benefit all parties and solve the problem at hand. His foreign policy was wildly successful. On the other hand, somewhat absurdly, we have a current generation of politicians who have corrupted the system for their own aggrandizement of wealth and power. “The Great Satan” is actually a fitting name for Washington D.C especially when you see the stolen election, the murders, the hypocrisies. Someone has to own it and fix it so it might as well be them!

The CIA and the rest of the alphabets have been overthrowing governments and involving the U.S. in wars all over the planet for at least two (if not more) generations. Now they’ve brought their machinations home to our own beloved country, ostensibly to destroy us.

President Donald John Trump has been a complete breath of fresh air, waking us all up to the corruption because of what he accomplished by simply being an honest broker of policy. It isn’t that complicated after all, but Trump really has amazing courage and we owe him our gratitude and loyalty for stepping up to the plate.

“It isn’t me they’re after. I’m just standing between them and you.” Flat as a pancake Biden limps home.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Biden returns with empty tin cup and urgent need for more windmills’ …

Joe Biden is heading back from an embarrassing trip to Saudi Arabia and the middle east. Putting aside the fact that physically and mentally Biden looked weak, foolish, and generally incoherent, in an odd way he was appropriately representative of the current of U.S. influence on the global stage.

Before getting to detail, first it is important to emphasize a point that doesn’t get attention domestically. Democrats are exceptionally weak on all aspects of foreign policy, specifically because their modern ideology is based on hypocrisy of a stunning magnitude.

Domestically, the U.S. media protect democrats by spinning everything into the best light possible. However, on the world stage the non-western leaders like Putin, Xi and MbS use that hypocrisy like geopolitical ammunition.

Examples… Domestically the U.S. media do not bring up the Joe Biden Afghanistan mess, the rise -and current legitimacy- of the terrorist Taliban; or the brutal mess Barack and Hillary created in Libya; or the unauthorized intervention into Syria that created ISIS; or the complete fubar that was an illegitimate invasion of Iraq; or Hillary’s insufferable “reset” in Russia; or their inability to deal with China’s proxy province of North Korea (because they pretend it’s not); or the current circus célebrè in Ukraine.

Each region, and there are many more, a typical example of how modern democrats are fundamentally weak on foreign policy. It is not just Joe Biden either; just about every leftist head of state within the alliance of “western democracies” are also pathetically impotent when it comes to influence on a global stage. [-]


Matthew Boose, American Greatness: ‘Biden’s Collapse Exposes Rot in the Establishment’ …

The problem isn’t really Joe Biden. It’s that the supposed “adults in the room” who surround him are children with no self-awareness and a violent allergy to accountability.

A revolt is underway in King Biden’s court. The facade of the Capable Unifier has come undone. As if by magic, a moratorium on noticing Old Joe’s feeble condition has been lifted, and the ruthless machine that pushed the freakish spectacle of his presidency on the country is feigning surprise to find that the Oval Office is occupied by a dementia patient.

Joe Biden has yet to face a midterm referendum, but he is already one of the most unpopular presidents in U.S. history. His own party is abandoning him. A recent New York Times poll found that more than 60 percent of Democrats want Biden to bow out in 2024. Across the board, Biden approval ratings are floating in the 30s.

This day was always going to come, sooner or later. Democrats used every dirty trick in the book to push Biden past the finish line and remove the Bad Orange Man from power, but they never had a plan for what would come after the election. Everything about Biden’s campaign was a cynical sham.

To the undeceived, the signs of Biden’s incapacity were obvious even then. Biden spent much of the campaign sequestered at home. An irresponsible, overtly political media campaigned on his behalf. They refused to cover his mental decline, covered up his family’s treacherous, salacious dealings with China, the evidence of which is now undeniable, and portrayed Biden as a saint, the John Paul II of “democracy.” [-]

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Flat as a pancake Biden limps home. Hey Jackass quit trying to wreck the nation…

The immortal words of a certain dementia-riven village idiot went: “We’re in a situation where we’ve put together, and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, we’ve put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” Biden said during a campaign event. Now that we know and were warned (remember OBO#44 is the one who put it together) – to be forewarned is to be forearmed. If not even ahead of the game.

Also, who’s to say they haven’t already found another way to cheat that we don’t know about yet? While we’re obsessing over the machines, they’ve probably been working feverishly to find other ways to cheat and other ways to cover up / justify the cheat-sheet. What then?

Stupidity isn’t the basis for these outrageous energy policies / decisions. More to the likes of backing into a desired conclusion is what’s at play, as in demolish wealth / transfer wealth to desired entities;  control populations / rid us of “We the (90 million+) People”; and / government entities aren’t “for and by the people” – rather more of “people are dictated-to from cradle to grave.” NADA !

Flat as a pancake Biden limps home!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!