Time for grouchy Fauci fraud to go

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It’s been underway for a while and has been going on for what – almost 2 years-plus? Bioweapons, violence, murder, mayhem, government tyranny and corruption. It’s a revolution against the Republic, ie “us”. So far we’ve been sitting on our hands or in-fighting or buying into their psychological BS and shushing and shunning those among us who are ready and willing to give back as good as the demoMarxoCrat Communists have been giving us. Definitely NOT a winning strategy. Yet.

Yours truly must admit that viewing events from a distance is truly fascinating. Before all this pandemic nonsense I’d never heard of this Fauci character, nor the Madam suspiciously sitting beside him when all was being formulated – upon recall a “Dr. Deborah Birx” who more than likely outspent her few moments of fame and fortune trailing behind the said Dr. Fauci almost every day for more than a year!  With absolutely nothing being accomplished with any kind of authoritarianism.

Time for grouchy Fauci fraud to go. Fauci sinks deep & deeper into hole…

Stranger still is the fact that President Trump said he was going to “drain the swamp” and in all honesty I thought he was talking about the demoMarxocrats and a few bad apples in the Republican Party, obvious cretins the likes of McCain, Liz Cheney and so on. Today by comparison, is a very different story. Does anyone else find it for instance … hrrmm, that it’s a bit of a coincidence ALL this is happening at once? Not just with the Fauci, etc., but all over the planet? One would never have imagined the swamp President Trump was referring to was worldwide in scope – would they?

How about “Fabian Socialists”. Is this the core group, or another arm of the octopus? I well remember President Trump clearly stating “we’ve caught them all” – the Fabians? All? How large are we talking about? Okay we caught them all, now what? How ’bout this: “You have to give up your individual rights for the good of society”. So that means Fauci-the-Fraud is the only person capable to define what the good of society entails? Who died and made him king?

The “greater good of society” becomes any society which is a Constitutional Republic. The “greater good” being defined under the Bill of Rights 1-10. Whenever you hear an international socialist who belongs to some death cult say “greater good” they actually mean “oligarchical collectivism” where they as its leadership are the “kleptarchical, democidal heads of”. Case in point being the current reality!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Anthony Fauci on Forced Vaccines: You Have to Give Up Individual Rights’…

It’s always right there, just below the surface. Wait long enough and you will see it. Obama’s,”You didn’t build that”, is one recent example. Hillary Clinton’s, “It takes a village” is another. Today, Anthony Fauci says you do not have “individual rights”, you have collective rights and responsibilities to the greater good of society.

This vile little worm with a thirst for power is nothing more than a Fabian Socialist. (link below)

Democrats or leftists throughout the world support the modern Fabian Socialist movement. They are, by nature, totalitarians who despise the natural inequities created by free and unregulated human activity. They have ongoing meetings and symposiums that are widely attended by current day politicians on the left and the socialist side of the continuum. The Fabian movement is very much alive and supported by the modern Democrat party. Remember all this?

Full link below with others…

Time for grouchy Fauci fraud to go. Fauci sinks deep & deeper into hole…

The four most dangerous words in a free society, “for the greater good”.

“Dr. Faucet” might have a modicum of persuasion if what he was talking about actually worked! But the jab has only a modicum of value and none at all to thousands who are suffering after being jabbed.

It has been shown that this flu can: a) be really lethal to those old and sick and/or sick and those who have chronic underlying immune suppression conditions such as obesity and diabetes and those who are deficient in Vitamin D. (especially). The rest of everybody else has a 99.9% chance of having the flu and then getting up and going to work (if they have a job): b) be controlled by taking a medication which cannot be named [Ivermectin !!] but look up India and its results of administering it and some vitamins to millions of people in one of the states in India: c) be prevented entirely by taking this same unnamed medication plus some vitamins. Voila !

Dr. Faucet has been shown to have financial interests in various companies related to the virus and the synthetic gene altering injection and he has been peddling this nonsense for years. IMHO, we’ve been hoaxed. Time for grouchy Fauci fraud to go…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump forever doing his darnedest to get America up and running again to – MAGA! KAG!