When lawfare rules innocents suffer

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Lawfare rules the day – and in this day and age it appears to rule forever. The DC Lawfare Group is a radical group of lawyers that weaponize law to achieve political ends. They targeted Trump, Flynn, Sessions, Kavanaugh, and Barr. They provided staff for Nadler’s impeachment farce. They actively undermine true justice. Channing Phillips is definitely an O’biden lying, thieving, stealing kind of guy. Worrisome.

FYI – Three more men were arrested for Jan 6 “crimes” yesterday in Lindstrom, Minnesota. The charges haven’t been revealed yet, but one of the charges that seems to be used on a regular basis is “entering a restricted building”, which makes one wonder just how many were aware that the statute for “restricted buildings” includes “places where the President or other person protected by the Secret Service is or will be temporarily visiting” or “restricted in conjunction with an event designated as a special event of national significance.” Since Pence was there, the law applies (18 U.S. Code S 1752).

When lawfare rules innocents suffer. Alphabets all over Jan 6 insurgents…

Ignorance can’t be used as a defense, but clearly a lot of people (including yours truly) had no idea it was illegal to enter the Capitol. I’m not talking about those who broke windows, but those who entered through open doors and did nothing else. It’s clear as mud that Channing Phillips is more than biased; he’s currently on a vendetta and won’t be deterred. But the clear bias exhibited on social media posts should preclude him from prosecuting any of these cases. That won’t happen of course, since the judicial system is rotten-to-the-core-corrupted and there is therefore, no recourse. Channing Phillips or no.

Expecting Republicans to ask tough questions of – let alone oppose – the son of a Civil Rights leader would be like asking Chuck Schumer to switch parties. While Phillips should be permanently disbarred for unethical (likely illegal) conduct, suffice to say, no one will lay a glove on him.

The entire current DemoMarxocrat party is based on lunkheaded progressivism and grievance racism and wokism. They can’t afford to have anything bipartisan happen, because for every one that does, DemoMarxocrats lose some more followers. So they murder babies, use the legal system to harass bakers who bake cakes, push women into allowing men into their changing rooms, and condone Sharia Law while opposing Judaeo-Christian standards. Other than that – take your pick!

When lawfare rules, innocents suffer…

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘The Radical Prosecutor in Charge of the January 6 Investigations’ …

Channing Phillips is not colorblind, nor blind in the application of justice, as the American people expect.

In July, the acting U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia dismissed a case against a Black Lives Matter protester charged with attacking a federal police officer last summer in Lafayette Square.

Channing Phillips, currently in charge of the office, dropped the charge after the defendant’s lawyer argued the facial recognition technology used to identify the suspect was unreliable and racist. Glenn Ivey, the defense lawyer, is a high-priced D.C.-area criminal attorney who just happened to work with Phillips in the 1990s. The biased swamp in action.

Phillips, however, has not been as lenient with defendants facing charges for entering the Capitol on January 6. His office now is handling roughly 650 active criminal cases; the investigation is overwhelming his office and the court system. (On any given day, roughly half of the hearings in the D.C. federal district court are related to the Capitol breach probe.)

Channing Phillips is not a household name, but he is arguably one of the most powerful men in Washington right now, overseeing the Biden regime’s nationwide dragnet for Americans who protested Joe Biden’s election. This is Phillips’ third stint as acting U.S. attorney for D.C., having been twice appointed by Barack Obama to temporarily fill the position. In between, Phillips worked as senior advisor for Attorney General Eric Holder and then his successor, Loretta Lynch.

In March, Phillips replaced Michael Sherwin, the first prosecutor in charge of the Capitol breach probe who bragged about unleashing a “shock and awe” crusade to arrest at least 100 Trump supporters before Biden’s inauguration. Phillips is more low-key in public but his office is no less ruthless. [-]

[+] …But Phillips’ prosecutorial outrage is indeed selective. He signed an amicus brief last year in a case opposing law enforcement tactics to quell months of rioting in Portland. Phillips claimed the “violent actions of federal agents against peaceful protesters have damaged already-fragile bonds of trust with law enforcement.” (He has expressed no similar concerns over law enforcement’s attacks, including the use of rubber bullets, explosive devices, and tear gas, against peaceful protesters at the Capitol on January 6, despite extensive evidence.)

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When lawfare rules innocents suffer… the insurrection always comes from within

The Constitutional Republic of the United States appears to be no longer functioning as a country because it no longer is a country. It’s functioning as if it’s a civil war because it is a civil war, a reality war of the “Woke vs the nonWoke” and by far our greatest advantage in this ever-worsening war is the impressively superb quality of the people on our nonWoke side. Since January 6 however, our federal government has become a government of terror and sadly We the (90 million+) People don’t see anyone in power attempting to stop this (other than our fearless president Donald John Trump who is paying attention to this mess from the sidelines and rallies).

The demoMarxocrat left and the racialists are already waging civil war. So far it’s relatively low level, so long as you don’t find yourself in the path of one of their urban street insurrections, but that’s only because the fear and complacency of the right along with progressive ownership of society’s broader legal and enforcement institutions, allows them to continue making progress without widespread violence.

If civil war is Channing Phillips’ goal, he’s certainly fanning those flames to force it. We’re in the same situation as our founding fathers were -.Taxation without representation. Current elections are meaningless; Laws are enforced randomly; and Lady Justice is no longer blind. If We the (90 million+) People want our freedom back, we’re going to have to go fight for it. Period. Over. Out.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump still doing his darnedest to bring America back to Greatness – MAGA! KAG!