Those Awkward Airtime Moments

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

DemoMarxists are intellectuals. They have Words, they know Words no Republican can comprehend. DemoMarxists cover themselves with Words and fully understand that people can be moved by Words and big, big, lies.  Most people have no defense against DemoMarxist lies because people do not have time nor are inclined to check for truth. DemoMarxists know this. But it is the acts of DemoMarxists which determine who they are, who they worship. DemoMarxists don’t forget, made Infanticide legal!  DemoMarxists made harvesting baby parts for money, legal!  DemoMarxists promote sodomy, homosexuality, Lesbianism and the oxymoronic “same sex marriage”, even forcing their demonic activities on elementary schools! Sodomy, homosexuality, Lesbianism and “same sex marriage” is a dirty, perverted, type of sex, which is why so many diseases come from the homosexual community! The liberal national progressive DemoMarxist media do not delve into those facts and especially so, since  all of these DemoMarxist actions are destroying our nation.   They are causing disrespect for life, and disease.  But DemoMarxists do not care about life, only about power, and money!

There follows some awkward moments faced by DemoMarxists when the glare of the camera lights are upon them and they are forced to think on their feet, without the benefit of teleprompters …

Up first, Luke Russert, only a vague shadow of his late father, the great Tim Russert, bleating, and bleating, and yet bleating, that a certain Kevin McCarthy was definitely going to be elected as the next Speaker of the House … WRONG!

Next up former advisor to four presidents, David Gergen seemingly has a problem putting words to the thoughts in his head somewhat unlike “supercallifragilisticexpealidociously” …

Next, listen carefully to what George Orwell refers to as “double-speak” as Screechie Pelosi denies it was the government “regulations” that closed the last gun store in her district of San Francisco…

Pelosi is almost a bigger liar than “Billary”.  Of course this is typical for DemMarxists who have always seen themselves as intellectuals and use Words as if they really believe them.  Words are all you get from OBO the Clown, but his acts tell us what he really is and believes. Notice, he never comments about the Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East nor does he ever say anything about the persecution of Christians in America. Yet OBO the Clown has many words of glory about Islam.  He always speaks highly of Islam.   OBO the Clown could be the Manchurian Candidate for Islam as it appears his every move weakens America and gives Islam a boost.

Talking about “Billary” here she is on the stump parroting Barry the Muslim denigrating all those “folks” who (gulp!) “stick to their guns and religion” while being nothing more than shadows of Iranians and Communists and all those other bad people who want to kill us, and she gets applauded for that! Bear in mind that this is a corrupt elitist DemoMarxist who has more than enough blood on her hands already, and who is surrounded daily by black suits protecting her and her sexually-depraved “husband” with – you got it – GUNS!

And finally, Screechie again attempting to sell the fact of GITMO prisoners creating an Illinois Utopia were they to be released from terrorist incarceration in Cuba and plopped down in the middle of OBO the Clown’s home state … I’m NOT kidding you!

Hard to believe that the liberal leftist progressive lamestreams have finally opened their eyes from when they simply and blindly backed Hillary-Billary, even with evidence a’plenty of Bubba’s crimes and Hillary’s lies. We conservatives have known all this for thirty years and more, and the evidence is still there for all to see.  DemoMarxists and their backers prove that even intelligent people can be deceived. DemoMarxist voting blocks reveal who leads them and they are: Homosexuals, sodomites, Lesbians, Abortionists, Islamic Jihadist Muslims, Communists,  Marxists,  Illegal Aliens, Big Socialist Unions, and welfare recipients. These are who the DemoMarxists support, and who supports DemoMarxists. All Satanically poisoned.


H/T Washington Free Beacon …