The rise and fall of stupidity sickens

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Despite the demoMarxocrat leftist rhetoric, yours truly is pretty well sure we’re also not of the tethered “idiots”, since last time I checked, both “conservative” vote and the GOP have very little to do one with the other. Watch Trump’s rallies and then tell us who else can move people around like he does. You can also explain how a man could have accomplished so much for the people DESPITE the insane opposition he faced from Day One. The solution isn’t to reject one of the best presidents of all time, but to crush the demoMarxocrats AND their phony RINO allies. You can almost taste their fear, the very same they criticize with every breath the man takes.

What the demoMarxocrats, RINOs, and media all want to ignore is that Trump is the people’s president and still wildly popular and loved. Scary times when our leadership is being chosen by the elite and not the people. Democrats continue burning their credibility – all their support institutions nose-diving before the public, which will make the demoMarxocrats much more dangerous. What we’ve been witnessing from the demoMarxocrats since President Trump came on the scene, is the fact that when you lose the power of persuasion, force and authoritarianism is all you have left. The RepubliCON party is just as bad, what with the McConnell, Graham, Schumer cartel and the rest of their cabal being nothing but frauds – absolute frauds!

The rise and fall of stupidity sickens. So don’t ask for whom the bell tolls when tyrants shrill in vain redoubt…

The crazy, daisy fact of the matter at hand is the Rs will aid the Ds in the destruction of America rather than allow another President Donald John Trump or similar outsider, to dare run for, and be victorious, in the most cherished office on the planet. They obviously prefer the senile, plodding old fools to a pro-America action-driven President any day.

Warrior-President Trump was exposing them BIGLY and they did him in. For now.

The foolishness of the RepubliCON establishment currently attached shows itself by exposing their duplicity, the new feature being that everyone sees them through Ditch-the-Mitch McConnell in a brand new light that Ukraine for goodness’ sake is the most important project for Washington even though that project will ultimately fail. This crazy establishment after all, just keeps on failing, which people are finally beginning to notice. They will eventually lose. Billions, trillions, and gazillions of fake propaganda money simply doesn’t cut the cake!

Dan Galernter, American Greatness: ‘Trump Was a Mistake’ …

The success of Donald Trump’s presidency dealt establishment politicians a heavy blow. A second Trump term might kill them—and they know it.

You’ll notice a striking difference between election news coverage now and the leadup to the 2016 presidential primaries: The mainstream media have hardly breathed a word about Donald Trump (except to say that he’s not doing well in their “polls” and so obviously voters must want him out of the race). Back when Trump was making his run for the nomination in 2015, the newspapers couldn’t keep him off their front pages. He got hours of coverage on every news network every day.

But that was back when most Republicans (myself included) didn’t consider Trump a serious candidate. The media decided he would be a wonderful candidate from the Democrats’ perspective and selected him as most likely to lose to Hillary Clinton. So they gave him all the free coverage he could handle. Once the establishment realized that Trump was connecting with and inspiring millions of Americans (myself included), it was too late to stop him.

But the papers and TV shows and social sites have learned their lesson this time around: People love hearing about Trump, and he loves talking. Media attention is his oxygen. So now they won’t give him any. Prepare yourselves to hear hardly a whisper about Trump for the next year or two—except for portentous statements offered by pompous talking heads who will say he needs to drop out now “for the good of the party.” Whose party do you suppose they mean?

At their convention in 1900, the Republicans renominated William McKinley for president. They also had a problem on their hands: a boisterous trouble-maker with an exceptional ability to inspire crowds. His name was Teddy Roosevelt, a man more than one contemporary would describe as “the most remarkable man I ever met.” But the Republican Party had never liked Roosevelt, principally because he was impossible to control. He had a penchant for saying exactly what he thought and doing exactly what he wanted, no matter whether it was in line with the approved party platform.

In 1900, Roosevelt had been making a huge nuisance of himself as governor of New York, a position of massive importance in which, as he grew more and more popular, he became harder and harder to control. The Republicans, led by Thomas C. Platt (“Boss Platt”), wanted him out—out of New York, and out of power, period. So they hatched the perfect plan, nominating him for vice president, where he couldn’t do anything. [-]

[+] …  Keep the story of the 1900 Republican Convention in mind, too, when you think of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: He’s a huge success in Florida, and is the only governor standing up to the federal government in any meaningful way. What could be better than to seduce him away from that role with the promise of the presidency? Kill two birds with one stone, and kill America, too, while you’re at it.

Trump was a huge mistake: He was the biggest mistake machine politicians had made in over a century. The success of Trump’s presidency dealt establishment politicians a heavy blow. A second Trump term might kill them, and they know it.

So, be prepared to hear nothing about Trump’s candidacy, nothing about his massive rallies, nothing about the unwavering enthusiasm of his supporters. Be prepared to hear only one thing: That the “people” don’t want him. But don’t believe it. Remember which people are doing the talking. [end]

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The rise and fall of stupidity sickens. Biggest presidential fraud in history…

President Donald John Trump won both elections. FACT! Here’s a man who loves his country and was a good president. The man that sits in the oval office today is one of the most corrupt families in America. And now they’re going to charge President Trump with all kinds of drums of BS, while truly, what they’ve done to this man, his wife, and family is unspeakable.

Two years of campaigning, polls, rallies, debate, and none of it will matter when it comes down to election day! How strange, mysterious vertical lines suddenly appear in the vote count around 4am and Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee pulls ahead in battleground states. Again! What a coincidence. A rerun of a rerun of a rerun. FRAUD!

The rise and fall of stupidity sickens.

There’s no need for the establishment to worry over some wildcard like President Trump being elected when apparently they have a fail safe advantage via the current condition of election integrity in America. One suspects the UniParty has always preferred it this way, which is why the GOP preferred losing to Hilary, losing to dementia-riven village idiot, than be exposed. The cash flow would continue, the MSM would march in step, and Power would remain with the more equal, the experts. Frame-up!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! – KAG!