When we played our charade we….

En Garde in the bunker…

“When we played our charade, we were like children posing; playing at games; acting out names; guessing the parts we played”. ~ The great Andy Williams from the 1960’s

An overrun southern border, a bankrupt treasury with an overheated printing press, crippling inflation, an utterly destroyed national economy, ruthless criminals permitted to shoot and loot without consequence, a corrupted public, private, and university school system and all these scumbags want to do is shower more money on a comedic pimp that just might get us into a shooting war with nuclear Russia. Ultimately, this is the fault of every jackass who voted for these communist pukes. We know the elections were stolen but millions did vote for this. There is no cure for stupid. I think we may have passed midnight in our own garden of evil.

Neither has yours truly ever seen Pepper-Pelosi gush so much; nor witnessed Kamala-elbow-swish gush so much; so much so, to the point that it all looks like cheap acting if you know what I mean. Witnessing these evil anti-Americans being so apparently enthusiastic makes way to those of us with vast intuition that the disturbing fixations of frauds like Zelenskyy-of-the-Ukraine hold something that is dangerous to every single one of us.

When we played our charade we….

Consider for instance that those of us who are awake are getting somewhat ticked-off by what these commie uniparty socialists are attempting to do. Consider for instance the billions and billions of our dollars that these bastardoes are sending over there aren’t ALL going to fight a war, but is actually coming back in return to their own coffers, which is just one of the reasons why this is their most important outing – to bankroll Ukraine.

Be assured friends and others, that the commies sure don’t want the Truth of that coming out with Ukraine being fully exposed as a launder-mat useful for their agendas both here and worldwide. Globalists be damned!

Flash back for instance to the warrior-president Trump phone call with Zelenskyy way back when and the likes of OBO#44 and sidekick dementia-riven FJB and the rest of the demoMarxocrat mob, attempted to impeach our fearless president over it? Au Contraire – they were afraid he was onto something. The FJBiden bribe among them!

Little do they know when this all comes to light (yes, it’s well and truly hidden at the moment) and people know the Truth en-mass, there won’t be a swamp deep enough for this scum, let alone anything they’ll be able to hide in till it’s over!

NO! What’s on the platform is what it is, can’t be stopped and there’ll be no place these rats can hide. People are getting really ticked off – Ukraine or not!  When we played our charade we….

Mackubin Owens, American Greatness: ‘Ukraine Highlights Lessons for the U.S. Defense Industrial Base’ …

“Just in time” production may make sense for civilian industry but it is imprudent to believe that we can determine just exactly “how much is enough” in wartime.

United States support for Ukraine has exposed a serious strategic weakness: flaws in our Defense Industrial Base (DIB). During a recent conference on defense acquisition, Bill LaPlante, undersecretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment, explained that the big lesson of U.S. material support for Ukraine is that “production matters.” By supplying weapon systems to Ukraine, we have depleted our own stockpiles of weapons, such as the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) and air-defense systems. Production of these critical systems lags.

This has created problems for the United States, especially in the Indo-Pacific region, where we face our primary strategic challenge from China. The Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported in early October that some parts of planned joint drills between Japan’s ground forces and U.S. Marines were canceled due to a lack of shells for the U.S. HIMARS launching systems.

During World War II, the United States was the “arsenal of democracy.” Our ability to arm allies and friends helped lead to victory in the Cold War. But over time, a number of market factors led to a contraction of the U.S. defense industrial base. The resulting emphasis on efficiency led to a “just in time” approach to defense acquisition, which prioritized stockpiling weapons over production. According to LaPlante, what the Pentagon has conveyed to U.S. defense companies in recent times is “Don’t go into production if you don’t have to. If you do, absolutely bring it down to the lowest number you can,” he said. “We all accepted the fact that ‘just-in-time’ economy was the way to go.”

“Just in time” may make sense for civilian industry, but it is imprudent to believe that we can determine just exactly “how much is enough” in wartime. Prudence dictates that in terms of combat power and production to support it, we want a large margin of error. We don’t want to “barely” win. We want to overwhelm our adversaries.

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island conducted an annual global war game designed to determine what was necessary to win in a confrontation between NATO and the Warsaw Treaty Organization (WTO). As an NWC faculty member at the time, I had occasion to run the defense mobilization cell, which focused on providing material support to U.S.-NATO forces in a sustained war with the WTO. One of the lessons we learned was the necessity of an industrial policy for the DIB. [-]

[+] … The defense acquisition process seems arcane and certainly lacks the flair of strategy and operational art but it is critically important. Strategy cannot be executed without the necessary material support. We need to recognize the flaws in the process that our support to Ukraine has revealed and correct them. The commission on PPBE reform is a useful start but Congress needs to follow through. Otherwise we may find ourselves without the weapon systems necessary to execute a global strategy in defense of U.S. interests. [end]

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When we played our charade we…. Pelosi sure hates America, DJT, you, me, etc etc etc…

Why shouldn’t this guy be arrogant? He has these so-called leaders of the United States of America depending on him to play along. I hope this whole charade, which is worse than the whole George Floyd pageant, makes people finally understand that the Republican Party is utter garbage, contaminated waste, and we either move forward with a clean new party or watch our nation, now in its death throes, die.

Pelosi ripped up President Trump’s State of the Union Address. Pelosi kisses Zelenskyy while she is holding the flag of the Ukraine inside the chamber of the House. How much more of this are the American people going to allow? Or have most of them been cowed by the continued imprisonment of the people from J6?

If we all didn’t know any better, the bottom line is the USA selling its soul to Satan in an attempt to cover its ass. Ukraine knows what the FJB dementia-riven idiot Family Criminal Syndicate has done and is working with it to keep it covered up by blackmailing the USA. Disgraceful, disgusting and depraved!! Our government is converged and no longer tied to the Constitution or any other law. They are a law unto themselves, but make no mistake about it – God WILL judge!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!