The Lawlessness Of Ruling Elites…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

One more bark from the dog on the injustice heaped upon Kim Davis for simply upholding the Laws of Kentucky, while at the same time, Anthony Kennedy walks freely despite his foisting homosexual marriage on a nation of 330 million on his own whimsical determination of such. Of course, it starts at the top. Our Congress critters are apparently fine with handing over responsibility for legislation to the regulatory bureaucracy so that they can run wild, putting things into law such as the HHS mandate, cap and trade, regulation of the internet, none of which could possibly pass Congress. They lay supine as Obama unilaterally legislates immunity for illegals, then passes the Corker bill to flip the Constitutional mandate for passage of treaties on its head. Progressives are working fundamental, unlawful changes to our nation and whatever the damnation it is they are voting for seems to make no difference. As to the conflict between First Amendment rights and the travesty of this homosexual rights legislation by five unelected members of our Supreme Court, I will be surprised if this does not end up bloody; just watch and pay attention.

And while we’re at it, let us consider this from Tom Trinko, Friday, in American Thinker:

The Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, is now in jail for refusing to follow the law. Normally conservatives would agree that if someone doesn’t follow the law they should be incarcerated. But we’re not living in normal times.

Kim Davis standing by the Constitution...

Kim Davis standing by the Constitution…

  • Jerry Brown refused to defend Prop 8 in California thereby refusing to follow his oath to uphold the laws of California, but he’s not in jail.
  • Obama and Holder both swore to uphold the laws of this great nation but both refused to follow the DOMA law yet neither are in jail.
  • There are many mayors of sanctuary cities that openly declare their refusal to follow immigration laws yet none of them are in jail.
  • The DNC has knowingly hired an illegal alien, thereby breaking the law, yet no charges have yet been filed.

A key tenet of the law is that it applies to everyone. In spite of that, Kim Davis is in jail even though the people of Kentucky voted to prohibit gay marriage while Jerry Brown isn’t. Why?

Why does a ruling by five rich lawyers on the Supreme Court that everyone knows has no basis in the Constitution mean that Americans have to bow down and obey when our leaders and rulers, including our president, can pick and choose what laws they follow? Chief Justice Roberts, who has contorted the Constitution twice in order to keep ObamaCare alive — and hence is no strict constructionist — said the following about the Court’s gay marriage ruling: The majority’s decision is an act of will, not legal judgment. The right it announces has no basis in the Constitution or this Court’s precedent.

In an America where unelected judges overthrow the votes of 55,000,000 Americans by creating rights nowhere mentioned in the Constitution, where elected officials decide which laws they will enforce, and where the citizens of this country are told to shut up and follow the edicts from on high, no one in their right mind who is not part of the political establishment or its entourage will support a DC insider for president.

Constitution author, James Madison...

Constitution author, James Madison…

Respect for rule of law is what has defined this nation except at two points, one in 1775, when George III made a mockery of our established form of government, and the other in the here and now of 2015.  We are not a nation of laws anymore. If the Obergefell decision was legitimate, that would be one thing, but the 14th Amendment does not create a right to homosexual marriage. That is simply beyond any colorable argument. What five arrogant justices did in legislating from the bench – and they proudly admit it in their opinion – was an unlawful act. Our Constitution was written with two means of Amendment, both of which lie with We The People, not the justices of the SCOTUS.

Why should this innocent clerk, Kim Davis, resign? She was elected to her position by the good people of Kentucky. She has much more judicial legitimacy than the five unelected judges who just decided national social policy, making a mockery of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, our Republican form of government, and the Constitution itself in the process. If this is going to stop without bloodshed, it is going to take a million people with the courage of Kim Davis.

The argument that religion in America was meant to be personal is Progressive kool aid – a canard that they have been pushing for the past century as they have waged a continuous and sustained attack against religion in the Courts. Actually, it is even more than that. It is quite literally the argument of Lenin in 1919. The Judeo-Christian religions in America were part and parcel of our government at the founding, with the only stricture being that there could be no established church, nor could there be a religious litmus test applied as part of the right to hold office.

First Amendment set in stone...

First Amendment set in stone…

Religion and Faith in America was never meant to be removed from the public square, except for but one example. The same people who drafted our Constitution passed the Northwest Ordinance providing for the promotion of religion in the new territories. And anyone who claims that the people who voted for the Constitution in 1791 believed that they had approved of a right of our federal government to force someone to act against their Judeo-Christian beliefs, well, that would not even pass the laugh test. It contravenes the explicit text of the First Amendment. And ironically, it contravenes the second paragraph of Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist Association that the Progressives have been using to dismantle religion in this country for the past century.

And another thing – why should a Christian nation turn itself upside down to accommodate Muslims? It is one thing to allow them to practice their religion in peace. It is entirely quite another to change our laws and customs developed over centuries to accommodate their religious practices and customs which are totally antithetical to Western culture and civilization. That is pure multicultural BS. Were I to be crazy enough to visit Saudi Arabia, I wouldn’t go there expecting to be able to buy alcohol, or to find any Christian places of worship welcoming me into their fellowship . Why on God’s green earth should a Muslim who comes to this country expect our nation to change its laws to placate theirs? Why again, should an employer who sells alcohol, pork, bacon and other Muslim no-no’s, be expected to hire a Muslim who will not function as an employee serving Christians? If you start from there, then those Progressive values – the complete removal of religion from the public square, the establishment of government as the sole arbiter of morality, and even the extinguishing of our Constitutional form of government – are inevitable.

The whole concept of Constitutional Republicanism was tied into protestant evangelical values. To claim that we were a secular nation lacks any historical basis. To claim that the Progressives want to paint it as so (and are doing their damnedest to reshape our nation with no respect for the Constitution) that one is right on point.

Black-Robed Executioners of 2015...

Black-Robed Executioners of 2015…

During the long process of becoming a LEGAL naturalized citizen of these United States, I became an avid student of the Constitution. It is an incredibly fine-tuned instrument that a lot of people died for in order to make a reality. It was and still is, balanced very carefully to insure that we could never fall prey to tyrannies, nor to tyrannical actions the likes of which we’ve witnessed the past few years from all three branches of government. But if the provisions are not honored, then they are meaningless. Obergefell is an obscene violation of the provisions of that document, and indeed, the Left has been doing their best metaphorical pretzel imitations to get around the provisions of the Constitution since at least the mid-1940’s with ever increasing success. Now they have reached their pinnacle.

And on a final note (or bark of the dog as mentioned at the start!) as you ponder Obergefell and the tyranny involved in Anthony Kennedy’s whimsical meanderings on imposing Sodomite couplings on a nation of 330,000,000, it might be well to remember Ben Franklin’s submission for the Great Seal of our new nation (which ended up being used by Thomas Jefferson on one of his seals): “Rebellion to Tyrants Is Obedience To God”. And on that note, AMEN!


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