Shadowy American Power Elites…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

On this Labor Day of relaxation (Happy Labor Day!!), I gift you with a new video presentation for those who care to (or even want to) understand the manipulative forces going on around the globe perpetrated by no more than say, 60 people and their families. Forget “conspiracy theories” and convoluted twisted tales of surrogate “James Bonds” scouring the planet to bring madmen to justice, simply assemble a group of people who are very much “in the know” like Chuck Baldwin, G. Edward Griffin, Gerald Celente, Jim Marrs, Rosa Koire, Adam Kokesh, James Perloff, Joyce Riley, Ben Swann and others, put them in front of a camera, and let ’em at it.

In the grand scheme of things in carving up the Continents into five or six homogeneous settlements, Power Elites operating in the shadowy environs of organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the CIA, the numerous acronym agencies of the United Nations, the Bilderbergers, and many others that we’re not even aware of, have been busy over the past 100-plus years, parsing the planet into large manageable regions which can easily be controlled from a distance. Power elites, after all, are composed of humans just like us, yet unlike most of the six billion global inhabitants, these power elites have motives, play games, stay somewhat hidden, yet cling to their agenda. Power is something that someone is going to have. The more it is shared and dispersed, the more people can contribute to its mutual and common benefit. To not be corrupted by power, one needs not to have it, but what can that achieve? Thankfully some people are sufficiently mindful to know that power hidden is never hidden to good effect; more often than not, it is designed for evil intent. It is particularly detrimental when what was once known to be propaganda, passes into history as historical fact, simply because no one had the courage to reveal what happened. Those who do not remember history as it really happened, are doomed to repeat it, yet good people don’t want this outcome, they simply desire a peaceful life in which to raise their families. If knowledge is such a dangerous thing, how much worse is ignorance?

Our culture will stand in roaring ovations for the illusionists, escape artists, and magicians. Deception is everything opposite the truth. ~ Billy Graham, Storm Warning, 2010

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