The dogs of war never want to let go

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Pelosi the Bag Lady’s salary is literally pocket change compared to the tens of millions she has amassed through her questionable dealings, criminal persuasion and influence. The other thing is, sad to say, that the radical demoMarxocrat Left is slowly but surely making the Constitution obsolete, what with the illegal border-crossings, the rigged elections, the stolen identities, and numerous other anti-American shenanigans that are rapidly making the United States just yet another failing nation.

What the Left seemingly doesn’t understand, is that abolishing the Constitution wouldn’t result in their planned unlimited Federal Govt., but would more likely result in no Federal Govt. The whole system has proved susceptible to being gamed by people who are nothing but gangsters. Starting from the top-down with OBO#44 and his entire bunch of criminals, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, and all the rest of the unpatriotic carbuncles running around as illegals.

The dogs of war never want to let go. Consequences have consequences …

We have to learn how to resist worshiping the technical details of a system of govt. (Pelosi herself is the perfect example of this with her referring to Congress as the “Temple of Democracy.”) All we should care about is what will work to severely limit the powers of the ruling class.

Which brings me to “Cankles Clinton”, the sheer number of Biolabs in Ukraine, and her involvement with them. Scores and scores of we defenders of the faith, yours truly included, suspect they are just money laundering nodes most likely for the Pentagon, State Dept, CIA, and of course “Cankles Clinton”. Even Hunter Biden of all people financed one to suck money from. But I digress.

War is merely funding for the Cankles Foundation, FJB crime family, Pelosi’s, Romney’s, McConnell’s, Shifty Schiffs, and the rest of the parasites who loot from the hard working citizens of this country. How many of their sons and/or daughters go to war? Without going too, too deep into the Cankles Clinton debacle, Sundance’s first sentence says it all: “If there’s one political figure who should remain stewing over her toxic cauldron in the dark recesses of political caves, it’s Hillary.”

It becomes more clear each and every day that Hillary Cankles and Co. have much to fear what Ukraine might expose regarding their corruption if the right people hiding out of sight within the confines of the U.S. continue funneling payoffs via war funding. Treason raises its ugly head.

Don’t give Cankles or her feeble Billy-Bob the time of day, let these beasts rot in their own insignificance. That will be pain enough for any and all of them. The dogs of war never want to let go.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Creepy Hillary out from Catacombs Demands More War and Bloodlust’ …

If there’s one political figure who should remain stewing over her toxic cauldron in the dark recesses of political caves, it’s Hillary. The same creature who purposefully destroyed the nation of Libya by organizing a NATO invasion, has no credibility to discuss foreign invasion by Russia.

Regardless of the outcome in Ukraine, whenever the conflict finishes, there will not be modern human slave markets in the streets, widespread graphic violence using machetes, race-driven and tribal genocide and tens of thousands of people continually shoveled by the dump trucks into mass graves. That’s the current status of ‘life’ in the north African country of Libya following the aftermath of Hillary’s war.

I would not normally even think about sharing any viewpoint from this evil and maniacal creature if it wasn’t for Clinton recently reopening the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative so she could scrape off some of the $14 billion in aid congress has allocated for Ukraine. Watch as she starts to frame her attack position and position Saudi Arabia, India, parts of Europe and China as targets for more “diplomatic leverage,” vis-a-vis blackmail sanctions, if they do not adhere to her call for the destruction of Russia.

She’s transparently trying to promote her influence – Tony Blinken was her former protege’ – as a potential influence broker if countries want to avoid being on the wrong side of the Biden-Blinken operation in Ukraine. Clinton is the Al Sharpton of shakedowns using geopolitical blackmail. [end]

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Don Feder, FrontPageMag: ‘Founding Fathers would’ve Gagged at Founders for Life’ …

Republican Congressman Don Young, who died last week at age 88 (God rest his soul and all that), epitomized America’s transition from representative government to elected aristocracy. Representing an Alaska at-large district, Young became a member of the House of on March 6, 1973, when Richard Nixon was president, America was still fighting in Vietnam and the retail price of gas was 39 cents-a-gallon.

Young was the longest-serving member of Congress. Elected to his 25th term in 2020, he helped to guide the Behemoth on the Potomac for almost half-a-century. The Founding Fathers would have been appalled at the idea of legislators for life. When the Constitution was adopted, “public servant’ was more than a euphemism.

Leaders were expected to serve because it was their patriotic duty. They would leave their farms, shops and offices for a term or two, and then go back home to live among those they’d governed under the laws they had fashioned.

The dogs of war never want to let go.

Today, they make a pilgrimage to the Golden Temple on Capitol Hill and stay, and stay, and stay. [-]

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The dogs of war never want to let go. Consequences have consequences…

No person better demonstrates that all flavors of leftism, ie communism, fascism, progressive-ism etc., are slight variations on the same idea: that a few privileged elite should rule the world for the supposed benefit of We the People. We’ve known this as “feudalism” for many centuries.

As an aside, these evil to the bone, nasty, ugly, dishonest, insanely corrupt, old politicians, like Cankles, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, the dementia-riven village idiot, OBO#44, Gyorgy Schwarz-Soros, etal and scores and scores of others, never just seem to retire from public life, enjoy their ill-gotten millions, or spend time with their families – like in Cankles’ case her little grandchildren. Or  for that matter, travel or vacation or whatever.

The missing piece of the puzzle, the actual moral justification for this, was invented by Bismarck in Germany; ie the welfare state. The rulers give you some free stuff (not much) and then demand your obedience and gratitude in return. The rulers, of course, keep the lion’s share of the booty for themselves. That being the very essence of Hillary Rob’em.

The dogs of war never want to let go.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still our very visual Warrior-President Donald John Trump, doing his very darnedest to uphold the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America while making it GREAT in the process – MAGA! KAG!