When you think it can’t get worse

Go ahead, make my..

When you think it can’t get worse … along comes a village idiot, thumb-in-mouth, staring at the Sun – aka “FJB”, thinker of nothing, steward of dangerous damage. As leader of nothing he does what he’s darned-well told-to and when to do it.

One even doubts he can even find his own backside with both hands, being as it is, the people who installed “FJB” – (Soros-OBO#44 and others, anyone?) – who are totally to blame, being the mean and ugly group they well appear to be, gladly wiping out millions and billions of people to keep their position on the top of the food chain. Ouch!

All one needs to do is review the names of those who fly in private jets and have their names listed on the WEF website. The ones who rightly should be held accountable along with their myriad of minions in the world’s governments and media platforms. And yes, we all suffer the nonsense that the idiotic virtue-signaler’s constant clueless ramblings bring forth more times than not.

When you think it can’t get worse. O’biden ‘crowds’ never show, tyrants shrill in plain redoubt…

The world appears to have gone stark raving mad with the “unLeader of the free world” leading the charge; such a decrepit old fool who can’t see it – or refuses to. It’s so funny watching how the minions all react to WEF Chief Klaus Schwab stroking their egos on a stage in order to get them all linked-in with the Agenda. How weak these people are!

And while I think of it, it appears to yours truly like we’ve already been taken over. We’re living with a rogue government that’s not only not working in our interests, but is clearly working toward our destruction. Liberals have a heck of a nerve saying Putin is our enemy, when our very own government is doing more to destroy us than Russia ever did. Say what?!

Fact is the war drums were beating loudly when Hillary Clinton, the DNC, the IC community and the media cult produced and promoted the fabricated Russia / Trump collusion-delusion documents. The U.S.A. started no wars under President Trump, whereas “FJB” on the other hand appears to be a rather mundane, obtuse, and totally insane warmonger. He and the Ukrainian President broke years of agreements that Ukraine would remain a neutral nation. He has undermined relations with Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia and India, while suspiciously and successfully uniting Russia, China and Iran.

To wax lyrical for a moment – The earth’s mantle makes crude oil daily. It is one of the miracles of God’s design of our planet. But “Brandon’s Squawd” are smarter than The Potter, and prefer we create great seas of acid runoff and giant holes in the earth to dig out lithium and cadmium, neither one of which is self-replenishing at the rate of crude. By golly gosh, I sure do wish I was as smart as those four girls are – “this man can’t remain in office”.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Latest Biden plan Wrecks Strategic Petroleum Reserve’ …

The White House occupant took to the literal stage today to gaslight the American people and state it is not his energy policy that has created massive increases in gas prices.  Instead, chief of staff Ron Klain has convinced the puppet to claim Vladimir Putin is to blame for the increase in oil costs.

The manipulative effort to distract the nation from his energy and economic policy outcomes is brazen. However, like most things recently, the blame-casting is likely to be believed by approximately 25% of Americans.

In an attempt to slow down the rising price of gasoline, the puppet on the stage-set near the white house, announced a plan to release 1 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve every day for the next six months. {Details}

As admitted, the goal is to “bridge the gap.” Unfortunately, most will not recognize exactly what the destination is on the other side of the bridge.

Inflation is a measure of price at a moment in time relative to the same time one year ago.  Ron Klain is trying to keep the tar and feathers away until the White House policy team can cycle through the inflation comparison to the fall of 2022. That’s when the comparison flips to comparing prices to the fall of 2021.

Prices skyrocketed in the last half of 2021. If Ron Klain can keep the electoral torches from reaching the White House until the fall of 2022, the rate of inflation will look better because they will be comparing this year’s high prices to last year’s high prices. The rate of change will lessen; the rate of inflation will look better.  Unfortunately, the high prices will remain – forever.

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When you think it can’t get worse. Dead man walking

Fact of the matter is that The FJB Dotard is essentially pouring out 180 million barrels of oil from our reserves without any attempt to replenish it. Besides being the proverbial drop in the bucket, this will simply bring us closer to resource depletion and make us in six months even more dependent on hostile foreign oil producers and further away from the Trump energy independence than we are now. Strewth!

This definitely will mean worse hyperinflation; aggravation of the depression that will be underway by then; a stronger Red China; an angrier Russia; and more agitated global warming “cucks and kooks” in the streets. Come to think of it, that is precisely what the architects of the Great Reset and the Great Replacement want to happen. Depleting the oil reserve; just more proof FJB is a CCP puppet. – “This man can’t remain in office”.

When you think it can’t get worse.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!