Weekend at Bernie’s mimics LGB….

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Voters are coming to realize they’ve been had. The year-long dark night may be ending. ~ Daniel Oliver, down below

In this particular day and age, it would appear that citizen voters don’t particularly matter anymore. Excepting perhaps, all those phantom voters (courtesy of Dominion Voter Systems) and all those brand new voters from South of the border (courtesy of the Xiden and demoMarxocrat Cabals), may not allow the “year-long dark night” to end.

Horrid as things are becoming under the insane and utter incompetence of the leadership in the western world – the US and Canada in particular – the entertainment value is getting pretty huge as well. These past few years has solidified one’s belief that the people of the western world are getting stupider with each generation. Has it not become obvious to anyone else as yet?

Weekend at Bernie’s mimics LGB. JoeBamaHarris & ‘killing America’ overpowering stench of nepotism …

Chances fast appearing are that LGB and the Cuckoo won’t be removed. Both are perfect puppets for the Great Reset crowd. Neither has a unique thought in their head and each is willing to do whatever they’re told. Also, the laptop story will continue to be buried and the Deep State will only use it to keep LGB in line. There!

Fact is we’re currently being lead – mislead, even – by individuals who literally are divorced from reality, rhyme and reason, delusional – “possessed” – by evil most foul, with no caring for the consequences nor harm they’re causing. Such was the attitude of those who had their day of reckoning ages ago; those who ran at speed into that wall known as The French Revolution Solution; where the likes of them lost their heads to a counterpoint, impossible to ignore, or escape, contradiction of their aristocratic, Masters of the Universe wanton selfishness. That mob!

Just how many despots like Soros, Obama, the Devil’s Consigliere, Chuck Schumer, the Horrid Harridan Pelosi have, despite their unbridled hubris, callous, unfeeling, heartless disregard for truth and humanity felt, beyond a shadow or shade of doubt, that they couldn’t lose because they had usurped – by nefarious, diabolical means – control of the helm of the ship of state.

LGB and the hooker from San Fran – wearing Vice-Presidential vestments – and their malevolent, malignant, Machiavellian handlers are the types that never remember the lessons that history teaches – “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Pass that popcorn.

Daniel Oliver, American Greatness: ‘Biden Presidency Mimics ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ …

Voters are coming to realize they’ve been had. Something’s happening. “The game’s afoot,” as Sherlock Holmes would say. Why are all the lefty media outlets now suddenly covering the Hunter Biden laptop story as if it were just another news item—as if they hadn’t spent 20 months telling us it was “Russian disinformation”? A story they got woke ex-intelligence gurus (with the greatest of ease) to pronounce a Russian plot to get Donald Trump reelected?

Now it’s ho-hum: cloudy, with patches of rain and gusty winds, followed by sun, and the laptop shows that Hunter Biden is a pervert and a crook, and his father probably is, too; but expect warmer weather tomorrow.

Roger Kimball, writing in American Greatness, suggested the shift in coverage was the opening gambit to purge Biden and Harris, by the Praetorian Guard in the deep state. In contrast, however, I argued that scenario was far-fetched: too complicated and too time-consuming. If it were done, then ’twere well it were done quickly, i.e., it would have to be done before the Republicans likely take back the House of Representatives. Otherwise, they would prevent the Democrats from approving even a left-leaning substitute for president and vice president. [-]

[+] … But what about Old Joe? Again, there are two ways out: the door and the window. Dr. Jill Biden must know he’s . . . gone. (Of course, she might not know: she’s not a medical doctor, remember.) Still, even though she’s woke, she may not be (actually, could not be!) as stupid as her husband. Biden can resign, with dignity—whatever smidgeon of dignity he has left. And perhaps get a deal for light treatment for his crooked son Hunter.

Or “they” can invoke the 25th Amendment and force him out. How humiliating!—but only to someone who can recognize that it’s humiliating. Some details: When “they” force Harris out, they make a deal with the Democrats in Congress to install a moderate Democrat who might be successful at wooing back some Democratic voters who are scurrying away from the party like cockroaches in the kitchen when the lights go on. He (yes, it will be a man, and a white one, too—they can’t take any chances) will say he has no interest in running for president in 2024. Then he becomes president when Dr. Biden takes her husband on that last Amtrak ride to Wilmington.[-]

[+] … The Democrats’ perfidy must be trumpeted about: they played with the management of the United States of America as if they were playing Monopoly. That’s bad enough in peacetime. Now we’re in a war, perhaps a nascent World War III. These people have no shame. They care only about their own power. They saw “Weekend at Bernie’s,” and said, “We can do that!” And they did. They make us pine for simple corruption, simple backroom, cigar-smoking corruption: “I’ll pay you a million from my slush fund; you pay my wife a million from yours.”

Yes, something’s happening. There’s another game afoot. The public seems to be waking up to the Democrats’ perfidy. Voters are coming to realize they’ve been had. The year-long dark night may be ending. Deo volente. [end]

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Weekend at Bernie’s mimics LGB.  JoeBamaHarris & ‘killing America’…

As for the rest of the plot, a description of the most likely scenario avers that eventually they won’t be able to cover for LGB’s failing mental condition, thereby the laptop if needed being ammunition to push him. Enter Harris, a feckless, unlikeable cackler.

They’ll coach her through the end of the term, praise the historic first black woman president as the only story worth reporting, keep her on teleprompter, don’t take questions (like Obama did 15 months straight) and do what she’s told (or else).

She then opts not to run and the demoMarxocrats attempt to steal the next election even more blatantly than the last; or we’re in a world war and elections are suspended altogether. Albeit, a “strong” VP is selected to back her who becomes the face on the leftist flag. Phew!

As for pedo LGB, just give him a resignation letter and tell him it’s his agreement to run for election next time. Then, tell him he needs to confine himself to his basement for a couple years because it was so successful last time. Weekend at Bernie’s mimics LGB. Bingo!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!