Texas’ John Ratcliffe brilliant move

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‘Don’t Mess with Texas’ just took on an entirely new meaning with yesterday’s late announcement of ‘couldn’t get to Texas quick enough’ John Ratcliffe being appointed by President Trump as the new Director of National Intelligence, replacing the ineffective and resident swamp-dweller Dan Coats. 

Anything that forces Pelosi to traipse somewhat drunkenly to the nearest podium attached to a microphone, or a tweet within which she can mumble a detraction is a very good sign. Which she duly did with: ‘The departure of DNI Coats is bad news for the security of America. His successor must put patriotism before politics, and remember that his oath is to protect the Constitution and the American people, not the President’.

Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the bunch should all be thankful that no one knows the mind of president Trump, nor can read his thoughts. Especially them and their wrecking crew.

Two guys who like each other a lot… the president with Texas’ John Ratcliffe

As I mentioned the other day in my Friday piece, the leftist swamp-dwellers didn’t count on the gathering storm set in motion by Donald J. Trump deciding to play his hand.

The Democrat liberal leftist elites and globalist RINOs to this day, have absolutely no idea how on God’s green earth POTUS #45 beat DC, the International Community, The Swamp, the MSM, and all the dark forces assembled against him.

But Trump did.

For all of his supposed flaws, no man has ever defeated so many dangerous combined enemies single-handedly with the guile and instinct of Donald J. Trump. Every time people think he says or does something stupid, he proves everybody wrong. That includes the democrats, the media and our foreign foes, who have been bewildered as to how to confront his every move.

They say in their minds that he is untruthful yet all he speaks is truths, they say that he hates America, yet everything he’s done has been for the good of America and Americans. America is at its best and even getting better than ever before.

Thomas Lifson, today’s American Thinker and: ‘John Ratcliffe to replace Dan Coats as Director National Intelligence’…

The appointment of a former US Attorney, who is also a master of the details of the attempted plot to oust Trump, signals that the “investigate the investigators” phase of the biggest political scandal in history is moving into high gear.

Jonathan Swan of Axios published a scoop, now confirmed by presidential tweet, that Rep. John Ratcliffe will be nominated to replace Dan Coats as the Director of National Intelligence. This almost certainly means that the “investigate the investigators” phase of the biggest political scandal in American history is going to get very serious, with the intelligence community cooperating rather than stonewalling.[-]

[+]… What is crucial to remember is that Ratcliffe not only has been a pit bull going after the conspirators in hearings, he is a former prosecutor, the former US Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas, a huge and very important district. With him calling the shots on the entire intelligence community, the stonewalling should be constrained if not stopped. Ratcliffe knows how the flip witnesses with threats of prosecution, and knows people in the Department of Justice who can carry out the threats of prosecution on lower-level people incriminated in the cabal’s plot to overturn an election and carry out a coup d’etat.

Incidentally, Ratcliffe’s congressional seat in the 4th District of Texas is completely safe for the GOP. So, moving Ratcliffe into an executive branch post will not jeopardize the GOP’s attempt to retake a House majority.[end]

‘Sundance’ and Conservative Treehouse: There has been some speculation that ODNI Dan Coats needed to step aside because he was refusing to comply with the declassification process.  It’s worth waiting to see if that assumption is accurate, or if the speculation is unfounded.  However, there is validity to the speculation based on the structure of how executive declassification is done.

Declassification of intelligence is a process, and each person -within the executive branch- inside the intelligence agency must agree to the process.  Technically President Trump can declassify anything. However, it is also true that technically POTUS doesn’t actually declassify anything.

Any intelligence action President Trump discusses publicly is automatically declassified.  The President cannot break any law that covers declassification and/or secrecy; when he or she talks about anything.

However, when it comes to documents the process is different.  If the president were to hand documents to the media, with instructions that those documents were heretofore declassified, they are automatically declassified (same as public speech standard), but that is never done [it’s theoretical].[end]

They say that he doesn’t play by the rules but in truth he uses their rules against them. They say that he’s not a master of the English language as other politicians are, but in truth how many American citizens are masters of the English language and are able to really understand what the say.

They speak above most of our heads in confusing speeches but Trump speaks to us in words and direct points. Trump does not dance around subjects, he confronts them. This is amazing, for the first time in many of our life times we have a real Presidential leader at the head of our country, thank God Almighty!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Thomas Lifson and his piece in American Thinker

Here’s the full ‘sundance’ Conservative Treehouse

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