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Moving on in relation to yesterday’s piece, if I didn’t know any better I would be very concerned that these idiots – and you know who they are – are so bad at political posturing, that it’s frightening that they were the (supposed) keepers of the gate for our national security. So bad indeed, that our foreign adversaries must have laughed themselves silly during conflicts of (ahem) ‘collusional interference’ by the use of illegal machinations in the attempted bending and twisting the results of an opposition election.

Which is the oxymoronic way of assuming they were never even trying to stop anyone but actively working with them. ‘Collusionists’, no less!

As John Le Carré described it in his great novel (and movie) ‘tinker, tailor, soldier, spy’ – which would it be, comrade, soft coup or hard?

Comey, Brennan (where’s Clapper?), Rosenstein, and the rest of the ‘Lawfare allies’, tinker, tailor, soldier, spy…

No sooner had our fearless President Trump announced Sunday on Twitter that Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) would be his choice to replace Dan Coats as the director of national intelligence, than the Democrats’ attack machine was immediately put into action.

The always-positive president Trump, a laugh-a-line…

“John Ratcliffe, by one measure the second most conservative member of Congress, appears to believe that the Russia investigation was cooked up by Democrats who ‘committed crimes.’ Now Trump reportedly is considering placing him atop the US intelligence community,” tweeted NBC News analyst Ken Dilanian, pejoratively known as ‘Fusion Ken’ for his ties to the infamous opposition research shop, Fusion GPS!

Take note of Dilanian’s scare quotes around ‘committed crimes’ as if the whole thing was legit and not under criminal investigation by a U.S. attorney or a separate probe by the Justice Department inspector general.

Yes folks, definitely sensing a ‘theme’ to the leftist tweets. It appears Rod Rosenstein is now willing to show his true colors, which always cracks me up how the Dems have the same EXACT phrases throughout all of media. To the end of the alphabet soup media baying in unison like donkeys to the circulated ‘meme’ of the day!

As in, well, ‘tinker, tailor, soldier, spy’ …

‘Sundance’ in Conservative Treehouse: ‘Soft Coup and Impeachment crew Removal of Dan Coats reaction’…

A summary review of the DOJ and FBI insider group; those who were behind the 2016 election effort to block and then remove Donald Trump from office; reveals they are generally unhappy with ODNI Dan Coats being removed.

[+]… Their basic disposition is one of anxiety to see Dan Coats being removed; and considerable concern that Representative John Ratcliffe will replace him.

The Lawfare group, aka legal beach friends, allies of the DOJ/FBI small group and advocates for the position of the seditious coup plotters, are collectively hoping that Coats’ Principal Deputy Director Sue Gordon will replace the director; [See Here]  while referencing 50 U.S. Code §3026 (a)(6)

(6)The Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence shall act for, and exercise the powers of, the Director of National Intelligence during the absence or disability of the Director of National Intelligence or during a vacancy in the position of Director of National Intelligence.

The basic outlook -as conveyed in a multitude of various Lawfare media articles – is that Sue Gordon will be able to use the interim time as ‘acting director’, while allies in congress (both parties) stall any confirmation for Ratcliffe, to mount a rapid ODNI response with burn bags, document shredders and coordinated media leaks.[-]

Read much more within link at bottom…

Sad to say, in a way, but – the key to being a DC insider who furthers democrats’ goals is to nominally be a Republican (RINO). That way when you traitorously undermine the republic, the Dems and the media can say ‘but he’s honorable – he’s even a registered republican’ … snicker, snicker.

Then there’s this … NPR elicited comments yesterday on Coats and Ratcliffe from (you can’t make this *$#@& up folks!) … James Clapper! Really.

Clapper is like Wray and Mueller in that he pretends to be a doddering fool.

When our ‘not doddering fool’ brilliant president began a couple of weeks ago with ‘the squad’, and moved along with ‘Nancy is not a racist’, then cunningly slipped in the ‘Cummings’ Baltimore rats’, I knew there were way too many squirrels and bright shiny objects bouncing around and that something BIG was about to happen while everyone was looking elsewhere. Mmmmmm … prescient or what?!

Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy!

When the Coats-Ratcliffe exchange was made, we just knew it – the ball finished up under the cup.

And with that, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Full ‘sundance’ and Conservative Treehouse

And the fearless president working on multiple fronts to upset the DC swamp apple-cart…

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