Day 7 FB jail and Mueller aftermath

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A day or so ago – this past Wednesday to be exact – Robert Mueller played the only card in his hand. What We the People witnessed on the day was a Purple-heart veteran patriot with an impeccable reputation, albeit going through and experiencing the onset of mental incapacity, while supposedly supervising, in name only, an investigation so massive that he might be overlooked when its hardcore malfeasance is discovered. Skeptics would likely posit yet another red herring in a path of investigation, of unraveling those roles of angry Democrats lasting long enough for the anger to fade, interest to wane, or closure by fiat…

To set the tone, here are a couple of comments from the thread of Conservative Treehouse (full link provided down at the bottom)…

Battleship Wisconsin says:
July 25, 2019 at 3:00 pm

We have heard the same positive signals from the same people for months now, and nothing has happened. Trump has everything to gain, and nothing to lose, by declassifying the Spygate documents. Isn’t there anyone inside Trump’s inner circle of advisors who recognizes the crucial importance of a quick declassification?

And this…

Pedro Morales says:
July 25, 2019 at 3:12 pm
Joe DiGenova makes lots of bold statements that never seem to come true. Tic Toc. He’s no Howie Carr. Joe DiGenova gets his info off CTH and the Interwebs. He doesn’t seem to be tied in to DC anymore. Sundance called the Lawfare Group out a long time ago. Same players in the Kavanaugh hearing. Lawfare is slipping up.

Mueller was just another pseudo-Republican NeverTrumper like Bill Kristol, Jeff Flake, and John McDead. He allowed himself to be a figurehead so he could be a DC Uniparty hero. Max Boot and Jon Meachum would write books about him and he would be a historical hero. The Great Patriot. One day.


A case of ‘Hollywood, here we come?’

Books, TV, Hollywood and movies. Awards, banquets, and corporate board seats. He would be the darling of DC. Every restaurant, country club, and cocktail party would treat him like the honored guest. ‘We will take care of that check sir. No charge!’ His grand kids and great grand kids would get into any private school and any Ivy League school of their choice. His funeral would dwarf the John McDead Week of Mourning.

That is perhaps, what Mueller craved and what he lusted after. He NEVER thought he would have to actually do anything. Just put his name on the report and play the role. Like Greg Brady as Johnny Bravo. He fit the suit.

Grandkids and Stars and Stripes … nothing better!

But he didn’t count on the gathering storm set in motion by Donald J. Trump deciding to play his hand. The Democrat liberal leftist elites and globalist RINOs to this day, have absolutely no idea how on God’s green earth POTUS #45 beat DC, the International Community, The Swamp, the MSM, and all the dark forces assembled against him.

But Trump did.

For all of his supposed flaws, no man has ever defeated so many dangerous combined enemies single-handedly with the guile and instinct of Donald J. Trump. Every time people think he says or does something stupid, he proves everybody wrong.

Yours truly tapped out on him long ago and quit trying to second guess him. And that sentiment goes all the way back to the late ’70s and mid-’80s.

Is it a master plan or pure instinct? Who cares! It works!

No person has ever faced or taken on these powers before. Any other man would have given up, resigned, become an alcoholic, or joined up with the rest of the Luciferian swamp-dwelling snakes. The first and foremost of which are those in the extemporaneous alphabet-soup lamestream deep state lying media, who spew falsifications, innuendos, ‘ifs, ands, buts’, maybes, perhaps’s, and every other ill-informed transmogrification that the enemy within can come up with. Every day.

Yes, folks, We the People have just witnessed a long, tiresome and weary bizarre transmogrification that can happen in politics. Particularly within the once-proud Democrat party, which by this latest inculcation of corruption and deceit, has proved itself and its adherents no more worthy than the criminals they have become.

Yes, darn right, We the People want revenge. But we must accept that fearless president Trump may have other ideas and goals with far more different ways of achieving them.

But in the meantime allow Donald J. Trump to walk that aisle like the World Champion baby! Take a step back and look at how many enemies he has left in his wake. It’s epic.

Russian roulette? Try 3-dimensional chess! …

He has single-handedly destroyed careers, and yes, it would be justice served to see them in jail too. But let’s see the final act. We ain’t there yet.

Until then we await The Teflon Don’s latest epic tweet storm, a Hannity interview, a rally, a few rounds of golf, a helicopter presser, and yet more media explodey-heads popping loose.

So, Mr. President Donald J. Trump, go right ahead Sir – be an Air-Force-One-flying, Limousine-riding, Rolex-wearing, kiss-stealing, wheeling, dealing, son-of-a-gun and more.

We salute you Sir!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Thank God for President Donald J. Trump and MAGA!


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