Tarmac plane meetings and aliases

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William F. Marshall, Patricia McCarthy, and Thomas Lifson all have related stories in Lifson’s American Thinker today on the witch hunt taking place against president Trump, with revelations from Judicial Watch (for which William F. Marshall is a senior investigator) piecing the entire puzzle together on the tarmac collusion between Mueller, Comey, the Clintons, Lynch, Obama, and all the other corrupt acolytes plotting and scheming together to entrench them all under the cover of Hillary Clinton’s shoe-in to the presidency.

Until Donald Trump turned the apple cart completely upside down, that is.

Let’s cut to the chase and begin with William F. Marshall …

I’d sought communications and other records related to the now infamous June 27, 2016 meeting on a hot, dusty airport tarmac in a hot, cramped government airplane between then-attorney general Lynch and former president Bill Clinton, whose wife, coincidentally enough, was under investigation that very moment by the FBI for her illegal use of a private email server to conduct highly classified government business. Did I mention that Ms. Lynch had authority over that same FBI? Oh, and that the FBI was going to grill (or maybe just have coffee with) Mrs. Clinton five days later as part of its “investigation”?

Of course, planes carrying government VIPs bump into each other all the time on sun-baked Phoenix airport runways, and what better time for those VIPs to catch up on golf and those rascally grandkids than in those comfortable Boeing Barcaloungers? With FBI agents directing everyone in sight to turn off their cameras, of course.

The emails show the top muckety-mucks at the Justice Department going into full-blown panic mode in the day following  the tarmac meeting after a local ABC affiliate, tipped off to the encounter, captured it on video, and an ABC News reporter contacted the Justice Department asking about the propriety of the husband of the target of a U.S. government investigation, then running for president, meeting covertly with the attorney general overseeing that investigation.

We the People sent a clear message that we were taking our country back, using legal and constitutional means. Now there’s a whole contingent of dissatisfied, disgruntled, and enraged losers who are, in effect, being forced to tell us that the will of We the People was meaningless, so they’re plotting and scheming to take out our duly elected president. Elections have consequences, and in a free and honest republic, part of those consequences is living with losing.

Next up, Patricia McCarthy…

Mueller never should have been appointed as special counsel by Rod Rosenstein, the deputy A.G., to investigate any Trump campaign “collusion” with Russia.  Rosenstein knew very well that Mueller was close to James Comey and put virtually no restrictions on the scope of the investigation, despite what he said on Fox News Sunday. This fact alone should make Rosenstein’s judgment questionable. Mueller, long-time best pal of Comey, should never have accepted the job as Special Counsel in this case.  He and Comey have a long history of working in concert for their own ends.

But Mueller did accept the job. This fact alone tells us he is not an honest broker.

Then Mueller goes on to hire seventeen known leftist lawyers, Clinton and Obama donors all, to work on the “case.”  He is proud to insult the intelligence of all the Americans who voted for Trump – all those people who knew how corrupt and radical Hillary Clinton is.  A fair and honest man would have seen to it that his legal team be bipartisan. Mueller apparently feels so confident in his absolute power that he is not ashamed to be blatantly partisan. He does not care about fair. He cares not a bit that if he and his henchmen find some crime to prosecute, millions of Americans will not find it credible. He is a certified member of the D.C. swamp establishment.

This whole Russia collusion conspiracy is a put-up job, a sham invented by the Clintons, the real Russia colluders.

A.G. collusion with Bill Clinton, James Comey…?

Turns out that Lynch (along with other Clinton colluders) used an email account under a fake name. Lynch (a.k.a. “Elizabeth Carlisle”) coordinated with DOJ officials to respond to queries about the tarmac meeting with Bubba. Who would’ve thought that a chance meeting on a sweltering airport tarmac to talk about golf and grandkids would require a made up name and 400+ pages of documents(!) The meeting was uncovered by a local reporter, not the Big Fake News Media.

Now this is what you call real collusion between Lynch and the FBI to cover up and lie about the meeting – a real Lynch Mob, if you will.

Thomas Lifson…

Thanks to Judicial Watch (donate here, please!), we have another 417-page look into the mind of Loretta Lynch, particularly in the wake of the unexpected media revelation of her tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton while the DoJ was investigating his wife. That was supposed to be secret, after all.  And there was panic, and help from the MSM, in trying to tamp it down.

The excuse that the MSM will use for not covering the treasure trove is that Lynch violated no laws. She is a lawyer, after all. The real reason, of course, is that they are revealed to be in the bag as the propaganda arm of the Obama administration. Lynch maintained and used an email account with a pseudonym, “Elizabeth Carlisle” (the name of her grandmother).

She joins a list of Obama officials, including her predecessor Eric Holder (Lew Alcindor), EPA administrator Lisa Jackson (Richard Windsor), and Lois Lerner (Toby Miles).

She didn’t attempt to conceal these emails from a FOIA search, which would have been illegal.

Lynch’s potential problems with obstruction of justice depend in part on what can be established as her state of mind at the time of the acts.  That speaks to intent.  The use of an alias to discuss those acts and the enlistment of outside help to conceal those acts, before and after the event, speak to mindset.

The Villainy Billary’s always plotting and scheming…

So there you have it. For what purpose other than a pre-emptive obstruction of justice would a government official use an email alias? Even the use of an alias doesn’t change the fact that the email will be routed to the individual using the alias, so a FOIA request should legally include any mail routed to the individual, regardless of the names used. Any IT professional would understand this when a FOIA request is made. Other than ‘plausible deniability’ of course.

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