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Well this is rich – At a Rotary Club gathering in Kentucky on  Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) warned against “excessive expectations” set by President Donald Trump (“and others”) for Republican senators, expressing irritation with what he described as a “storyline” among Republican voters of ineffective Republican senators. McConnell spoke of legislative “complexity” and “artificial deadlines” while implying that Republican senators were conducting themselves effectively and honorably.

Really, Senator?

There are those of us “observing observers” who believe President Trump understands DC very well, which is why he says they need to drain the swamp. Essentially, politicians from both parties play at looking active while pretending to do things. They, along with bureaucrats and lobbyists, spend so much time protecting the power they have amassed and trying to get reelected, that they actually do very little for we the American people.

President Trump on the other hand, is attempting to give the power and purse back to We the People, but unfortunately it appears that politicians from both parties, plus the deep state bureaucrats just can’t afford to let that happen.

Mitch McConnell, Schumer, Durbin, Pelosi, Hoyer and the others all know the system very well, so well that as they ran up $20 Trillion in actual debt and massive amounts of unfunded liabilities, it should make all of us want to drain the swamp of them, not just Trump!

Take a look and listen…

Imagine someone in corporate showing up to work with no plans to do what they were hired to do and then giving a lame excuse as to why they didn’t get the job done. So quit with the excuses, Senator.

Apparently it’s we the voters who had unrealistic expectations that Mitch McConnell in the Senate, and Ryan in the House would keep their word on the repeal of Obamacare. These lame half-hearted excuses are transparently phony given the effectiveness of the way the DemoMarxists march in lockstep and ram legislation down America’s throat whenever they want to. McConnell, Ryan and the rest of the establishment RINOs are the problem, not the President, flawed though he is.

Staying on topic, Mark Steyn showed up on Stuart Varney’s show yesterday and in answer to a Varney question, let loose on McConnell in his usual acerbic, laconic manner …

In the business world of course, things get done, and President Trump expects the same in Washington D.C., and he has every right to question why things can’t operate more efficiently. 30 hours for debate on each appointment? How would businesses operate under those conditions? And by whom and when were such idiotic hamstrung conditions put in place anyway? I find absolutely nothing in the Constitution about ‘slow play’.

I do indeed believe that We the People will take Trump and Reagan’s bombastic language any day of the week over the supposed experts in Congress and the pundits who have done nothing over the past several decades to rein in North Korea, Iran, Russia and China.

Don’t ever forget that it was the Clintons who gave North Korea their nukes, China our secrets (remember Sandy Berger and papers in his pants?), and more recently, Russia their uranium, and Obama/Kerry who sent $400 Million in unmarked currency to Iran in the middle of the night. Plus a whole load of other criminal acts which will be fodder for another post.

Of course, it wasn’t ransom. None of it.[sarc]




H/T Jack Hellner in American Thinker

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