Starter style to realigning America

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The one change that would do more for the prospects of the future of the Republican (or any other named) Party than anything else? Unify everyone/everything around truing the vote. It’s distressing how many Uniparty Republicans continue to stand in the way of cleaning-up the corrupt American junkmail voting system in hopes of instant success.

The Sunny Californian, aka Mr. Edward Ring, has some great proposals here in the attached unifier, within which he presumes no patriots related to yours truly would reject his hopeful agenda. As for a unified Republican Party … well, that’s currently shaking-out. There can be no unity as long as the junior partners of the Uniparty remain as “leaders.” But after the recent “loss” by the Republican Party (the “mainstream media” told us it was a loss), there have emerged some hopeful signs. Truly!

For one thing (thank goodness!) Ms. Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco Treat, has been relegated to tearing-up Vogue magazines on the back bench, fully making certain that we’ll never ever see her again in a leadership position. And now that her old job is up for grabs, guess what? Kevin McCarthy, recently a Uniparty member, is now talking tough, planning to dump the likes of Ilhan Omar/Elmi and Adam Schiff from important committees, even staging a photo-op at our Southern border. Mmmmm.

Starter style to realigning America.

Comforting to witness his starting to pretend he has a backbone, which at least we can now consider that progress. Our side after all, is so used to being completely ignored, that even empty promises get our engines revving. “Broom, broom”!

Couple that with, what is it, 50,000 immigrants a week that need jobs? Someone isn’t thinking straight. Earlier this week some crazy politician (Chuck Schmuck Tumer?) claimed that we need to give amnesty to these illegals because we’re not procreating enough. We don’t have enough young people. But hasn’t Schumer, Pelosi and their mob endorsed abortion for 50 years? Yup – aborted some 40 million babies in this timeframe. Sad thing is let’s not forget how many children those aborted babies might have gone on to re-produce within the confines of their own marriages and relationships.

As usual, government creates the problem, then creates the solution. The desire to see evildoers punished is always a strong presence in the lives of the righteous. We need to temper that desire with the patience that seeks justice, rather than the passion that demands revenge. Sad. Very sad.

Edward Ring, American Greatness: ‘Four Issues to Unify the GOP and Realign America’ …

The power and promise of these ideas, expressed without reservations or compromise by a united Republican Party, would attract majorities across all voting segments.

If Republicans hope to unify their party and realign American politics in their favor, they will need to do more than pour billions of dollars into television ads that highlight rampaging looters and the despairing jobless. They have to offer hope tied to an achievable agenda. Americans are ready for an alternative to Democratic fearmongering and stagnation. Give it to them.

Standing in the way of Republicans developing a comprehensive agenda they can agree on is the deepening rift within the party. On one side is the legacy party, represented by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah), and other so-called moderate Republicans. Opposing them is the MAGA movement led by Donald Trump and backed up by, among other groups, the Freedom Caucus, which now constitutes a majority of House Republicans.

The opportunity to heal this rift lies with the American voters themselves, whose sentiments on a few fundamental policy issues are coalescing into a consensus greater than the political parties that supposedly speak for them. Embracing these unifying issues and emphasizing them would hand Republicans a populist bloc of voters that will include almost all grassroots Republicans, along with many independents and even millions of Democrats. This message would attract voters regardless of their income or group identity, and it will cross ideological lines. [-]

[+] … Republicans have to embrace these four controversial premises without reservations: classical education and school choice, merit-based immigration, replacing affirmative action with meritocracy, and replacing climate change alarmism with a commitment to prosperity through an all-of-the-above energy strategy that includes oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power.

Donald Trump is firmly in favor of all these policies. Republicans are challenged to find other leaders of national stature who will back them just as unequivocally. Without collective agreement on these basic and radically differentiating positions on the issues of education, immigration, meritocracy, and energy and the environment, Republicans are indeed merely RINOs, members of the uniparty, participating in the inexorable demise of a great nation.

The people who have supported Trump have supported these policies. They deserve leadership that demonstrates the courage to promote all of them, not just one or two of them. Voters should demand that Republican candidates answer four questions:

Will you fight for 1) school choice and classical curricula in public schools, 2) secure borders and merit-based immigration, 3) an end to race- and gender-based discrimination of all kinds, and 4) unrestricted development of clean fossil fuel and nuclear power? [-] 

[+] … There are plenty of other important issues, but these four are all profoundly disruptive while retaining the ability to attract American voters of all backgrounds and ideologies. If these four goals are fulfilled, many other issues will resolve themselves.

Leaders who commit to these four goals will be condemned just as Trump was condemned, even if their rhetoric is tactful and their logic impeccable. When that day comes, voters will realize that it has not been Trump’s personality that invited seven years of relentless attacks on him and all his supporters. It was the policies he fought and continues to fight for.

The power and promise of these ideas, expressed without reservations or compromise by a united Republican Party, will attract majorities across all voting segments. When you realign the electorate, the entire biased and rigged system cannot stop the weight of the landslide. [end]

Full link below….

Starter style to realigning America. President Trump hugs the American Flag as he arrives to speak at (CPAC) 2019

These ideas are fairly specific. Along with school choice, as noted, the public schools need to be rescued with a classical education curriculum. Hillsdale College has an excellent program that private and charter schools are adopting all over the country. This curriculum could be mandated in public schools more universally than it would be in private schools. The results would save the next generation of children.

When it comes to fixing public education, fixing how children are taught using the classical education program is about as specific as you can get. The establishment UniParty has been exposed. There is no coming back from this and no healing the vile globalist election fraud supporting GOP. The “moderate” republicans are traitors. All of them. War mongering, government growing, endless money printing, pro China, pro open borders vile neocons. The GOP must go the way of the Whigs. MAGA Party now!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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