Founders would’a walked in by now

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Who knows what the political landscape will look like a couple of years from now. An economy in decline, rising energy costs, military advances by China, Russia, Iran, the demoMarxocrats(!), etc; food shortages, an impending rail strike, an agenda for perversion in our schools, racial division and violence, and continued political persecution by this regime could lead to a backlash. Could be perhaps, that the on-going destruction of the American economy and American values is the path that will lead to change. BURP!

Two years is a long time and planting your flag for a certain candidate now has a way of painting yourself into a corner. You’ve boxed yourself in and feel obligated to defend your position come hell or high water. Keep things in their proper perspective: Politicians after all, are mere job-seekers asking us to hire them. We don’t owe them anything, but they owe us.

In 2016 they weren’t prepared. In 2020 they were prepared and counted until they won. They control the voting apparatus in 5 of the 6 swing states of which Trump needs at least three. Currently the entire establishment hates Trump and to believe they will give him a fair count isn’t credible. He has no path unless some drastic change takes place from which yours truly can’t imagine what that change could possibly be.

Founders would’a walked in by now

Then again let’s presume that our fearless President Trump has the advantage in terms of the mistakes he won’t make again but also in terms of how to deal with international foes. China at one time, was America’s biggest existential threat, which lately has been superseded by dementia-riven-Biden and the CCP proxy. Presently there’s no substitution for the experience warrior-president Trump already has, being that both he and Ron DeSantis are principled conservatives with DeSantis rightly somewhat under-experienced in international deal-making, the likes of which Trump instinctively does effortlessly.

Once upon a time Trump misunderstood America’s domestic enemies. Not any more. These days it’s Ron DeSantis who’s likely taking America’s international enemies for granted; unsure if those who despise Trump, aren’t using DeSantis as a foil leading the country back to a George Bush unprincipled conservative leader, placing America under the auspices and control of a globalist cabal. OUCH!

This is one time we don’t need a crowded primary for sure, where the current attacks on DeSantis are very misguided, much like the praise of President Trump is. We must all remember, they’re men, and no man alone can do what must be done.

Matthew Boose, American Greatness: ‘It’s Trump vs. the Establishment All Over Again’ …

Seven years after his historic escalator ride, Trump remains the only man who the establishment truly fears, the only one with the capability of crashing this rigged system called Our Democracy™.

Since the “red wave” fizzled out, a consensus has quickly emerged in the media that Donald Trump is no longer a viable political force. The newly anointed prince of the Right, according to the tastemakers, is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Trump’s more palatable, less chaotic protégé. But DeSantis and Trump offer two very different things. DeSantis is a conventional politician with Trump-like qualities, who can, at least according to his fan base, build a popular majority that is beyond Trump’s reach. Trump is a radical outsider to a rigged, illegitimate political system with which he has been at war for seven years, and which his supporters see as an existential threat to their way of life.

Those inclined to dismiss Trump for a smooth imitation are taking a facile view of the political terrain. “Anyone,” Trump said in his 2024 campaign announcement at Mar-a-Lago last Tuesday night, “who truly seeks to take on this rigged and corrupt system will be faced with a storm of fire that only a few could understand.”

Of course, Trump was speaking about himself, as well as his allies who have been censored, imprisoned, bankrupted, and defamed since he entered the arena. There is now a very real chance that Trump will become a political prisoner at the hands of his past, and future, electoral rival.

Thanks to Trump, we now know how Our Democracy™ really functions. The Right isn’t going to win by being less “extreme,” ignoring election integrity (if anything, this would embolden cheating), or by trying to coax elusive “independents” in elusive “free and fair” elections. America does not have free and fair elections. The “Blame Trump” narrative overlooks this harsh reality in a lame attempt to sell Trump short. Trump did not “lose” the 2020 election, no matter how many times Biden or the state-run media say it: it was stolen, if not through outright ballot fraud, then through media censorship and election regulation shenanigans that tipped the scales in his opponent’s favor. [-]

[+] … Seven years after his historic escalator ride at Trump Tower, Trump remains the only man who the establishment truly fears, the only one with the capability of crashing this rigged system called Our Democracy™. The talking heads know this truth deep down in their bones: Four years in Washington failed to make Trump into a boring politician.

Let’s face it: the man is an enigma. He is unpredictable, possesses extraordinary willpower, and, like all great men, brims with a sense of fate: In his campaign announcement, he spoke of his time in exile as “The Pause.” What the authoritarians dread most of all is Trump’s unique power to rouse the American spirit, even under the gloomiest of conditions. As Trump put it to his supporters last week: “This is not just a campaign. This is a quest to save our country.” [end]

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Founders would’a walked in by now

As Kemo Sabe expresses it on the thread: I’m so tired of seeing so many ‘establishment’ talking heads on TV and reading some of their articles. Yet again the establishment and the communists are running a pincer attack against Trump. Let me rephrase that – The establishment and communists have never stopped their pincer attack against Trump and after all these years they likely won’t be stopping.

When it comes to Trump, the communists and the establishment have formed a temporary alliance. An enemy of my enemy is my friend. But there are reasons to think it was really never a temporary alliance, just a Dog and Pony show to fool the plebs. The establishment may shake loose some of Trump’s supporters to move to the side of their anointed one. The communists will, as always, be more than helpful in this endeavor.

But not enough to make it easy or easier for them to sucKceed. Founders would’a walked in by now. Trump 2024 !!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!