Spy Pence a pence for the earworm

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Spy Pence a pence for the earworm, and yes let’s not forget Jan 6th, 2021 when Pence got his coins, hand shakes, back slaps, Pelosi elbow rub when he validated the electorates. And remember he was all smiles which seems to be an odd reaction when only an hour earlier his life was supposedly in ”danger” from a whole Government take over by unarmed, cartoon-dressed visitors waved through the doors taking selfies with cops and statues. He must have been literally shaking in fear. Unless, of course, he knew damned well what was about to happen and unfold!

Like scores of others would confess, there’s something about Pence that bothers the soul, that simply doesn’t ‘gel’.

Spy Pence a pence for the earworm … Turncoat shows true colors as the enemy within…

President Donald J. Trump was (still is) business-savvy enough to know long ago about the governmental shenanigans of those in power, with their strengths and failures well within his observative meritocracy. He didn’t produce “The Art of the Deal” for dullards. Unfortunately he couldn’t let us in on it without triggering a lethal “kill the bearer of bad news” reaction. Instead he patiently and studiously held people at arms length to see enough to figure the truth out for themselves. Then he gave them a chance to grieve. And to re-assess themselves!

As for yours truly, I’m fully convinced that Pence and literally scores of others was definitely in on the steal. Seems hard to believe that anyone would deliberately sabotage their almost guaranteed chance to be VP for the next four years and President of the United States for eight years after that. Whatever they offered Pence it had to be pretty damned good!

Donald Trump turned President Trump knowing full well the depths of depravity within the system long ago. That’s why –  with full love of the United States of America and her people – that rich man (who could have had fun for the rest of his life) took on the excruciating job of trying to save the U.S. and We the (80 million+) People.

Along the way President Trump was life-threatened too many times, yet he always came across with the resolve that if that was the cost to protect the U.S., he would have given his life gladly. But when they threaten your children and your grandchildren, when you know how depraved “they” are and what “they” can do to the people you love the most, when you know that “they” won’t stop anywhere or at anything until they “win,” none of us could imagine any sane human being who wouldn’t do what our President did. Steadfast!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘The Earworm Delivers Subtle Irony From New Hampshire’…

Mike Pence was in Manchester, New Hampshire, yesterday delivering a club speech during a Reagan Dinner event. However, there’s something more than a little ironic from a set of tweets sent last night from the Twitter account of the former Vice-President:

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu was the one who recently blocked any expansion of the Windham, NH, audit after discrepancies were found in the electronic tabulation results in Windham and surrounding townships. {Go Deep}  A sixty percent error rate…. “A State Responsibility!”?

Additionally, it does not go unnoticed that Mike Pence has not said a word about the emails from Anthony Fauci while he was giving advice on the national response to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak.  Why is that detail significant?… Because former VP Mike Pence was the appointed lead government official on the National COVID task-force. If there was anyone with a vested interest about conflicting advice from Dr. Anthony Fauci, it should be the person who was in charge, Mike Pence…. Yet, crickets.

Go figure. I digress.

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Spy Pence a pence for the earworm … Making therapeutic sense of it all…

Candidate Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, and if nothing else, he definitely exposed them for who / what they were / are. Those were fighting words meant to clean-up corrupt politicians. Fact is that President Trump did exactly what he said he would do, because the swamp creatures were exposed as predicted.

How brazen of the establishment RNC to still let this now fully exposed decepticon show up at any type of function. Shows how much they are out of touch. Obviously they also don’t need individual donations from MAGA patriots. Our uniparty system is a complete failure. Even when one party loses some power they still win to the extent that they work to advance the globalist agenda. They’re all commies in the end.

President Donald John Trump cared (still does) for us – We the (80 million+) People – true patriots who love our country; graciously and effectively describing to us the inbred corruption he fought tirelessly against, and in the end he showing us how to rise above the evil, and work diligently to overcome it. One simply has to pray the Lord is not done using President Donald John Trump, the warrior.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump catching Spy Pence under cover and MAGA! KAG!