A fraudulent fascistic Fauci failure..

Go ahead, make my…

According to numerous reports, Mrs. Fauci is the NIH Chief of Bioethics and Human Subject Research, which means she’s the one who rubber-stamps exceptions to normal drug and vaccine testing. So Mr. Fauci sleeps beside this person each night but has absolutely no idea what she does during the day in her Office? Something seriously smells here, in that someone sure made a huge mistake in trusting this wee little fella, but then so did millions of others.

Writer Peter D’Ambrosca (one of the links down below) has hit the target squarely once again: “A serious country would jail Anthony Fauci.” Alas, we’ve been taught to be a silly people. And we now choose applicants for important jobs, like the vice president of the United States, based on what tribe they are part of. And many of those tribal leaders are greedy, barbarous and cruel. Fraudulent, even!

A serious country would hang half of Washington D.C. in a heartbeat. A more serious country would take out BLM and Antifa in one afternoon. A serious, serious country would invade the Capitol and reconfigure it. But don’t worry, the current iteration labeling itself as the United States is FAR from being serious about the country. A fraudulent, fascistic, village idiot failure president hamstrung within the confines of a fraudulent Fauci? Seriously? “Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

A fraudulent fascistic Fauci failure…

Looking back over it all, Fauci had a whole lot of help, starting with the MSM and OBO#44 administration where there’s more than a ton of guilt to go around. But since we know the current iteration of our federal government isn’t going to do anything, maybe the American Medical Association and other scientific organizations should give him an award for deceiving the American people, for demonizing Hydroxchloroquine and Ivermectin and costing the country hundreds of millions of lives and untold suffering.

Yes folks. All this, and then go up yet another level say, to the puppetmeisters that meet in Davos, Switzerland at the IMF, WEF, etc., and who appoint our establishment politicians and bureaucrats. A circle to which, among others, arch-villain Bill “Moderna” Gates belongs, who has lobbied nations to make the vaccine mandatory. God knows what’s in that concoction, yet millions are being forced, almost, as if it’s the be all, end all or else! Yes folks, it’s the “or else” that is insufferable.

These organizations should give the boot to Biden, Fauci, Birx and everyone else who fraudulently labeled Hydroxy and Ivermectin  as “ineffective and dangerous”. All of these people have blood on their hands whether they believe it or not.

Go through each and every one of the four publications linked below for the REAL truth of what Fauci and his mob have been concocting. And there are scores of other revelations. Shameless!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Sharri Markson Questions Why Biden Admin Protects Fauci’ …

Now that we know the Obama administration was directly involved in the creation of SARS-CoV-2 as a biological weapon that was released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China (an accidental or purposeful release still undetermined) {Go Deep}, we have the background to understand why the JoeBama administration has to defend Anthony Fauci.

All of the originating activity surrounding U.S. collaboration with the Wuhan Institute, the funding of the Wuhan Institute and the approvals for the Wuhan Institute to conduct “gain of function” research (weaponizing the virus) took place during the Obama administration. Including the events on January 9, 2017, eleven days before leaving office, when President Obama’s administration lifted the funding moratorium to weaponize SARS bat viruses.

Sharri Markson has a book that details how the Wuhan Lab was used to create SARS-CoV-2 and how Anthony Fauci was the key decisionmaker in the U.S. who organized funding for the Chinese experiments.  In this commentary she discusses some of the issues.

The bigger question of why the U.S. would fund, support and facilitate the creation of a biological weapon by the Chinese is where things really get interesting. The only reason the Pentagon (U.S. Military) would enjoin that relationship with China would be to benefit their own interests.

What interests would the U.S. military and U.S. Intelligence hold in the creation of a biological weapon in China? What is that they say about “means”, “motive”, and “opportunity”?

The most likely answer is the one that makes people very uncomfortable.

MEANS: The U.S. military and larger intelligence network likely used Wuhan as a cover for their own operations and intents.

If the political elements in the intelligence community, working in coordination with the U.S. military, were involved in a purposeful leak from a biological weapons facility in North Carolina – there would be a trail of evidence that could expose their activity. However, if they move that activity to Wuhan, China, the plausible deniability is much stronger.

**All 4 listed below need to be read in earnest – Time to take back our Nation!!!

A fraudulent fascistic Fauci failure…

Covid-19 pandemic-gate is the result of an out-of-control Bureaucracy, a systemic fraud, the crime of a whole Government against its people – which is what needs to be fixed – but fixing anything systemic in the modern world usually fails; we mostly usually make the problem worse, i.e. as with systemic corruption.

Plain fact of the matter is folks, that in the twenty-first century of the Christian era, a man named Anthony Fauci and his fellow apparatchiks, all of the lineage of Hitler and Stalin, combining the powers of transcendent propaganda with the preternatural stubbornness of psychopaths and the fraudulent spirit of impostors, proclaimed themselves as Masters of Science, and spread delusion of the mind and desolation of liberty over an extensive portion of the earth, fully intending to grind it all to dust. How does THAT sound to y’all?!

The U.S. military and larger intelligence network likely used Wuhan as a cover for their own operations and intents.

On January 9, 2017, eleven days before leaving office, when OBO#44’s administration lifted the funding moratorium to weaponize SARS bat viruses, Anthony Fauci was already at work in Wuhan creating a China virus before release. Additionally we had Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros and Bill Gates funding the creation of a treatment for the virus before the release in China, with OBO#44 signing an Executive Order 13575 establishing a “White House Rural Council” (“Rural Council” ?) prescribed by Agenda 21. The amount of government resources OBO#44 had directed to administer this order is almost unbelievable (aka New World Order Moratorium).

More to the point – China’s attempted “way out” from President Trump’s tariffs.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Still our Real President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to retake the sovereignty of the Constitutional Republic – MAGA! KAG!