The Speech one of Historical legacy

Go ahead, make my…

To put it in very plain, simple terms, The Speech last night was one for the history books. I haven’t heard one like it since the great communicator, Ronald Wilson Reagan, waxed a declarative presidential mien when he pejoratively boomed out “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” If they’re not careful, the DemDongs had better get with the program or get run over by the Trump train.

Not unsurprisingly, the response from the Left side of the aisle was pathetic. Those shots of the minority leader of the House reminded one of an unpleasantly-drooling woman in the assisted living home. And the unfortunate gentleman from Minnesota, no doubt still smarting from his DNC chair defeat to Perez was slouching so low in his chair he almost slipped out on to the floor. Appallingly, he and former DNC chair, Wasserman-Schultz sat stone-faced firmly in their seats while the widow of a slain Navy SEAL received a two-minute standing ovation.

So much for Democrat Congressional (and Presidential) decorum, then. Disgraceful.

Any hopes the #nevertrumpers and the Big Left Media may have had of witnessing a demoralized president, compromised and faltering following their vicious month-long assault, have just seen their wishes dashed on the rocks of reality. The president’s stalwart confidence brought to mind these lines by John Bunyan, from Pilgrim’s Progress: 

“Whoso beset him round, with dismal stories. Do but themselves confound; his strength the more is. No lion can him fright, he’ll with a giant fight; he will have a right to be a Pilgrim”. Some fight; some Pilgrim!

Talking about Pilgrims, let’s not forget the “vestal virgins” who showed up, for God only knows what. The embarrassing behavior of many DemDongs at the speech should cause concerns for the party and democrats in general (but then again, probably not.) I have never seen anything at a presidential address like those vestal virgins dressed in white, whose sole purpose appeared to be in giving the President thumbs down at every opportunity. Apparently they thought they were at a Roman gladiator event rather than a presidential speech to Congress and the Nation that turned out to be one of the best in the past 25+ years.

The Speech should be kept in everyone’s archives for use at a moment’s notice when the Left cries foul of President Trump. They booed at helping crime victims of illegal immigrants, while skeleton-looking Pelosi sat silent as the President told of the jobs he has already brought back to this country, and the pledge by corporations to bring back many more. The DemDongs sat silent and showed who they really are; anti-American spoiled brats!

Overall a great speech. A little bit of PC stuff but not enough to matter. He got in “radical Islamic Terrorism,” (yeah!!) “buy American, hire American,” and other such descriptives, and that marked a significant departure even from the Bush days. The DemDongs looked stunned and even some Repubs were in awe. I don’t think anyone expected the speech to take the high road so consistently, but to yours truly, it certainly explained why Trump got the job and Shrillary didn’t. As a matter of fact, I kept having flashes of how different the speech would’ve been had she been fraudulently “elected.”

Thank God she wasn’t, is all I can say.

Last night we saw the true Democrat Party, all undressed and naked. When President Trump stretched out his hand and promised to work with, not against, Democrats, all he got back was a hand that had been slapped. I seem to remember listening to Chuck Schumer when he stated he would work with the President and the Republicans if they would but compromise. Well, We the People witnessed the request from the President in the speech last night to work together for the betterment of the country as a whole. Unfortunately, the DemDongs remain bitterly opposed to the President, to the nation, and to we the American people.

Last night Donald Trump became the POTUS we have been waiting for, with every line he reminded the Congress critters who they are supposed to be working for – America first.

Those who elected Trump need to support him fearlessly. We need to cheer every reversal of Obama’s agenda in a convincing way. We need to remember that we won’t be forgiven by the left if we fail to support Trump and let them get back into power.

This is war, and we have a long way to go before we can say we’re winning. This is no time to take prisoners, feel benevolent, or bi-partisan. Fight like it is our last chance, because it may well be. The foot of the free Republic needs to remain on the throat of the Left until it expires from lack of oxygen.


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