Mixed Media Speech Post-Mortem..

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Rolling commentary on this mixed media post-mortem culled from a melange of posts on my various threads…

Trump was as presidential as it gets, which left the Democrats looking like the ones who need psychiatrists. In listening to Trump you could hear the advice of all of those business leaders he has met with nearly every day. Finally a president who spoke the simple and essential truth that healthcare has to be affordable before it can be universal, and it won’t be affordable until we pass torte reform. That is the key to any successful plan, and it always has been.

The thing is, all Trump supporters have seen him give similar speeches but the mixed media always cuts them up to make him look bad. Now the world is learning what we Deplorables already knew, and the Democrats and the MSM are stunned by it.

On the other hand, contrary to what Katy Tur would have us believe, mixed media MSNBC doesn’t have a single ‘journalist’ on its broadcast staff. Matter of fact ‘journalist’ at MSNBC includes the likes of Brian ‘lying’ Williams, Chrissy ‘pants-crease’ Matthews, Rachel ‘I’m in another zone’ Maddow, and Mika ‘it’s up to us to twist the truth’ Brzezinski. In other words the definition of ‘journalist’ at MSNBC equals Trump critic! Nevertheless, there is more hope for America now than there has been since I can’t remember when. However, we can’t let our guard down, we must play a vigilant role in achieving President Trump’s motto to Make America Great Again. Period. Over. Out.

“If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.” (I Cor. 15:19) .. DemDongs are the most miserable of creatures, existing only to pull everyone and everything down into their catastrophic sinkhole. The erosion of religious (read Christian) freedom is just as pernicious an issue as jobs, national security, and immigration. President Trump has previously mentioned protecting our religious liberties, but I didn’t hear it mentioned last night. Including the impact of President Trump’s USSC picks, I believe that this is the paramount issue facing us. Such racist, bigoted, gender-confused, petty little infantile spoiled brats, the DemoMarxists are a negative force in the universe. At least We the People can find mirth in their misery!

The mixed media speech was terrific, and I am certain that it inspired many of our hurting citizens. It was a ‘breath of fresh air’ from Osamabama’s insufferable contempt for America. I am hopeful of a revitalized economy if President Trump can significantly reduce regulations and corporate taxes, and kill the anti-American trade deals. Message to Hope: Welcome back, we missed y’all. Message to Change: Come on in, we need you here. To those upon whose backs we stand to exercise our rights and our freedoms, to those who keep us safe: The house is yours. You have our respect and recognition. We strive to repay our debt in our intentions and in our actions. Godspeed President Trump.

The heartfelt acknowledgement to the victims of illegal immigrant violence was a dose of reality that this nation needs more of. It wasn’t cheap political pandering. It was genuine. Optimism feels so good again. The opening was powerful, his words bringing a surge of hope and energy to a downtrodden people. When President Trump speaks through the mixed media, he rouses us to believe that he will actually bring to pass what he is promising. When a US president manifests such love and loyalty to America, it summons love and loyalty back! Yet look at the shellacking this Latina lady gets for standing her ground at the hands of the half-Leftist focus group.

Trump’s tribute to William Ryan Owens was a beautiful thing, but when Karin Owens mouthed “I love you, baby,” I guarantee that television screens across the nation suddenly went blurry, yet we could still hear the long, well deserved, standing ovation.

All in all, a beautiful speech. A powerful speech. A compassionate speech. An American speech. Trump really nailed it, and Stephen Miller, who was identified as the one who wrote it, did a magnificent job of elevating Trump above the pit viper Democrats.

Remember when Obozo said the greatest thing about America was its welfare system? It’s good to have a patriotic American as President again. I had tears in my eyes. Never felt this proud in a long, long time. Also fun to watch the Dems hightail it out as quickly as they could. God Bless President Trump and his administration.


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