Perez and Ellison take over DNC….

En Garde in the bunker…

With a disgruntled narcissist former president sullenly organizing a smash and grab coalition of similarly-staffed narcissistic Manchurian Candidates to effectively bring down the presidency of Donald Trump before it’s barely begun, it comes as no surprise to see the DNC headed up by the likes of a Perez and an Ellison.

Liberalism after all (at least, that is, the Leftist Marxist Muslim Socialist version) is an evil philosophy concealing itself as altruism. It has now reached the point of self-destruction in the United States, which describes the true significance of Trump’s win. Throughout ‘fly-over’ country illustrated on all those red-colored political maps of Republican-led counties, there exists still, a definable American spirit which is contrary to the evil of liberalism.

The current “divide” in the country is due to the battle between traditional Americanism and totalitarian pagan liberalism, to the point where the Democrat Party has exhausted its mission and is headed for the ash heap of history. Whether Perez or Ellison (or both, as it turns out) it doesn’t matter in the end if it is Thelma or Louise at the wheel. Obama just about decimated the entire operation during his disastrous eight years, and the end capper has now been affixed with the appointment of the head and vice-head of the party.

As Matthew Vadum puts it in his opening from FrontPageMagazine…

Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez’s weekend victory over Keith Ellison in the race to become DNC chairman shows Democrats learned nothing from their historic shellacking in November and that Barack Obama remains firmly in control of the party.

The win by community organizer and Obama loyalist Perez effectively constitutes a merger of sorts between the Democratic National Committee and Obama’s well-funded Trump-resisting pressure group, Organizing for Action. Perez replaces interim DNC chairman Donna Brazile who herself replaced Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida. The congresswoman was forced out last summer after her role in rigging the nomination process in favor of Hillary Clinton was exposed.

The Perez victory is also a sign that it’s business as usual for the deeply divided party that voters reduced to a regional rump in November and whose leaders think they lost because of bad messaging instead of bad ideas. The DNC, after all, is on record as endorsing the violent, racist Black Lives Matter movement and of accusing American police officers of systematically committing genocide against blacks. These people have learned nothing and are anxious to do the bidding of their unruly radical base that is already determined to impeach President Trump after a little over a month in office.

The Democrats learned nothing from the election shellacking. Perez and Ellison are both far, far, far, left, America-hating antagonists. If you aren’t black, Muslim, sexually-confused, or living in America illegally, the Democrats no longer even pretend to represent you. Fact is, the Democrat establishment is a crime syndicate posing as a political party.

Leftist arrogance and being totally out of touch with the voters is apparently a gift that keeps on giving. For a while there I was concerned they would have actually learned their lesson and taken a more moderate public tone, but what do I know, other than Perez is a hardcore communist partisan.

Combatants for the DNC chair…

Thus the team of Perez and Ellison guiding the ‘new and improved’ Democrat party. Fantastic! Let’s review:

Jewish cemeteries being desecrated. The equivalent of book burning at universities. Speakers not allowed to speak. (ie California Senate.) Paid agitators disrupting events at Congressional Town Halls .. the list goes on. Plans are already afoot to show disrespect to President Trump and the hallowed Office of the Presidency later this evening during his address to Congress. Tyranny of the minority is the order of the day.

Matthew Vadum again:

Perez’s victory has been characterized as a win for the establishment wing of the party. This is a fair statement to make because Obama is the party establishment now. His ugly racial politics and in-your-face tactics are now accepted best practices at the DNC. It’s not so much that the party has moved further left since Obama secured the nomination in 2008 – it is more the case that the radical left-wing community organizer culture has thoroughly consumed the party apparatus. The ends justify the means, as the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s use of violent paid agitators at Trump campaign rallies in 2016 demonstrates.

Some in the media have described Perez as a moderate, which is abject nonsense. Perez and Ellison are Tweedledum and Tweedledee, both left-wing extremists who have a burning desire to punish America for its past sins and continue Obama’s fundamental transformation of the United States.

There is no easily discernible ideological difference between Perez and Ellison. They differ somewhat only in style and tone. Perez sounds like a radical, well-educated, but presentable lawyer (he is one) while Ellison, also a lawyer, is a man who comes across as a cross between Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan.

Both would have been likely to further tarnish their party’s brand but Ellison would have been more frightening to the people in middle America whom Democrats need to avoid their approaching extinction.

Some (yours truly for one) have been saying for years that we should all hope and pray that Wasserman-Schultz, Reid Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Cummings, Feinstein, etal hang on as long as possible. Two are gone but yet they’ve still not learned and instead are doubling down on stupid.

Stupid as in revealing who they really are, what they really think and what their plans really are. In the past the left understood it must always, ALWAYS lie and cover-up those things in order to carry on their work of destroying America, but in their hubris of the Obama years their derangement syndrome has allowed their masks to slip and thus exposing their true intentions.

It is ALWAYS a good thing when a leftist reveals what they really think so I say, Carry On!

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