Specious Brett Baier Trump grinder

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JackT from comments thread: One thing the Durham Report confirms is that OBO#44 Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rob’em Clinton, and the entire U.S. Intelligence Community framed Donald Trump as a Russian spy in a criminal conspiracy to topple his presidency, which all in all is a pretty big deal. In another age in which the thick ooze of State propaganda and censorship had not already blinded too many Americans from seeing clearly, the Obama-Clinton-I.C. plot to depose a sitting president would have been rightly understood not only as a politically-destabilizing event with far-reaching consequences, but also as an unprecedented crime demanding heads to roll.

Instead, the illustrious culprits behind this veritable coup d’etat not only walk freely but also do so while Bagpipes Bill Barr and other Deep State sycophants shrink from speaking their names. Meanwhile, the Durham Report also confirms that FBI leadership sabotaged multiple criminal investigations into the Clintons during that same time period, corroborating Americans’ suspicions that there is no law or justice — only politically motivated persecution.

Specious Brett Baier Trump grinder. Eternal hope in the sweet by and by…

Additionally, even though the State-controlled press corps and federal law enforcement agencies have worked to bury overwhelming evidence of Biden family quid-pro-quo bribery schemes rendering the current White House occupant beholden to the blackmail of foreign governments, a majority of Americans have still managed to see through these orchestrated cover-ups to conclude that China Joe has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” while in office. THAT!

Mmmmm … Does Brett Baier know that it was a mathematical and statistical IMPOSSIBILITY for Biden to have won?

Basic common sense after all, is all you need to have to know the election was stolen, with FJBiden – a guy who couldn’t get 8 total people to show up at any of his events – gets the most votes in U.S History and beats the man who draws tens of thousands of people wherever he goes? I mean “pleaseeeeeeeeeee“, but they sure do love to insult our intelligence .

Baier is an icy-cold debate assassin, just remember for instance his intervention when he called out JoeBiteMe early back in November 7, 2020, thus Trump won’t rattle him, albeit he needs to be the aggressor in interviews with his type, never letting them talk over him, holding the floor so they tire of the subject and move on.

OBO#44 BHO filibustered all of his interviews, took five minutes to describe brushing his teeth in the morning, chewed up time so there were no follow-up’s. Our fearless president can do the same, talking about more important things than brushing his teeth. Simply don’t let the media assassin-types talk, no pauses, allow no interruptions, albeit the weaker interviewers are more fun to toy with by letting their own words reveal them. THAT!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘President Trump Interview with Fox News Brett Baier’ ….

Earlier this evening, President Trump sat down for an extensive interview with Fox’s human cabbage patch doll, Brett Baier.  {Direct Rumble Link} Many people were apprehensive about President Trump talking to DC gatekeeper Mr. Baier given that Fox News would like to support the prosecution effort against Trump.

President Trump appears with Baier because President Trump has done nothing wrong.  The legal arguments against him, and more succinctly against the power of the office of the president, are nonsensical.   There is no person, agency, bureaucracy or process that exists above the executive office of the president.

The President has every right to any and all documents that are created, distributed, reviewed and/or utilized during his administration. Anyone who is saying President Trump did not have the unilateral right to define his presidential records -as he sees fit- needs to answer this question:

Who is this power that supersedes the executive office of the President? and where are they outlined in the constitution?

WE THE PEOPLE are the only entity that grants and/or removes presidential authority.  We vest and affirm our power every 4 years to the President of the United States.  We do not vest power to a bureaucracy or administrative state that believes they are above the power of We The People.  The President reports to us, and we affirm or deny our support with reelection.

There is no governmental system or constitutional process that supersedes the Office of the President within the executive branch.

There are co-equal branches outside the Executive, the Legislative and Judicial branches, with their own constitutional power.  However, the Legislative and Judicial cannot impede or reach into in the structure of the Executive to limit the power outlined in the constitution and granted by We The People. [end]

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Specious Brett Baier Trump grinder. Biden Barry Soetoro endgame over…

Calling it as seeing it now, Baier is a much better CIA-trained media assassin than other interviewers, perhaps the toughest yet to watch for a supporter. The others were easy to mock, this one got a few stings in, the president felt some of them, still prevailed, but he wasn’t as dominant as in the previous Fox and CNN interview/townhall situations.

Looking for weaknesses, will improve their craft by digging where they sense he has vulnerabilities, needle him, try to get under his skin. Trump has to learn from each one of these. Be able to genuflect where he didn’t dominate, use different debate tactics to disarm their attacks as they come at him. It’s a war. Each side testing the other’s strength and weaknesses.

With regard to the “Fourth Branch of government” declassification of information, the president must “request” the declassification of information from the same corrupt toads that comprise that “Fourth Branch” of government – the “Intelligence” branch. All they have to do is sit on – or outright refuse – declassification, and the information that the president wishes declassified does NOT become declassified. Specious Brett Baier Trump grinder.

This is an ugly Gordian Knot that will be very difficult – if not impossible – to cut through because of the way this “Fourth Branch” of government came about, as described in the article about the “Intelligence” branch. Over to you, Sundance!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!