The swain Bill-katy-Barr-the-Door

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Up close and personal – VERY “personal” – Bill-katy-Barr-the-Door is a treasonous swamp character still attempting to protect the NIA, NSA, FBI, CIA, DOJ, Homeland Security, CSI. . . which have corrupt unelected and unaccountable people still networking on their own political agenda created by Bush/Cheney with the Patriot Act and dangerously politicized by the greatest devious Marxist enemy of the USA, OBO#44 and his band of collusion. Thereby the bagpipe blower Barr must protect his swampy gravy train, whereby we pray God Bless America and give courage to Republican State Legislators to get us out of this evil mess.

Truthfully the man is vile, one of the many serpents in the fruit basket of the Trump administration, being as it is, almost mind boggling how much fearless President Trump managed to accomplish in four years with all the back stabbing traitors in his administration. Somewhat amazingly, it wouldn’t surprise anyone were this to be developed into a little mini-series of articles, say tomorrow: The Real Mike Pence; followed by The Real Mike Pompeo. The Real Mitch McConnell…etc., etc., etc. THAT!

The swain Bill-katy-Barr-the-Door … when law is nothing but coverup

The “skull-daggers” around and about are forever mindful of Barr accusing the former president of putting his ambition ahead of the country – but when exactly have our fearless rebel-rousers NOT put their own ambitions ahead of the United States? Mmmm?

Truth shows our fearless president did it a whole lot less than say LBJ; Jimmy Carter; Bill Clinton; Hillary Clinton; OBO#44; and FJBiden – every one of them using the offices they attained to destroy America and to profit from their positions. Like all DemoMarxocrats, they continue to hate America as founded, while pushing communist initiatives to end freedom over bankrupting America both financially and morally. The swain Bill-katy-Barr-the-Door.

Obviously the fat man has had his picture taken (or is it just yours truly’s observation?!) when he was all dolled up in a blond wig, make up, a skirt, stockings and pumps, while busting his guts blowing his heart out on the bag pipes; definitely not an easy exercise to be fiddling with. And maybe he was with John Roberts at the time. THAT!?

David Zukerman, American Thinker: ‘The real William Barr’ ….

At the end of the William Barr segment on the June 18 “Face the Nation,” co-moderator Robert Costa asked, “Trump was indicted and arraigned in the records case. Do you believe is a target, potentially in the January 6 case?

Barr said, “Yes. And, by the way, I defended him on cases that I think are unfair, like the one up in New York and so forth. I think the January 6 case will be a hard case to make because of First Amendment interest. But I am actually beginning to think they will pull the trigger on that. I would expect it to be this summer.”

If Barr were an honorable former public servant, committed to the rule of law, he would have put Costa in his place, rebuking him for apparently raising a trial balloon about a Jan. 6 indictment: if the House GOP does not express outrage, let the persecution campaign proceed.

Among his dishonorable attributes, however, Barr gave priority to hawking his book — prominently displayed at the start of the video — above fair treatment for the besieged former president,

Barr, in the earlier part of the video, accepted the oily Costa’s invitation to badmouth Donald J. Trump to the utmost.  It was no surprise that, at the end of the chat, Barr predicted a Jan. 6 indictment by summer’s end.  Not only did he denounce Pres. Trump as a “consummate narcissist,” “fundamentally flawed,” “reckless” in his conduct.  He also accused Trump of “deceitful conduct,” of committing crimes — before thinking to add, “if the allegations are true.”

Most despicably, Barr accused the former president of putting his ambition ahead of the country. Behold Barr’s variation on a theme of Trump, the colluding-with-the-Russians president. How can we expect Barr to rebuke Costa for Trump-baiting when he is so good at being a Trump backstabber? [end]

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The swain Bill-katy-Barr-the-Door. When ‘law’ is nothing but coverup Bagpipes Bondo Barr loses it totally … Bagpipe Bill outed: a Barr of deceit…

Freedom-loving citizens of the West, it is time to realize that, while we were sleeping – or were hyper-focused on being tolerant and inclusive – those that refuse to tolerate or include us have dramatically changed the world and not for the better. We should have done more conserving and less tolerating. Lesson learned?

Hardly, and it isn’t just America that has seemingly lost its way, but with moral clarity as well. Most Western nations have forgotten their raison d’etre, having totally forgotten how Rome fell. Even the Vatican isn’t what it used to be. Consider, say, Pope John Paul II as opposed to Pope Francis.

It’s not like we weren’t warned after all. President Ronald Wilson Reagan informed us over and over again how freedom was just one generation away from extinction, absent persistent and proactive efforts in support of its preservation. Compare the morale, competence, overall effectiveness – and lethality – of the American military circa 1992 to that of the American military circa 2023. Which of them would be more likely to instill fear in our enemies?

Not to slide off course but – anyone becoming tired of hearing about Trump fatigue should be well aware that the only person who deserves to be fatigued is fearless President Trump himself. He takes all the nonsense while we sit on the sidelines and grow fatigued of what exactly? Do we think the allies weren’t fatigued by the time the Battle of the Bulge came around? Yet, it became their (and ultimately our) finest hour. We won!

Reach down therefore and grab them for 18 more months and keep your notions of fatigue to yourself. We have a country to save. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!