Sometimes it’s just a busted EGO

En Garde in the bunker…

Most people simply aren’t tuned in to the fact that folks like Brett Baier etal has a net worth of 72 Million and is paid 14 Million a year to bash Trump. Who knows what his real opinions are but for that type of money most would say anything that the boss wants. A loser from day one, he’s also the reason President Donald John Trump shouldn’t attend the debates. Oh, and Cavuto, etal – as bad as any of them.

Remember the days we used to watch Baier awhile back, especially when he had the likes of Charles Krauthammer on, simply in our quest for a “hard news” hour (impossible to find these days), he was the closest thing. Then, we started to notice his anti-Trump quips, slipping them in at every opportunity, finally failing himself into the very fake journalist he has become – as they all have become – are, completely unqualified to moderate a debate. Which to all intents and purposes is irrelevant, especially when fearless President Trump won’t attend a debate hosted by enemies. Can you blame him?

So much for spinning the truth!

Albert Veltman, American Thinker: ‘Brett Baier must not moderate the Republican debate’ …

Brett Baier is not qualified to moderate the Republican debate on August 23 in Milwaukee. Mr. Baier had a much-publicised interview with President Trump a month ago. This interview amply demonstrated Baier’s antipathy towards the President. Most of the time he appeared to be cordial towards the President, however, when Trump brought up the topic of the stolen election, Baier became abusively hostile and interrupted his guest incessantly and would not let the President talk.

Right after the election the charges of fraud surfaced, and at every opportunity, the Republicans were asked by the media and Democrats if the election was stolen and derided anyone who agreed that it was and demanded a denunciation of that charge. Many Republicans who were sceptical of an honest election caved and denied any electoral chicanery. “This was the most honest election ever,” became the media mantra. Later we learned there was plenty of interference. The letter signed by 51 former security officials claiming Russian disinformation regarding the Hunter Biden laptop. Interference by the FBI, CIA, DoJ, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is all well documented. All this interference plus ballot irregularities amounts to stealing the election. You can call it “disinformation” or anything you like, but it helped to throw the election. The evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible that the 2020 election was stolen.

Brett Baier is either willfully ignorant of these events, or he is simply biased. Either way, he is unfit to be a moderator. His hostility and bias disqualify him. He is a Chris Wallace wannabe and just as hostile as Leslie Stahl.

Please, don’t replace Baier with Neil Cavuto, who surprisingly is worse than Baier. Cavuto invariably has Chris Christie, Karl Rove or Asa Hutchinson on just to bash President Trump and all happily comply.  Rove always has his whiteboard and manipulates facts to bash President Trump. He must not be anywhere near a camera or microphone.

One question at the debate will come up, “Will you support whoever will be the nominee?” if President Trump does participate in the debate, he must answer a qualified, “Yes, and I expect that if I win, all Republican lawmakers including Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and Mitt Romney will actively campaign and fundraise for me. And I include Paul Ryan and Ronna Romney McDaniel to do so as well.” If the Republican class does not entirely support Trump as the nominee, any resulting loss will not be the fault of President Trump, but the fault of the NeverTrumpers and the lukewarm ones. I’m tired of hearing that President Trump is a three-time loser, elections of 2018, 2020 and 2022. Those losses were caused by the Republicans who opposed Trump and sabotaged those campaigns. They are the ones responsible for the mess we’re in with the Biden regime. President Trump did not lose those elections.

Apparently, Tucker Carlson is still officially an employee of Fox News. Tucker would be a great replacement for Brett and would treat all with honesty and would be a top draw.

Never submit or compromise. THAT!

Sometimes it’s just a busted EGO

Anyone watching Fox News is as well-informed as the National Review reader base, which only exists in the DC beltway and in the “posher” neighborhoods of NYC, these debates seemingly set up by the RNC to promote Establishment candidates. They can’t exclude Trump, but they can set up the rules and pick a biased moderator so that he may do so himself.

Brett Baier is either willfully ignorant of these events, or he is simply biased. Or his bosses don’t want to be sued again. The article is 1000% correct, and despite his superficial charm, Baier is no good, as bad as his Commie Chris Wallace.

Most are happy to have cut the cable 10+ or more years ago and don’t watch any of the “Bee Ess spewing” from these “news” channels. With all due respect, fearless President Trump will not attend a debate hosted by enemies. But on the positive side, can anyone really blame him? Sometimes it’s just a busted EGO. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!