The “conning” of OBO#44 and co.

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From Don Reeves: The “conning” of OBO#44 and co. Always found it fascinating so many seemingly intelligent people were so conned by this guy. I remember watching a panel of George Will and Charles Krauthammer opining way back when that Obama was a “Centrist”. LOL. And remember Chris Matthews crying over BO’s speeches and comparing him to Jesus? And of course the impression made on him by the perfectly creased pant leg. Good grief. It is no wonder our media is what it is. These people are as naive as the ones who would swear Sleepy doesn’t have his diaper changed 6 times a day. But to most of us sentient folk BO was as fake as his birth certificate.

And always thought the best descriptor of this charlatan was “lazy”.

Then skillfully extended through completion by Lydia from the comments thread: Barack Obama Sr. was very dark skinned and round-headed. Barry bears no resemblance to him in any way whatsoever. We’re supposed to believe he takes after his mother, with her pointy face and chin. Yet when a photo of Barry is compared to Frank Marshall Davis there is a striking resemblance, from facial features to hairline, eyes, ears, mouth, and chin, which are somewhat sharpened like Ann’s.

The “conning” of OBO#44 and co.

Davis joined the Communist Party in Chicago in the early 40s. He moved to Hawaii in ’48. The FBI placed Davis on the Security Index, to be arrested if the US went to war with the USSR. He was even called to DC in 1956 to testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee about his activities where he took the 5th.

Stanley Dunham, Obama’s grandfather was also a Communist. The story goes that he introduced Barry to him in 1970 to provide him with a mentor. What I have not found is how long Dunham had known Davis, or why Davis agreed to mentor the anonymous(?) Barry.

The fact is, Barack Obama was raised by Communists, regardless of his genetic parentage. They were not Socialists, but Soviet Communists seeking to overthrow the US government. Obama was groomed for that role his whole life and his circle of friends like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn provided the final grooming touches in Chicago, where Frank Marshall Davis began his newspaper career. What a coincidence! /s

Note that Biden’s campaign slogan is “Finish the Job.” Except it isn’t Joe Dementia who’s hell-bent on finishing the job. He’s just a stand-in. The “conning” of OBO#44 and co.

Jack Cashill, American Thinker: ‘What biographer Garrow missed in his Obama takedown’ …

On August 2, two days before Barack Obama’s reported sixty-second birthday, the Jewish journal Tablet published an interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning civil rights historian David Garrow.

Asking the questions and providing extensive commentary of his own was the well-traveled journalist David Samuels. Although Garrow is a progressive and Samuels something of a centrist, their evaluation of Obama’s tenure in the White House borders on cruel.

The exchange between the two deserves to be read in full. Rather than summarize that exchange, I will focus on a few key truths, both those they nailed and those that squirmed away. Most intriguing in the latter category are the questions about Obama’s literary talents and about his birth. Garrow’s opinion matters. His 2017 bio, Rising Star. The Making of Barack Obama, is easily the boldest and most accurate of the Obama biographies.

One thing Garrow and Samuels get right is their take on Obama as president. Says Garrow, “I think even the fanboy journalists would acknowledge, under a little bit of pressure, that it ended up being an underwhelming, disappointing presidency.” On the subject of race relations, Garrow does not equivocate: “Theres no question in anybodys mind, that on that score, that scale, the presidency was a total failure.” [-]

Full link below….What biographer Barrow missed in his Obama takedown