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Mmmm … Stay with me for a minute here, now, HRC (Human Relation Council) – aka the same as HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) and all WEF globalist woke nonsense as outlined (World Economic Forum) – all lead up to DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) which (gulp!) equals the destruction of our constitutional republic leading to serfdom.

Consider for instance, that anything that states Diversity, Equity, Inclusion is nothing more than a Communist cultural war dog whistle, enacted long ago when the Kenyan Communist aka OBO#44’s dream goal of The Fundamental Transformation of America was born into existence, and to this very moment, flows as it does all the way through the WEF Nazi Klaus Schwabb and the Davos “Great Reset” crowd; yes – all of them and THAT!

It’s obvious to anyone with eyes to see, and ears to hear, that Ron De Swampass is nothing but a foul tool for the WEF billionaires, trillionaires, and gazillionaires, whose sole purpose in their planetary existence is attempting to take out Donald John Trump, MAGA, and we his loyal followers of We the (90 million+) People.

Sometimes guardian angel presence. Monitoring inside threats a full job…

Here’s why liberals are supporting Ron De Swampass. It’s called being a Guerrilla Republican or Gorilla, not sure which, but they’re really Dems-in-disguise, registering as Republicans to nominate the worst Republican candidates they can, so the Dem candidate has a better chance of winning. Go figure! This is the 3rd dog whistle seen/heard in as many days, as more and more Liberals proclaiming they vote Republican to get others on board, are actually going the full monty to lace their coffers with loot to use.

Having started the last election with some Republicans noticing their party status had changed to Independent without their consent, it’s especially important this year to have as many GRs as possible because Independents can’t vote for a party candidate, so with all the Independents now out there, their vote for the Republican nominee will go further. Much further!

If we don’t get on board with every fiber of our being, we’ll be more than 100% right that this HRC, and DEI (don’t forget ESG) will destroy us if we don’t continue to push with impunity. Consequently, don’t care what the motive, don’t trust Elon Musk. His other enterprises depend heavily on the “Federal Money handout”. Most likely Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop is still in business and getting a new CEO.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Elon Musk, Yaccarino, WEF Board Member, Wokeism’ …

Elon Musk has reportedly hired Linda Yaccarino as the CEO of Twitter. Unfortunately, this decision is the exact opposite of what everyone hoped about Musk’s intentions with the platform.

Ms. Yaccarino is the head of NBCUniversal Advertising and Partnerships [Example Here], and she is the tip of the spear in the creation of DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) indexing and corporate scoring.  You might be familiar with ‘DEI’ as a result of the Bud Light woke advertising campaign to promote beer for transgenders. Well, that’s DEI in action, and Ms. Yaccarino is one of the pioneers in the advertising industry.

Additionally, Linda Yaccarino is the Chairwoman of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Taskforce on Future of Work.  As she noted in her position, “every CEO and executive needs to look inward, and build workplaces that ensure our employees, current and future, can always succeed amid rapid transformation.” Overlaying the Diversity Equity and Inclusion mindset, you will note Yaccarino says, “long-term benefits for the unemployed, women, and communities of color.”

Why would Elon Musk bring the most woke NBC advertising executive to become the CEO of Twitter?  Obviously, he is focused on generating revenue, and Yaccarino can bring woke credentials to the platform luring corporate advertisers.  Unfortunately, in order to achieve that objective, the platform content will have to be modified.

That means the public square of Twitter needs to become a platform of non-controversial NPCs (Non Player Characters) which generally are identified in memes [SEE HERE].  The content on Twitter must fit an approved standard for advertising. Leading this effort to control platform content through the control of the monetization, is literally what Yaccarino has done in her work at NBCUniversal.  Thus, her efforts to promote DEI take on a new level of importance. [-]


Ms. Yaccarino also supports Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and follows him and his fellow influencers through her Twitter account.  Politically this puts her in alignment with Elon Musk and the acceptable Republican group that promotes the Florida Governor.

Keep in mind, for DeSantis, the “woke issues” are political tools to achieve an objective; nothing more.  Ms. Yaccarino supporting Ron DeSantis is not a misnomer, it’s just politics.

Similarly, for Elon Musk, it appears Ms. Yaccarino brings a greater financial value to the table offsetting any contradictions in his belief system about wokeism as a danger to speech and culture.   Obviously, this hire says Musk is more concerned about revenue generation than actual free speech.

Regarding opposition or alignment with what is colloquially called “wokeism”, Ms. Yaccarino is somewhat of a touchstone.  Her bona fides on DEI make her a subject matter expert on the weaponization of advertising to advance a cultural objective.

Just accept things as they are and not as you might wish them to be.  That way you are not disappointed later. Accept the Musk selection of Ms. Yaccarino as exactly what it says for the Twitter platform.  First, money is the most important issue right now; revenue generation for Musk is the #1 priority.  Second, the content of the platform will modify accordingly. [end]

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Sometimes guardian angel presence.

For yours truly, it’s no longer “Trust but verify.” Instead, it’s “Watch carefully for a long period of time before trusting at all.” That’s not to say that a person has to be perfect, BUT if people’s words and actions don’t line up, there’s no way to trust them. That’s the case with Musk IN SPADES and also the case with Tucker. Time will tell if he’s truly learned anything or not.

It’s almost impossible to be a conservative (or a Christian) and be acceptable to the modern American elite. The choice faced by the rich is to espouse this extreme political correctness (now called wokism) or be socially shunned. You can see the extremes of their intolerance in their treatment of Donald Trump (and his voters). This is a new emerging religion, and the fascism embedded makes it most dangerous.

Victor Davis Hanson had a recent column about the nuisance American diplomats have become, forcing this madness on the peoples and governments of foreign countries. Our diplomats are missionaries and their embassies are missions. The Russians have proven among the least receptive foreign peoples to the new religion, and the Ukraine War is partly the result. Sometimes guardian angel presence.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!