Trump excoriates CNN’s rogue-gal

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Fact, in case y’all missed it – FJB hasn’t had a press conference in 180 days and refuses to talk to the press unless he gets reams of cheat-sheet note cards and rehearses his answers with chosen reporters beforehand. On the other hand, what we see here is a failure to communicate (a well-known phrase-or-saying) with a raw President Donald John Trump winging it right from his memory get-go, unafraid, unarmed, and topically-enamored to win the contest truthfully, honestly, and with purpose against all opposition.

Last night President Trump took it upon himself to bravely enter the rogues gallery to be (so-called) obliterated by one Kaitlin Collins of CNN fame. Had our fearless president failed to go along with the medical bureaucracy as it trashed the nation just before an election using COVID-19 as its weapon, the Republicans would’ve been all over the demoMarxocrats to finally impeach Trump with an erstwhile gun to his head; which likely many of you failed to notice.

100% correct is an oft-used number easy to forget as to how much power the vax-mafia and its capo di tutti capi, Mengele-Fauxci, was allowed to have in those far-off days, with Trump between the proverbial rock and hard place. Just imagine what would’ve happened had he done nothing at all being as it was, easy to forget how desperately everybody wanted a vaccine. By the end of March 2020 it had become almost as famous as The Holy Grail.

Trump excoriates CNN’s rogue-gal. A man for all seasons tackles the enemy. Freedom!!

Likewise with the never-ending investigations that started before he took office, any attempt to defend himself or fire the miscreants in the Justice Dept would be met with shrieks of ‘Obstruction of Justice’ – just curious…wonder if CNN will also do an hour long sit down with Senile Joe? Remember going in – no note cards, no advance questions, and a hostile, “nasty” host contradicting whatever Senile Joe says – exactly as our fearless president did. THAT!

President Trump barely shows any weakness in spite of the left moving in like sharks to chum, which blew up in CNN’s faces badly, while the hectoring, haranguing, harridan-harlot hostess (kudos to Spiro Agnew) was beside herself constantly interrupting our fearless president.

Yet another metric on FJB as to how this went is to merely consult the boatload of YouTube videos settled on this event put up by ultra-nervous fake media, echoing the theme “Trump really stepped in it“, then survey the comments for all the pro-Trump sentiment! And the score is – Trump 1, CNN/POTUS FJB 0 – indeed!

Patricia McCarthy, American Thinker: ‘A few thoughts about the CNN Townhall with Trump’ …

Few of his supporters were surprised to learn that Trump was going to do a sit-down in New Hampshire for CNN. The man does not shy away from potential political disasters; he thrives on them, runs straight at them, unafraid.

Why? Because he always comes out of these things having won bigly. Not only is he quick thinking and knowledgeable when it comes to the facts on all the relevant issues, he is gloriously entertaining, verbally and visually. His facial expressions and gestures say as much he does with words.

The CNN sit-down Wednesday night was no exception. Host Kaitlan Colllins clearly thought she would have the upper hand. Coming from the bubble of leftist propaganda that is CNN’s principal reason for being, of course she believed she would be the hero of the event.  But she got her comeuppance within the first few minutes. She acted the fool and Trump does not suffer fools, he eviscerates them with a smile on his face.

He certainly got the better of Kaitlan Collins despite her rude, smug arrogance. She set a new record for dismissive interviews. She forgot that Trump has had years and years of experience with boorish and ignorant pretend journalists who hate, loathe and despise him. She clearly has no experience with an outlier with so many IQ points on her.

With each question she aimed to embarrass him, to humiliate him. But she had no actual facts, not when it came to protecting schools, the Second Amendment, the documents stored at Mar-A-Lago, the event of January 6, 2021, the border wall, school shootings (she exaggerated wildly), etc. [-]

[+] … Every time Trump mentioned the 2020 election, she interrupted to say words to the effect of, “There was no fraud Mr. President.” There was, of course, but she, like the rest of the left, has avoided looking at the volumes of evidence from the beginning. It’s a safe bet that Collins has never read the Navarro Report or any of the other countless reports that prove fraud, the same forms of fraud that affected the 2022 elections. Katie Hobbs, for example,  did not win the governorship of Arizona. At one point, Trump looked at her and told her she is a “very nasty person.” She was indeed. There was tremendous satisfaction in watching him vanquish her while she still thought she had the upper hand. Ah, the hubris of youth. So robbed of critical thinking skills, without any wisdom that comes with age, blinded by their own self-importance, they don’t see their defeat until it buries them.  Kaitlan Collins got buried tonight.

Needless to say, the audience loved Trump. He took some very good questions from the audience, each of them more thoughtful than any Collins asked.

It is said that people who think they have all the answers do not ask interesting questions. That was Collins. Each of her questions was framed as either an insult or an attack. Trump gave good and thoughtful answers to the questions from the audience, none of which Collins appeared happy with; she hated every answer he provided. As the interview progressed, she withered under his knowledge and competence.

Given Trump’s age, she perhaps expected a man with Biden’s impaired abilities and assumed she could and would mortify Trump with her meant-to-embarrass questions and mis-statements of fact. She failed. He embarrassed her. He got a standing ovation at the end, which he certainly deserved. [end]

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Trump excoriates CNN’s rogue-gal. When ballots go missing people lie…

Patricia McCarthy is a very serious patriot. One minor correction to her otherwise excellent article. She says, “Trump does not suffer fools, he eviscerates them with a smile on his face.” I believe Dr. Fauci is a fool and Trump, and therefore the nation, suffered him while he locked down the nation and fed us a poison that is killing Americans every day and producing a genocide that will kill more than any other in human history.

Christopher Wray is a complete fool. President Trump not only suffered him, he chose him to lead the FBI. This choice put a sociopathic Marxist at the head of the most powerful “law enforcement agency” in the world.

Crowley carefully worded the statement to appear to be true. However, the impulse to believe that everyone else thinks as you do is the root of empathy, which is fundamental to our being human (and the Golden Rule). It is the closed, not the untrained, mind that takes “its own judgments for absolute truth.” There are others. Wrong premises lead to wrong conclusions. Trump excoriates CNN’s rogue-gal.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!