Look a squirrel! who didn’t catch it?

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Yours truly has saved the below comment from someone, somewhere for this, or similar, occasion:

Understand that those 700 people in congress aren’t in power because of our poor voting choices, no more than one election to oust a few will change anything. We’ve already been there and done that, while elephant majorities dug our Republic’s grave just as fast as the donkeys did.

They’re in power because we’re just now waking up to the root cause – a global system of money and power that 1) owns them, plus: 2) both Party machines; 3) the Judicial; 4) the monetary system; 5) the permanent deep state bureaucracy; 6) all media; 7) the schools; 8) the universities; along with 9) most local and State government.

The deep state will never reform itself no matter who we fill the seats of Congress with. This is war. The power no longer lies in our vote; it is now in our hands. 10) The end.


Look a squirrel! who didn’t catch it?

Most of what we are being subjected too is a grand plan, laid down over decades of backsliding and duplicity greasing the tracks to “their” dystopian oblivion.

Though what you say and ask makes perfect sense in the norm, but when speaking with anyone in the wholly owned subsidiary of the WEF/CFR aka the swamp and the swamp rats therein, they will only answer what their masters allow. This includes any news actor in the enemy MSM…anyone.

I know just saying politicians are crooked is redundant, but what we now have is a captured, compromised, criminal syndicate that doesn’t pass gas without orders from Klaus Schwab and the other sexual deviants in the land of yodeling and holey cheese. Also, they now have set aside that reoccurring problem of the pesky voter…they think!

Remember during the Tea Party grassroots uprising in 2010 and though the demons cheated we forced the largest political flip in 100 years, from dogcatcher up. Remember the tough questions at townhalls, for the “candidates” were getting, they squirmed and squealed and bravely canceled all townhalls forthwith due to the unruly, impolite voter aka the BOSS! …asking real questions. The false narrative was far more important than the country and sleazy Barry had his pen and his phone. At this point, We The People, became domestic terrorist with both wings of the uniparty buzzard taking flight all ready to pick the bones of our dying carcass. Look a squirrel! who didn’t catch it?

Sorry for the cynicism, but this equates to screaming at the puppets about the performance in the puppet show. To correct this, we must grab the puppeteers by the scruff of their necks and cast them back into hell. God Help us – THAT!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Stop Pretending Start Confronting Debt Ceiling Contingent on Closed Border’ ….

There is a great deal of frustration, righteous frustration about the seriously destabilizing constructs happening around us, combined with almost no corrective action from people in power or influence that can do anything, something, about it.

This leads to the #1 question people ask, “What can I do about it?”  The answer is not complex, and consists of two obvious elements:

First, stop pretending.

Second, confront those who rely on our pretending.

OK, great, but what does that look like?  I’ll give you some examples. 

EXAMPLE – Millions of illegal aliens are pouring through the southern border. They don’t impeach Joe Biden over his failure to do his job and “preserve, protect and defend the United States.”  Why not?   It’s too difficult they say.  Well, ok, but here’s an easy approach.

The debt ceiling needs to be raised.  Tell the White House the debt ceiling isn’t going to be raised until the border is closed, secured, done!   Shut up, and/or just keep repeating that line.  When the border is secure, we will raise the debt limit.  DONE!

OMG!  Horrible Republicans the media cry. Who cares? Don’t move. Response: when the border is secure, we will raise the debt limit!

Then make Biden own the debt default in order to keep the border open.

Well over 70% of the country wants the border secured.  Everyone sees the massive influx of illegal aliens.  Not even Democrat constituencies want more illegal aliens flooding into their neighborhoods (see Chicago).  So, make the debt ceiling conditional on the border closing.  PERIOD.  Just stop pretending.

Keep it simple.  When Customs and Border Patrol tells you the border is secure, then raise the debt ceiling.  How frigging hard is this? It’s not hard. So, stop pretending it is. See how this works? [-]

Full link below…

Look a squirrel! who didn’t catch it?

Just a point of order, but nevertheless – If anyone was going to close the border, the Jan-6 footage would have been released + Gov Role exposed… THAT!

Which brings up another question to ask; Just WHERE are the J6 tapes? Ask Matt Gaetz, MTG, Boerner, Biggs, Gosar, not McCarthy. They did the whole kabuki theater, with 5 days to elect a Speaker, and at the end the 6/20 assured us they had McCarthy “by the short hairs” because they had “the motion to vacate” threat, to compel him to do our bidding, which includes RELEASING THE TAPES, holding fast on the debt limit in order to force real change, etc.

But, ALL the motion to vacate does, is remove McCarthy as Speaker, therefore STOP all other House activity until a New Speaker is elected, which takes them right back where they were; demoMarxocrats vote in lockstep for Hakeem, or even threaten some will switch to McCarthy, the vast majority having voted for Kevin, and the 6/20 without leverage.

And what did we see? We got ONE LITTLE SEGMENT of the J6 tapes, McConnell and Schumer in lockstep “bipartisan” chorus of condemnation, demanding TC be fired, which he truly was. Thereby NO MORE TAPES. Look a squirrel! who didn’t catch it? THAT!

Either the 6/20 got played, or WE did. So how ’bout A Call for Honesty – May 15, 2023 5:19 am? Sundance sets out what should be the main line of attack on the border lawlessness with a few steps that need to be added: Republican voters need to tell their representatives to link securing the border and the budget. They also need to tell them they will not get a vote if they shy away from this action.

Finally they need to call for a public moratorium on voting for all Republicans until this is done. VOILA! – This is a hill worth dying on. Look a squirrel! who didn’t catch it?

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!