Sloppy-Joe liar, liar, pants on fire

Go ahead, make my..

To set the record straight, “Sloppy-Joe liar, liar, pants on fire” has been a deranged, thieving liar for the entire period of his 54+ years in Congress. I forget who it was who coined the most appropriate description for “Dirtbagocrats“, but it definitely fulfills the topic at hand perfectly. All their lies are truths, all their failures are successes, all their crimes are justice, all their losses are victories, all their stupidity is intelligence, and all their evil is righteousness. So make no mistake that Alzheimer-Joe was the epitome of a Dirtbagocrat hack long before he fell under the control of his radical handlers.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Sloppy-Joe is the worst faux-president ever in our lifetime who has managed to both simultaneously weaken national security and strangle economic growth, while focusing on the causes dearest to the woke world. Robber-Barons!

Sloppy-Joe liar, liar. Consequences are consequential…

54+ years working for the government and his only achievement has been to somehow morph into a multimillionaire on a government salary, which, to be honest, is an impressive achievement; unlawful, but nevertheless. Aside from his “Trump Derangement Syndrome” the corporations that paid him under-the-table back-handers in the past don’t really need to anymore, since they now have the power these days as government regulators to act at will.

Sloppy-Joe liar, liar, pants on fire is just one big lie (sex pervert and old fool). Even his marriage to Jill is a lie after he stole her from another man. His career in D.C. is just one big lie (54+ years in office with nothing to show – no meaningful legislation passed). His son Hunter is a lie (smartest man Joe knows – sex pervert and crack addict). The Sloppy-Joe liar, liar, administration is just one big lie (stolen election). Biden’s relationship with China is one big lie (all about the Benjamins). Biden’s foreign policy is one big lie (Afghanistan, Ukraine). It goes on and on and on.

As an aside, “Brokeback Hasbeen Osama” is the same way. Most Dirtbagocrats are, although Alzheimer-Joe actually makes up whoppers out of whole cloth more than any of them, even Brokeback. Oh for just one hope and prayer that Donald John Trump lays him totally out on international TV when he takes over on January 22, 2025 – yours truly would settle for a body slam. Hard – (one can dream anyway!)

Robert Spencer, FrontPageMag: ‘Top Ten Scapegoats Biden has Blamed for His Failures’ …

A lying and pretend-president tries to cover his shame by deflection.

Old Joe Biden tweeted on June 4, 2020: “It’s hard to believe this has to be said, but unlike this president, I’ll do my job and take responsibility. I won’t blame others. And I’ll never forget that the job isn’t about me — it’s about you.” As is so often the case, he was lying. Since he started pretending to be president, Biden has blamed an endless series of scapegoats for his steadily spreading dumpster fire. It’s virtually everyone’s fault but his, and he has consistently made sure that Americans have a steady and sober regard for the suffering of their noble, selfless, heroic president, constantly let down by venal, self-serving opportunists and worse. Here is a list of 10 of Biden’s scapegoats:

10. The Afghan national government. After a summer spent on indoctrinating soldiers in Critical Race Theory, the U.S. military was wholly unprepared to withdraw from Afghanistan. But the catastrophically botched withdrawal was not Joe’s fault; rather, as he explained, the fault lay with the U.S.-backed Afghan government. “We gave them every chance to determine their own future,” Biden said on Aug. 16, 2021. “What we could not provide them was the will to fight for their own future.” Afghan forces, he lamented, “collapsed sometimes without trying to fight.” If only Old Joe could have been there to give them some fighting spirit!

9. OPEC. Don’t blame Biden for crippling the domestic oil industry in order to placate his far-Left green base. High fuel costs, he explained in October 2021, were all OPEC’s fault. Since, then, of course, he has found a new scapegoat. [-]

[+] … 3. Wind, hurricanes, and fires. The failure of Old Joe’s Congressional agenda is not all on the minority Republicans. Bad weather is at fault as well: “I hadn’t planned on 178 [mile]-an-hour winds, hurricanes going into Louisiana and 20 inches of rain in New York and New Jersey and an area as big as the state of New Jersey is burning down in the west.”

2. Vladimir Putin. As gas prices were skyrocketing, Putin invaded Ukraine, giving Biden a new scapegoat. On Tuesday, Old Joe Biden said that gas prices were “gonna go up,” and that he couldn’t do anything about it. “Can’t do much right now. Russia’s responsible.” They were going up long before the invasion, but Joe hopes you won’t remember that.

1. Donald Trump. Biden’s favorite punching bag, predictably enough, is Donald Trump, whom he blames for the January 6 “insurrection,” the ever-increasing divisions in American society, the botched Afghan withdrawal, the surge in migrants, the crowding in border facilities, and much more. It’s practically to the point that if Biden called a moratorium on blaming Trump, his public statements would be shortened by half.

But the one thing the faux president never does: admit failure. Maybe he refuses to take responsibility because there is so much failure to admit that he wouldn’t have any time left over for Matlock. [End]

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Sloppy-Joe liar, liar. Stare vacantly while picking your teeth…

What’s disturbing most of all is how “Sloppy-Joe, liar, liar” has a propensity to easily lie – and often. It’s been this way for decades yet he still thinks none will notice or call him out on it.

After all, it isn’t the oil companies that say we must wean ourselves from fossil fuels, or the meat companies who say we should quit eating meat. No – It’s “Sloppy-Joe, liar, liar, pants on fire”. Of course the MSM would never call them on it. It’s like when candidate OBO#44 said Americans could no longer turn their thermostats up to 72 degrees, except when he moved into the WH, he immediately cranked the thermostat up to 80. The MSM excused it by saying he was from Hawaii, and not used to the cold. Nobody was supposed to notice that OBO#44 moved to DC from Chicago, where he had lived for almost two decades.

HAH! “3. Wind, hurricanes, and fires.” – The Soviet Union used to blame their crop and food shortfalls on bad weather. Somebody joked that the Soviet Union had 70 years of bad weather. I guess we’re in for a lot of bad weather ourselves. !!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still our Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to MAGA! – KAG!