Appeasement as a measure of war?

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There has become an incredible anti-Putin mania that has descended upon our country through the make-believe media doing the work of Gyorgy-Schwarz-Soros, Schwab and many others who have unabashedly raised it to fever pitch. It’s been a long time of many moons ago since we’ve witnessed so much drama and energy put into one enemy.

Oh wait – Donald John Trump!

But that alone should tell us that these people are protecting something vital to their long-term interests. The big BIG tell is that we’re given one choice. You’re either FOR Ukraine or FOR Putin. We must send money, MGs, etc to Ukraine immediately. If not, you’re a Putin sympathizer and need to be put away.

As per usual, there’s no responsibility for their NATO push, the biolabs and most of all the money laundering that literally goes on 24/7. The “support Ukraine at all costs”, as a result, is at a hysterically-high level. “Historical”, as well.

Appeasement as a measure of war? JoeBamaHarris ‘killing America’. Overpowering stench of nepotism …

With all of that continually facing us, we need to ask why. Why are the elites trying so hard to take Putin to war. Why not just give in on the NATO issue? But, but, Biden pushed and pushed and then baited Putin into an attack, so just what are the two of’em hiding – Mmmm?

While demoMarxocrats were busy obsessing over the Great Transformation of America internally through the Culture Wars; D.I.E. (yes, DIE!), defunding the police, trans rights, “understanding white rage”, climate change hysteria, and so on and so forth, Putin thought perhaps now would be as good a time as any to make his big move. Mmmm?

No doubt at all we were never supposed to learn about biolabs, etal and now we find out Hunter’s criminal bunch profited off them. How much money is being laundered through Ukraine – our guess ought to be those screaming loudest have the most to hide. Methinks we need to follow the money. What say? Appeasement as a measure of war?

It’s occurred to some of us that the corruption in Ukraine that enriched so many in DC is a mere pittance to the financial bonanza that a Putin-less Russia could produce. Just a guess, but just think Russia minus Putin represents a veritable gold mine for corrupt DC politicians and bureaucrats to plunder. Bar none!

Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: ‘If Russia is the ‘enemy’ why is it making Bank on Biden’s beloved Iran Deal?’ …

When it comes to events in Ukraine, my heart bleeds for the ordinary citizens who, just weeks ago, lived peaceful, relatively prosperous Western-style lives.  They’re now wounded; dead; or, if they’re “lucky,” refugees with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  What we are witnessing is a terrible crime against humanity.

Having said that, I keep finding myself reserving judgment about everything else.  I’ve learned that many stories are fake (even if the truth is equally sad and bad), and I don’t trust what’s coming from the Biden administration, the media, or our politicians.  My confusion was worsened yesterday with news that, not only is Russia an important negotiating partner in the disastrous Iran deal Biden so badly wants, but it’s also going to get massive contracts to build nuclear sites.

I’m always distrustful of hysterical rushes to judgment.  I find it completely unnerving when the same people who were protesting non-stop against the Iraq War (which was, at least ostensibly, meant to protect America from Islamic terrorism) are desperate to have us get into a shooting war with nuclear-armed Russia to protect Ukraine, something that confers no obvious benefit on us at all.  That may ultimately be the right thing to do, but I’m deeply worried and suspicious when the push comes from radical activists who have spent the last 20 years hating America and protesting wars.

I’m also disturbed by the bizarre relationship the current administration has with Ukraine.  We all know that Hunter Biden, who spoke no Russian or Ukrainian and knew nothing about oil and gas, got an $83,000/month job on the Burisma board, just when an anti-corruption prosecutor was looking into Burisma.  And we know, because he boasted about it, that Joe Biden used the threat of withholding American funds to get that prosecutor fired.  Hmmm. [-]

[+] … (As a reminder, Rosatom purchased Uranium One, thereby assuming control of approximately 20% of America’s uranium production capacity.  This sale — which required State Department approval — occurred after several Uranium One owners coincidentally or not donated $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.)

Couple that news with Europe’s refusal to give up Russian oil and gas, and you can see where I might be dubious about anything and everything reported in the news and social media about the war.  Again, I’m not saying Russia’s not evil and Ukraine’s not a victim.  I’m just saying that we also seem to be victims, in our case of massive propaganda and manipulation, because nothing is as it seems. [end]

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Appeasement as a measure of war. Fetid hutzpah draws dementia Joe. China the enigma beyond trusting …

Cognitive-dissonant dementia-riven village idiot and his sideswipe female accomplice, have done more damage to this country in one year than any other president/VP in US history. As has been well-documented, something like 40% of our equally-demented “fellow Americans” approve of the job he’s doing. But why is the Global Reset Mafia all in against Putin? Klaus Schwab, Hans-Georg Wyss, Larry Fink et al are not concerned about the poor Ukrainians out of any altruistic reasons. Something doesn’t add up given the players involved here, since logic dictates that whatever is bad for the WEF has got to be good for humanity in the long run.

Thanks to Sundance over at Conservative Treehouse he’s pretty well tuned-in with the mechanics of how all this works. Just a humble opinion. But make no mistake, these forces are driving the anti-Putin mania. And it makes lots of us very suspicious. Foreign Relations Committee members make the most money and work in concert with the State Department. We send billions to these countries and the State Dept helps them launder it back. Think back to Lt. Col. Vindmann, Fiona HIll and Eric Ciarmello – all tools for the Trump fake impeachment.!

Furthermore, many of the billionaires have laundered billions through Ukraine, and one would venture to say that includes many of our own congressmen/senators. Romney, Pelosi, Kerry and Biden – all four sons have gigs in Ukraine. But goodness knows how many others – the “Hunter Bidens” etal – are forever feeding at the Ukraine Trough! Appeasement as a measure of war?

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to MAGA! and KAG!



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  1. Your post makes a lot of true sense to me. The billionaires who will profit from all the money laundering will stop at nothing. Your article helped me to understand all the commercials begging for donations for Ukraine.
    It made me think of all the military equipment left behind for the terrorists. Biden is so in bed with Iran. I always thought this was planned.
    The United States families are trying to survive the economy with the hike of food and fuel prices. I thought to myself as the begging for money for Ukraine, we are hardly able to donate to anyone.
    Thank you posting the facts so people can see what is really going on.
    God bless you.

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