Send ’em all to Martha’s Vineyard…

Go ahead, make my..

From the brilliant “task” on the comments thread: Martha’s Vineyard suffers from a diversity deficiency problem. Far too many white progressive Democrats live in beautiful homes on huge acreage. It looks nothing like El Paso, Texas which has neither the space or the wealth to provide the boarding, food, education and medical care available in the untapped Vineyard. On the Obama’s property of 30 acres a beautiful tent city enclave could be erected within weeks and if they have construction time concerns I’m sure MAGA Republicans, associated with Trump himself, could put together a team to fast-track an “Operation Big Tent” to get the project up and running at warp speed just like the border wall.

Totally outrageously, no crisis should be allowed to go to waste. As America awaits the expected terrorist attacks and increases in rape, robbery, murders and drug deaths – along with health issues associated with unprocessed human waste and urine – the very communities whose people virtue-signal need to share the expenses, the chaos, the daily disruptions, the physical burdens and the dystopia.

Send ’em all to Martha’s Vineyard

What is happening in El Paso, TX, in terms of sheer volume, is akin to NYC experiencing 80 million immigrant arrivals per annum. Boston, Nantucket, and other wealthy suburbs come to mind. They must also contribute money, resources, time and effort as can the NY Hampton residents. Increased taxes on liberal residents so they can share the cost of processing solutions, will of necessity, bring national attention and impenetrable border solutions. OUCH!

Just think of the transportation and redistribution models which of necessity, must rapidly increase to mind-boggling levels. America is being invaded after all, the invaders of necessity, needing to be taken all the way up to Canada. Don’t think it wouldn’t take much for one, and many others, to immediately donate to pay for the cost of planes, buses and trains to make it all happen.

What originally seemed like a silly publicity stunt has turned into a remarkably effective way at getting the attention of the news media. While they happily describe transporting illegals to wealthy Martha’s Vineyard as akin to the “Holocaust,” even the average Democrat must wonder how an illegal plunked into a high-crime, low-income, overrun border town could be worse off than being dropped off in a small wealthy community that also alleges to “welcome” these people.

Anyone been to the ‘border town’ of San Francisco recently?

Dan Galernter, American Greatness: ‘Send All of the Illegals to Martha’s Vineyard’ …

Every city in the country should offer illegal immigrants free fare to Martha’s Vineyard. In an extremely imaginative problem-solving (or problem-highlighting) move, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday flew two planeloads of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. A Martha’s Vineyard lawmaker tweeted that “our island jumped into action,” and that “these immigrants were met with compassion, not chaos.” In another tweet, however, he accused Republicans of using human lives as “political pawns,” calling it “evil and inhumane.”

But if we take this lawmaker at his word in the first instance, where he sounds excited about welcoming illegally immigrated Mexicans into his community, then I think he may have solved the nation’s immigration problem: We should be sending all our illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. After all, the busloads that arrived in Washington, D.C. were not welcomed as warmly. So what if we take the Vineyardian’s pro-illegal-immigrant rhetoric at face value? About three-quarters of Vineyard voters went for Biden in 2020, so we’re just honoring their expressed wishes. Let’s make Martha’s Vineyard an open-borders socialist paradise. Oh, the compassion you’ll see! [-]

[+] … Democrats likewise rely on illegal immigration to provide a permanent underclass—whom they discourage from learning English or other skills that might move them rapidly upwards in American society—because they need cheap, menial labor to keep their houses clean and filled with affordable goods. It’s the closest replacement they could reasonably find for all those slaves they had to give up in the 1860s.

And, finally, illegal immigrants are the foundation for a new voting class the Democrats hope to construct—also à la slave labor, where slaves could not vote but could contribute (via the three-fifths compromise) to a state’s representation.

Unsatisfactory. If you want illegal immigration, you have to take it—and everything that goes with it: Every city in the country should offer illegal immigrants free fare to Martha’s Vineyard. In fact, we should start a nationwide nonprofit for getting illegals their tickets. I’d be happy to chip in. [end]

Send ’em all to Martha’s Vineyard …Left hunkering down to steal it all

Knew it! Yours truly read this morning where Biden has instructed his DOJ thugs to now investigate the efforts of governors to ship illegals to Marthas Vineyard, etc. Yeah. So, here we go. From a man who refuses to enforce our immigration laws and who ships illegals in the dead of night at taxpayers expense to various cities all over the nation. NOW, he claims that he wants the Texas, Florida, governors investigated by the DOJ hoodlum, for doing essentially the same thing HE does insofar as shipping illegals about the nation! FJB!

The Kenyan’s mansion is currently appraised at approximately $12 million. If 1,000 illegals are sent to Martha’s Vineyard, this will have a substantial, negative impact on property values. So how’s about we send’em 50,000? Which will definitely make property in the posh enclave virtually worthless. The old Mitch McConnell way of dealing with a bully was to sit down with them and negotiate an equitable distribution of our lunch money. The new DeSantis method is to punch them in the nose to let them taste their blood, then offer them nothing. It took a long time, but the Republican party is finally on the right track. Send ’em all to Martha’s Vineyard.

When the Vineyard is full, send ‘em to Rehoboth Beach. Rotcod Jill can make and serve breakfast tacos and Joey can lead guided bicycle tours and shopping excursions, at least when not sniffing the little girls. HumpHer can consume the drugs and harass the women. Si Se Puedewah! The Fundamental Transformation of Martha’s Vineyard via illegal invader relocation is truly Hope and Change that defines Who We Really Are. Yes We Can!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!