Senate Rules Con Game : What Price Lies And Deceit?

page_2012_mccarthy_squareDefense of the nation is the first priority of a responsible national leader, but unfortunately, we don’t have one of those; we have instead, an overseer of the Senate rules con game. News of severe cut-backs in military financing raises alarms about our ability to be ready to fight two wars simultaneously, and dares our enemies to start such a 2-front war; at some point they may just “take the dare.” Almost all 535 politicians in office now are products of big government and believe in big government. The game now is who has access and rules. That means keeping the masses under control and the rich powerful. Being in office too long causes politicians to catch the “Washington D.C. Disease” with the result that WE THE PEOPLE need to remove them from office. John Cornyn for one, the Senior Senator from Texas, fits this description to a tee. Although he claims to be in favor of repealing Obamacare, when Ted Cruz actually had a viable plan to halt it, Cornyn whipped the vote AGAINST Cruz to allow O’Care to be funded. Traitors are always considered to be worse than enemies from the outside, or as Sir Winston Churchill expressed it: ‘When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.’ But back to the Senate rules con game.

To quote Monica Lewinski’s Boyfriend’s Wife – “AT THIS POINT WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!?!” (add shrillness to taste) …

Andrew C. McCarthy to the rescue…

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